Dong A Restaurant

1262 N Eastern Ave, Moore
(405) 237-1002

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Olivia T.

Dong A is a hidden gem in Moore, Oklahoma. It's a small and tiny mom and pop restaurant serving authentic Korean food. My favorite here is the Kim chi soup and the gimbap. They're very generous with the gimbap and you get two rolls and they taste like they're freshly made unlike at other places. The service is decent. When I ate here, my family and I were the only people here for the entire one hour and half. It's really strange how they're not busy but they stay open. I wondered if it's because of their other Korean competitor, Gangnam being open also in Moore. I really enjoyed the food here though and I think they have a lot of potential. I'd definitely come back if I'm ever in the area and is craving Korean food.

Danny Grenzebach

It was high in cost but it's definitely worth the money there not a price cost value when it comes to great great food I'm Korean and it was almost as good as my mom's cooking (r.i.p. mom love you)Go all out when you order from thereIt's well worth the cost

Hyunsoo Park

Love it. Authentic Korean cuisine. Some days are better than others, but that's the nature of the food industry. I recommend giving this Mom and Pop restaurant a couple tries. They have a great menu and can accommodate vegans. The restaurant space is a little under the weather, but it serves its purpose. A place to enjoy good food and good company.

Ivan Gutierrez

Restaurant wasn't too busy but waitresses seemed overwhelmed. Ordered Bibimbap and was dissapointed by what I got. Seems like they gave me 1 exact teaspoon of cold beef. They even skimped on the steamed rice. Waitresses were running around like headless chickens so they weren't a big help. Not sure if it was a bad day but I wasn't impressed when you're paying $12+ for that.

Tara Brown

Very yummy and nice people, but a little bit pricey for lunch


I went a while ago, and the soup and appetizers we had was pretty good. But everything else was pretty bad. A family member got food poisoning, and it kinda seemed like some of the chicken was undercooked. Our waitress was a bit mean and condescending. I don't recommend this place.

Owen Wilson

One of the Best Spots in Moore HANDS DOWN NO LIE! Spicy Pork bulgogi is on another level >>>

Murloc Ninja

Loved their ginger tea while we waited for our takeout! It was really nice seeing actual side dishes with our food. I was hoping for more vegetarian options but what they did have was very tasty.

Arweemas K.

The food was really good and the ladies were very friendly...will visit again ?

susan keyser

Good meat. Bland though. May have been better if it wasn't take out.

random d

The best Korean restaurant in the metro area! If you enjoy authentic Korean food made by people who understand authentic Korean food this place is a must try. You can settle for the favorites like Bibimbap and Bulgoggi, just make sure to go back and try some other things. You'll be surprised how good and hearty their food is.

Stellar Kruize

Really good bulgogi and fried beef dumplings! The kimchi was really good too! I could smell that delectable dish from the outside. Great quality rice too. There are some places I've been where they skimp on rice quality. Would suggest I'd you're in this part of town!

Zapp Brannigan

The family that ran this restaurant used to do a good job and be nice. Now the new staff are incredibly RUDE. They will fight with you at the table if you ask questions about the dishes. I brought groups of friends there several times from remembering how nice the people here used to be and all the groups asked me why I bothered taking them there. No way am I going back ever again.

Nathan Clark

If you are looking for a place to try Korean cuisine, come here! We visited for the first time today and we will definitely be returning! We have heard many good reviews about Dong A being awesome Korean cuisine in this area and our experience lived up to the hype. We ordered several dishes that I remember from my visits to Korea, and it was like a trip down memory lane. We obviously ordered more than the three of us are able to eat, but we took home what we did not finish to have later.

Katherine Taylor

Food amazing. Love this family that runs the restaurant. Had a new waitress that was rude. We have been patrons for years.

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