Happy House

805 NW 12th St, Moore
(405) 793-0401

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Please open back up I hate every other Chinese take out place


Happy House is the best in Moore!! They are great!! For those that said bland—Ask & they will add as much spice as you like.Please reopen soon. A lot of us miss you!!UPDATES???

George H.

I order from Happy House at least twice a month. They have great food more often than not. Sometimes they have bad food. Like when I ordered Seafood Soup for two. Very bad. Tastless watery broth, fake crab meat, three pieces of small shrimp and the rest are veggies. Yesterday, 02/26/2022, I ordered a Chicken With Cashews combo, Chicken Chow Mein combo, Egg rolls and Hot and Sour Soup. The Hot and Sour soup wasn't that good but tolerable. The problem, huge problem, was with the Chicken With Cashew Nuts and the Chicken Chow Mein. The Chicken Cashew has 3 pieces of small chicken and 3 cashew nuts. "Yes, three". The Chicken Chow Mein had no chicken meat a all. I do not knoe if they forgot to include the chicken or if they were out. I wrote them twice at their website but no response. Now I will make it public. The just lost a long time customer.

Chuck S

Our go to for Chinese take out! Sweet and sour chicken, broccoli beef shrimp fried rice, and chicken on a stick! ❤?

Samantha Love

Used to love going here. Lately everything tastes overly greasy and you don't get the size of what you ordered.


It's alright for the money. More variety than panda express and a bit cheaper. Some of the items we got were pretty bland but other than that it was pretty good. Not a fan of how they charge extra for dipping sauces, at least give one dipping sauce away free, $1.00 for a tiny container seems exorbitant.


Very bland lumpia tasted like it was off it had a chemical taste to it anxiety had to spit it out in the trash, horrible! The house rice what a joke there was hardly any thing in the rice but rice and soy sauce. The seafood soup for 2 was terrible, like dish water with barely anything but celery , onion, fake crabmeat 3 tiny salad shrimp, a couple tiny bay scallops, just utterly disappointing! I rank this as one of my least favorite Chinese food experiences. Sorry it’s bad and we’re not even picky… try another place


Happy House is our favorite chinese food take out. Great flavor and very tender beef. Try their House Special Fried Rice and House Special Lo Mein they're excellent as well as the Beef and Broccoli and Orange Chicken!

Matthew Madden

Ordered food over the phone, was surprised at how rude and ungrateful the lady was that took my order. Had no idea that there was new owners, but that explains everything. Apparently they feel like they need to overcharge to make up for their lack of business. No thanks, next time I’ll pass.

Shares Michal

Great food, friendly owners! Lo Mein And fried rice always good.Highly recommend.

Ken Burleigh

Very nice staff and the food was very good.

Mike-Theresa H.

Disappointed! Loved the old owner's cooking. New ownerships food has no flavor. Don't waste good hard earned money here. So sad.

Truth Hurts

First time eating here and it will be the last. Everything is plane my general Tso chicken is all hard and stringy. Egg roll is greasy with no flavor.

Brook Paz

Fast service and always good.

Michael Yerkey

Had its pros and cons. The dumplings were fire. The sweet and sour chicken was good. Food was a little oily but not over the top. Fried rice was meh. Egg rolls not very good. A little pricey for the quantity but heck everything is these days.

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