Stacy's Place

251 E Waterloo Rd, Edmond
(405) 562-3333

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Curt Breuklander

I’ve been to Stacey’s twice and every time it’s killer. The service is always so sweet and accommodating. If you go promise yourself you will get the Blueberry Maple Pancake Cake. You’ll thank me. Shepard’s Pie is extremely well done and the wife raves about the catfish. It’s not fancy but it’s great home cookin’.

Kahle Mayfield

Great service and better foods! Enjoyable twist on some traditional dishes.

Carla S.

While I did enjoy the family-friendly, down-home atmosphere here, complete with a display case full of cakes and pies, smiling servers, and clean dining room (though they could do better than rickety banquet chairs)... The food we tried was just okay. Menu full of comfort food classics. Their sandwiches are too simple for my liking, with cheap bread and ingredients, low-flavor meats and cheeses. Sandwiches also on the dry side, tough to chew -- more mayo/spread would likely help. And the shredded cheddar on both was distracting. Fried green tomatoes are usually one of my favorite things, but here the breading added too little, and the tomato tasted too strong and very watery, overpowering the other ingredients. Even the crispy bacon couldn't compete which surprised me since it was plentiful on both their BLT and Club sandwiches (I had both since they screwed up my order). Fried catfish was pretty good -- crispy outside, but not as flaky inside as it should be. But their tartar sauce was so weak, it's barely more than mayonnaise. French fries weren't crispy enough, tasted like they sat too long or something. Sweet potato fries average. And despite being told how amazing they were, my side of onion strings weren't good, just oily and limp, messy to eat. (Just do proper a proper house made onion rings instead). I did not like that at least two servers were coughing (one heavily & in her hand) the entire time. Luckily neither were ours. Ours was a friendly young lady (servers trend young and female here) that both adequately took care of us and fixed the ordering error she had made. Santa and Mrs. Claus were even visiting that night, a few days before Christmas. They were easily the best part of our evening here. It's the first time I have ever seen Santa belly up to a bar. I soooo badly wanted to buy him a drink, but I resisted (though I did sneak a photo). So would I go again? May-be, but probably not. Unless food quality and/or recipes improve.

Lizzy O.

We had heard from two separate Oklahomans that Stacys Place was good so we stopped in last night after a full day of driving to and from Texas. We were met with a bright and cheerful server named Margie who gave us suggestions. We started with the chips and salsa. The chips are made in-house and have a sprinkling of some sort of hot chili seasoning on them. The local salsa was a nice texture and had a good flavor. My husband ordered the meatloaf with the red sauce, mashed potatoes, and green beans. He said the meatloaf reminded him of his grandmothers and was the best he's ever had at a restaurant. My son had the chicken and waffles and said it was "excellent". My youngest had the chicken and fries and said they were great. I ordered the Parmesan crusted cod. While it looked a little crispy and not in the shape I expected (looked like two small crispy tubes), one of them had flaky fish inside. The other piece must not have had a lot of fish meat bcs it was too dry to eat and not flaky at all. Not to worry, the mashed potatoes with white gravy were the shining part of my meal. They were SO good!! Have mercy- those are some good mashed potatoes. We also had fried tomatoes and fried okra. The fried tomatoes had the perfect crunch. All throughout the meal Margie was great and kept checking in and refilling drinks. We decided to try the berry lemon cake to go and everyone loved it! It's exactly what you would want when you order a slice of cake- it was a generous slice of deliciousness. There were also so many other cakes: banana bourbon, Italian cream, Oreo, and an assortment of cheesecakes. (Check out the pic with all the tasty desserts!) Stacy's place will be on the list of restaurants we will be coming back to in Oklahoma!

Ashton Renee Caddell

Went to Stacy’s place last night and had the most amazing time with my husband and brother!!! Yummy food and might I add the wait staff as always was phenomenal and did an amazing job!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Ashlea B.

Chicken Fried Steak lovers alert!! My husband and I needed lunch and were nearby Stacy's Place and thought why not grab a bite to-go. And I am So glad We did! Every.Single.Thing.Was.Delicious!!!!! We split a Chicken Fried Steak entree. This includes a delicious and large Chicken Fried Steak, mashed potatoes and gravy(plenty of gravy for potatoes and the CFS), your choice of side, we did sweet potato fries, and the most adorable yet delectable cornbread muffin you could ever enjoy! (Seriously might be my favorite cornbread to date) We can absolutely recommend Stacy's Place and cannot wait to return to try more menu items!

Matt A.

Pleas don't let the 3 stars deter you. It's a super good little diner. It's just that it is just that, a small little diner with a very basic menu and setup. Mother really special about this place but definitely nothing bad either. The food was good and the service was sufficient. If you are in the area and needing a place to sit down and relax a bit, get a decent meal and maybe a glass of sweet tea, I would definitely recommend a stop. Don't go out of your way for some adventurous road trip to try this place, unless you have other key stops planned in the area (like maybe Hoboken Coffee). It's not really a destination sort of place more of a convenient casual comfort. Overall happy with my experience though.

Karen Wolf

Celebrated our Aunt’s birthday tonight and everything was perfect. Food was fabulous and desserts were amazing. Stacy stopped to visit and wish a happy birthday and brought an extra birthday dessert to go.

Jamie Edmiston Nelson

Great food and service!! Fantastic desserts

Debbie Bingham

This was my second visit. I was hoping for a better experience than the first. Sadly. I was more disappointed. The fried chicken was warmed over and dried out. The greens were metallic tasting and I couldn't eat them. The waitress did offer to replace them. She was a nice girl. The twice baked potatoes were barely warm and tasted like instant potatoes with onions, cheese and bacon on top. Will not be back.

Terry B.

I've have been suggesting this to my wife for months to try this place out . . . Finally had the opportunity! Our waitress Cassie was phenomenal, fully engaged and advised us in alot of choices! Couldn't really decide since there were 3 things that immediately caught me eye. Decided on the chicken pot pie - not exactly what I expected but the taste was spectacular! So much to try I'll be going back for sure! The desserts again couldn't decide what so on the way out I bought the pumpkin roll and cinnamon rolls!

Chad Dugan

Our waiter was great and very attentive.Home cooking straight forward menu, all entrees are $12. Food is good. They have a full bar.

Jim Neal

A huge thank you.... Great service by Cassie. The food was amazing as well.

Stellar Kennels

This is a cute little diner with a basic menu. I was disappointed in the language on the menu stating “all entrees are as is. NO substitutions”. This sounds snotty. It could definitely be worded better. That was an instant turn off. The food was okay. My husband’s hamburger steak was burnt and a small hamburger patty. Certainly not a “steak”. He sent it back and it was better the second time. The staff was very nice and apologized. We each had a cake for dessert. They were good and did give us one of them free to compensate for the burnt hamburger steak. They list a large variety of desserts but we’re out of almost all of them. It would probably to have a smaller number choices and then make sure they had all of them. We’ll probably try them again and see how that goes.

Insult2Injury i2i

So glad they moved. Amazing atmosphere, prompt and courteous wait staff. The meats are mostly fried, yet juicy. The chicken fried steak is very tender. The mashed potatoes are chunky which I loved. Very pleasant experience

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