2001 S Telephone Rd, Moore
(405) 799-6100

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Brian Morrell

Man at drive thru told us he was going on break when we pulled up. Then took ten minutes to get a replacement I love chick fil a I expect better service than this. I am sorry for the complaint but probably needs to be addressed.

Phil Gainer

Just move into the old Hemispheres building already! “Mega” Chick-fil-A here we come!Chick-fil-A obviously has quality, consistency, and efficiency down to a science. However, it is clear that they are currently experiencing a demand that exceeds capacity.Despite their efficiency, drive-thru times can still exceed 25 minutes.I suggest moving into the old Hemispheres building and creating the first “Mega” Chick-fil-A.

Kylie Liles

Really disappointing, ordered on the App waited 40 min for my food. In line i watched them take orders to the back of the line when my order sat there on the table. Your employees walked by me 3 times each time asking my name. Once i got to the window the guy handed me my food and then i told them I had a drink he asked for my receipt which was really annoying because he read my order off and still acted like I didn’t have a drink. Once i got home i realized my order was wrong. I love chick-fl-a but I’ll go to another one.

Brian C

Totally out of character for this company. We sat in line for well over 20 minutes, and our order was only mostly correct. I know this is a busy area, but I've been to much busier areas and didn't have even half the wait. We ended up placing an order online just to speed things up. We still rode the line all the way to the window.Do better Chicken peeps. Hire more people.

Jennifer Jolene Myers

Our meals was great. I'm a teacher and after work in my classroom it was good to go by Chick-fil-A and get salads for us for dinner. Thank you for being a encouragement as we were on our way home.

Jani White

Chic-fil-A is always a favorite! The location is so convenient to locals and visitors off the freeway alike. The menu is great for all day eats. dine-in, drive-thru, curbside pickup


Food is fast and fresh, but they forget my sauce *EVERY* time I go.

Kelsey Thrasher

This location is always PACKED. For how busy they are they do a pretty amazing job. Every now and then they forget a sauce but other than that there has never been any major issue with our orders. They are still very polite after dealing with rude and impatient customers.

Becky Contreras

Our go to, always! The Mac & cheese with the nuggets, Mm! Try it! They have great food and their service is very kind and polite as always!

Ebony W.

Pulled up and was immediately greeted. I asked could I order some breakfast I think it kind of threw her off . Because clearly it was morning time what else would I order. I am not a frequent flyer at chic FIL a so I we pulled up so that I could see the menu. She then proceeded to tell the most often ordered breakfast items. I wind up getting the egg white grill muffin sandwich. I pay and pull around to the pick up window there are a couple of cars ahead of me. Then I am the first car in line and she gets the food and goes to another car and this happens a couple of times and I am like what about me to myself. She finally comes to the car and tells me that they are waiting on grilled chicken and it will be three minutes or would I rather have fried I say no. Now I'm thinking to myself again it has already been three minutes but I am asked to pull up and I do. So I wait patiently for my sandwich and cold has rounds. I thought that they had no wait.

Carter Spangler

Good food! This isn't your average Taco Bell, or even your best Cracker Barrel; this is Chick-fil-a! Always love coming here. I am never disappointed and always leave a happy customer.

R. FLAGGEE pronounce FLA JAY

Worst service ? ? very disappointed with staff and customer services they had 3 cashier and 3 customers and finally one female after 3min finally asked second guess for their order. What appeared to be a manager was just having a conversation with another employee just talking I felt I could have got faster service at the drive thru. Then after we finally got the food it was cold the 2 cookies ? were like the just came from refrigerator same as the nuggets and sandwich ?. I am a big supporter of chic fil la for years this was the Absolute WORST SERVICE EVER. I WILL NOT GO TO THIS LOCATION EVER AGAIN. I HOPE SOME EXCUTIVE READS THIS IT'S so they can help the staff about quality service should be to every customer.

Vian Derrick

I will always recommend Chick-fil-A, but tonight was disappointing. I ordered a salad and shake online. Pressed the button that I was there before even joining the drive thru line and then by the time I get to the window, was asked my name and asked to pull up. I rolled my eyes and said "For a salad and drink?", but still said okay and smiled at the girl outside the window. After I pull up, the kid/guy that was also outside the window, was apparently telling his coworkers in

Chazdyn C.

Terrible service, app sucks, ordered food and canceled when I got there. They make up something as they go.

Emma Hayes

This Chick-fil-A used to be incredible but the last couple of months everything has gone down hill. They never fill up side containers all the way, I am constantly getting black and rubbery chicken bites, and the customer service is nowhere near what it was a year ago. Quality is just not as good.

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