Carl's Jr.

651 SW 19th St, Moore
(405) 895-6262

Recent Reviews

Dee Don McCormick

Excellent staff, very friendly, food was made fresh.

Stephanie B.

Picked up lunch here yesterday and got food poisoning. I had a sourdough burger and onion rings. I'll never go here again.

Kerry Crane

This Carl's Jr. location is not worthy of less than half a star. In fact, they should shut down. In every aspect of there business they should be embarrassed. Their service, attitude, and quality of product suffer. They need some serious help!

Timothy Painter

I’m a regular here, like every other day I come & get either breakfast lunch or dinner. In the last 2 weeks, customer service has declined majorly. I’ve order the new hand breaded chicken sandwich twice but both times ended up with a burger. The first time it I just tried to eat it, but the 2nd time I went up there to get it replaced. They literally just replaced the meat, kept the same exact soggy bun with hamburger grease on it same lettuce, same everything! Not to mention they didnt replace my fries or anything after having to drive back up there. So my fries were cold & my drink was watered down when I finally got back home. When I called back up there the manager acted unapologetic, & acted like it was completely normal to handle the situation the way they were. I asked for a refund because I couldn’t eat my food, & he acted as if that was impossible. No problem against Carl’s Jr., I love the food but this location has gotten outta hand with not having customer service.

Zachary Clark

They added extra 100$ to the transaction. I’m sure it was accidental they even caught it that day . I called next day they said we can give you the 100$ ok good . So I asked why didn’t they just refund the transaction yesterday when it was pending . Cancel or refund , the team informed me the system is blocked so they cannot correct it . Very poor system when no one can correct a simple issue .

Andrew Start

Famous star with cheese! ? The group of guys in this store are so happy to please each and every customer!

Nate Latham

Service isn’t terrible, just slow. The people are usually really nice though. Really giving 2 stars because they got rid of the Cinnamon Raisin Biscuits and they were the absolute best for breakfast.

Jennifer Boren

Do not have. It together food was correct just took forever to order and pay


Went inside to order and had a short wait for our food. The employee that took our order was very professional. The burgers tasted great.

Jonathan Davenport

Asked for a bacon egg and chz biscuit, got 1 slim flimsy piece of an 'egg' and 2 pieces of bacon.. No cheese. The manager at the window looked like she hated her job. Would never recommend this Carl's Jr to anyone. Don't even waste your money.

Susan DeHart Pletcher

Slow service and sub par burger. Burnt onion rings. Two times in a row. So dissatisfied and disappointed because I love Carl's jr . Not anymore at least not at the Ardmore store.

Don Erdman

Oh good but I put too much dressing on the Hamburger and I get it all over me

Ronnie Mcafee

Very friendly staff and the food was hot and fresh. Love this place.

trudi morrison

I eat lunch here almost every day and the food is good the employees are mostly friendly.

Kimberly Gordon

Food was fresh. Service is efficient. Love their onion rings and Famous Star burger.

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