Wicked Hangry

3325 S Blvd Ste. 175, Edmond
(405) 471-6677

Recent Reviews

Kristal Smith

The Wicked burger and fries are really delicious

Steve S.

Visited the food truck at Hurd on Hurd this past weekend. Had the wicked hamburger and fries, and they were both excellent. I will be looking for this food truck next time!

Cheryl Stewart

Heather was outstanding to work with. We had paid a $140 deposit back in Sept 2020, but our event was cancelled due to Covid. She allowed us to move that money forward and we used it yesterday. They arrived well in advance to set-up. Everyone loved the gourmet burgers. You get fries or chips and a choice beverage. They also have a veggie option and gluten free, which we have several that have dietary needs. The Service Crew were fast & Friendly! We would definitely use them again!!!!!

Chris S.

Not Impressive. Had a $4 cold hotdog with a semi stale bun. Would have expected more. Pretty disappointed!!

Robert Bridle

First time customer and I must say the screamer burger is the BEST.. Just the right amount of HEAT for the heat seekers! Love it definitely will eat there again! Thanks for the amazing burger!

William Kinney

Great little food food truck! Ordered a Wicked with a double patty. Holy Burger man! I had to eat in halfs and boy was it worth it. Give yourself a chance and stop by. Heather is great!

Dayna Shinkle

Had the wicked burger, so tasty! Those fried onions really make it! Would totally recommend!

Kristi Wells Elledge

Best burger & fries I’ve had in a while. Definitely recommend.

Nicole Cervantes

I used Wicked Hangry for my wedding and they absolutely went above and beyond what I wanted. We had a slider and fry bar and it was amazing. Food was fresh and hot since they were able to cook from the truck, but they were still able to set up inside my venue for guest to serve themselves. The food was delicious and my guest loved the setup! They were also able to bartend the wedding and they did an amazing job. I cant say enough good things about them. Do yourself a favor and book them for your event!

Jennifer Blevins

Pretty yummy! Lots of burger options and sides. Guarantee you will find something you like

Marcia Noname

The best local burger. They have a unique family friendly space.We got the wicked burger / wicked fries with Gouda and grilled jalapeños!

Marshall MacHugh

Great burgers and atmosphere. I recommend the Wicked sauce. The even have a large selection of board games and weekly trivia.

Joy D.

I love food trucks. The people working here were really fun. Our order was taken quickly and we got our food in about 5 minutes. Very good service.The hamburgers were hot and juicy. I had the looWow hamburger. It has Canadian bacon, pineapple and mango salsa on it. Everything was awesome but the actual burger was a little bland. It tasted like there was no seasoning on the meat. The mango salsa helped keep it tasty but it could have been better. My husband had the Screamer hamburger. He liked it but thought the save thing I did about the burger meat being a little bland. He likes his meals really hot and this wasn't as hot as he likes. It was a good not great hamburger. We shared one order of French fries. It was a large order and plenty for the 2 of us. The fries were hot and crispy with a good amount of salt.

Moe Chamby

When I arrived, I stood there forever before finally being seated. There were many flies and they kept buzzing me and I was constantly swatting them away. Once I got seated, I sat there waiting for someone to get my drink order, which took forever. Little did I know, that one drink would be all I would get, once my food came, it was room temperature as I continued to swat and shoo the flies away from my face and food, which by the way the food was overpriced and unimpressive. If I wanted flies in my face, I would have stayed home and grilled my own burgers outside by the trashcan. At least there I would have my drink refilled. In my opinion , this is just overpriced, below mediocre burger joint. Any rate my dog was happy to get the food I couldn't eat.

Sandra Haan Owens

Amazing food and great customer service.

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