Pailin Thai Cuisine (Moore)

816 SE 4th St, Moore
(405) 735-8375

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Jenny Greggs

Fabulous Thai food! Have tried multiple Thai restaurants in the metro and this is definitely one of the top 3. The space is smaller but has a nice ambience.

Chrysinda Myers

Oh wow, SO GOOD!!!!!! Lovely, fun, authentic atmosphere, perfect service and unbelievably good food. 10/10!!!Try the Iced Green Thai tea!

Michael Teicheira

Absolutely fantastic food, top notch service, and an overall wonderful experience. We loved every minute of this meal. The food was hot, fresh, flavorful, and was actually spicy when we wanted it to be!The server was highly attentive, very kind, and she even brought us some cherries at the end of the meal.I regret that we live so far away, or this would be a regular stop in our dining rotation.Eat here! It’s amazing!

Teri Olson

This place is outstanding. The decor is inviting and relaxing. The service is friendly and attentive. Food was fresh and really good with some unexpected touches. We even had a little bowl of salted fresh cherries after our meal! The whole restaurant is impeccably CLEAN.

Teresa Fornoff

Oh my goodness, I love Thai food, and we found this hole in the wall while we were in Moore. The reviews were incredible and the pictures looked so appetising, so we checked it out. From the outside it looks quite small, but you walk inside to a little oasis. You seriously feel like you walked into another world! Beautiful decor and the music complimented the atmosphere. It is just a husband and wife running the place, so be a bit patient if it is busy! She was so humble and sweet, the food was worth the wait.I got yellow curry with shrimp and tofu, my husband got the beef panang, and we shared an order of pad Thai. Everything was jaw droppingly good. I got medium spicy and could have easily went to hot. My curry was a nice balance of sweet and savoury, and the tofu blew my mind. Super crispy but seasoned well! And I’m not a huge eggplant fan, but they cooked it so well. The beef in my husband’s dish was incredibly tender, and his curry was thicker and more hearty (a red curry). He had strips of lemongrass on top of the beef which added that extra pizazz that took the dish from great, to phenomenal.This by far was the best pad Thai we’ve ever had. Sauced perfectly and perfect flavour. We were full but didn’t want to stop eating because it was so good!We didn’t get dessert, but we are 110% going to be back. We want to try everything on the menu! We just kept seeing other dishes go by that looked amazing.TLDR; 11/10 the best Thai food I’ve ever had. Amazing service and food. We will be driving the 30 minutes more often to come back here!!


Loved it! Such great food and service. And their sticky rice is amazing! I love curry, and theirs taste so good! Went twice in one week. :)

Richard E

Hands down my favorite Thai restaurant now! The food was made like the cooks care about your opinion and, the flavors are unique yet familiar. I never finish a dish of chicken fried rice, but today I couldn't help myself. It's that good! They served me Thai coffee in a chilled bowl. It was awesome! The service was very pleasant and the overall dine-in experience was truly relaxing and pleasant. They have a new customer for life.

B “frugallyfabulous” Joiner

Very courteous and attentive staff. The food and drinks were amazing. The ambiance and decor of this place takes you on a serene vacation. We got Mama chicken, tofu pad thai, lychee thai tea, lemon thai tea, and mango sticky rice. I would give this place 10 stars. If you are in Moore please go to this place. It is near Arvest on 4th Street.

Courtney Davis

The salmon yum is great! Especially with the sauce they provide with it. And the dumplings are to die for!

Toan Le

This place is simply amazing. The service is great and their food is top notch. I can’t recommend this place enough. Their beef curry with rice is good, their pad thai is on the sweeter side but it is still really good. All the dishes come with a small orchid flower which is just a nice touch.

Will Rice

I really wanted to like this place and based on the reviews gave it a try. First some constructive criticism. The Chicken Mama is far too salty, this is coming from someone who enjoys salty food. The pad see ew needs a bit more flavor. I think I'm primarily getting tamarind and not much else.That said, the beef panang is really good. The beef is tender and the curry has good flavor. Springs rolls were amazing. Crisp and I love the filling. Tom yum soup is good as well, light and the lemongrass comes through nicely. I think I would prefer some blended tomatoes in it versus whole grape tomatoes but that is just me.Overall this place has more mild flavors as compared to another local Thai restaurant. This may be more appealing to some.


The service was just as wonderful as the food. Such nice people. Hard to find kinda service, and i took 4 kids to eat. Everyone loved it.

Lany Moore

By far one of THE best Thai places I’ve had in years! Do yourself a favor and visit this place. Try the Panang Beef. It is incredible! The Thai Basil with chicken is delicious as well. I wish my stomach could have held more because I literally would have tried everything on the menu. The husband and wife here are the SWEETEST people. That’s definitely an added bonus.

Zoie Crum

Extremely kind and friendly service, relaxing environment, fresh food made to order, and great prices for the amount of food you get! We got the Pad See-ew and dumplings appetizer, it was amazing! I had never had such amazing flavors in Thai food before! We will definitely will be back!

Katie Hacker

This may be the cleanest restaurant I've ever eaten at. The food is amazing and quick service.. We have three small kids and they gobbled everything up. Their curry was our favorite.

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Pailin Thai Cuisine (Moore)

816 SE 4th St, Moore, OK 73160
(405) 735-8375