Genghis Grill

2370 S I-35 Service Rd, Moore
(405) 793-2695

Recent Reviews

Heather Zapata

The food was ok... however, the service was so bad! The cleanliness of the restaurant was extremely poor. I get some things but everything was sticky, the floor, tables, and seats. The food area was not clean either and when our waiter showed us to the food bar area he apologized for it being such a mess. I had to ask for water 3 different times... I sat through half my meal without any drink at all. My husband had to get up and ask for a to go box and our ticket after waiting for the waiter to return to our table, which never happened. We were brought our starter without a way to eat it, unless we were supposed to use our hands. We asked for something to eat with and was brought one set of chopsticks, there were two people eating... do we share?


Worst experience ever. Our waiter gave attitude when asked why it takes an hour before we even got our food. There was 8 people in the restaurant and all the waiter wanted to do was play on his phone. When asked to speak to a manager he avoided to get us one by going and talking to other customers. Then was yelling at us because we wanted our food. I spent $116 and wasn’t able to eat my food. Worst place ever.

Aiden King

One of my favorite restaurants. The food is good and the staff is normally pretty nice, but there are some exceptions. If you can get past other customers being obnoxious and not following line etiquette it's a great place for lunch

Tatiana SMG

Food was great, I love the concept of this place. Service wasn't the best

Lady Phoenix

Great food! I have never had bad food or service here. If you’re unfamiliar with the place, you can order a bowl with whatever you want - from chicken and shrimp to tofu, plus dry spices, sauce, and veggies as you choose. Then you hand it over for them to throw on the grill with your choice of white rice, brown rice, fried rice, udon noodles, etc. All ingredients fresh and full of flavor. This is one of our favorite places.

Charlotte McClendon

Great food. Great staff. enjoyed our time.

Adrienne Christine Kopp

loved the food and wonderful staff.

Scott Yelton

Great vale great taste. Be the boss of your own meals destiny.

Je Rio

Service started slow but absolutely delicious will definitely be going back

John Conner

Very good food drove 1/half hors to get some.

Murry Steele

An excellent concept. Being able to choose what ingredients you want, in what portion makes your meal completely customized

Rhonda Corbo

Awesome food! Friendly service!


I placed an online order. When I got to the meat section I was surprised you were able to pick two high value meats. I picked steak and scallop . Got the meal and it only had steak no scallops. Not a big surprise since I thought it was too generous to begin with. It was also missing the krunch stuff. I think it was for the best and would have taken away from the great flavor of the meal. Will come again and see if I actually get the scallops next time. Togo order was ready right on time and was quick to be helped.

richard banta

The wife and I tryed this today had a good time staff was great

Joseph Marty

Extremely delicious Mongolian style food! I got the supreme fried rice and man was it good. Our bar tender was very friendly and inviting. We tried a couple of strawberry Margaritas and they were delicious! I personally thought it was a perfect combo?I will also note that the place was extremely clean and nothing was out of place. I would highly recommend Genghis Grill to ALL of my friends and family!! The customer service here is Legendary S+

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