Sonic Drive-In

1905 S Telephone Rd, Moore
(405) 790-0281

Recent Reviews

John Lefebvre

Saturday on the way to Norman, we stopped at this Sonic. I ordered a cheeseburger, large tots and two 32oz French Vanilla Iced Coffee. We received two medium iced coffees with French Vanilla. Told them we ordered two 32oz French Vanilla. Brought out two 32oz no French Vanilla. The cheeseburger had no vegetables on it. The tots were good! It wouldn't have upset us,if we didn't repeat it twice!!

Sharon Hall

They have the best staff in that they are so good & friendly. The footlong hotdogs are so good.

Trevor Harmon

I had a bad experience at this location. Long story short my 2 main entree’s were burnt and I was given 6 cheddar bites and paid for a large.

Misty Goldman

Didnt have to wait long after ordering before we received our food.. the order was correct and food was hot..even included sauces we had asked for

Bethany Walter

I Loved the drinks and it was pretty fast, but it was so busy we had to circle the build twice to find a parking spot. The car hop was very nice. Overall I had a good experience.

Jeffrey Osterman

Food was good but they got my order wrong. Things happen. No big deal.

Dennis McGowen

Great service with a smiling, friendly carhop. We used the Sonic app.

Brookelyne Holland

Popcorn chicken was just breading and no chicken! Was very crunchy and not what I wanted. We also didn't receive marinara sauce with our mozzarella sticks.

Raven Crawford

Fast service. Food was hot. Onion rings were perfect!

James Gambriell

Everytime I try to eat here for the past 18 yrs, the food is overcooked at best. Tonight, my onion rings were burnt and so was my son’s grilled cheese. Plus the person taking my order came off as if I was an inconvenience for ordering. The car hop was very nice. The only bright spot tonight.I will return to avoiding this sonic at all cost. The one on South 134th and Penn is always a 5 star experience. I’ll return to spending my money there.

Kyle Winslow

Go to the one on 12th and Broadway. This one sucks. That is all.


Person taking order kept messing up then asking again what I wanted. Then when order came out, it was wrong and missing three items then I was told I had to pay for these again.Hot dog was chewy and wouldn't come apart, food wasn't hot and onion rings were burned.They get one star for the carhop and the sweet tea.

Brad J

Got 2 classic crispy chicken sandwiches and they both were tough and chewy as well as the buns. Very disappointing at $6/sandwich.

Kikonos Family

Service and people were fine but their speakers were all jacked up and tried to order a mixed root beer float and got a Carmel shake...I think.SONIC! Please make an option to add a tip to your credit card payment. I, and many others, never carry cash and would love to tip but can't.


The ocean water doesn't taste like the ocean. Pretty sure it's not ocean water. I was expecting to be severely dehydrated but instead it was an enjoyable drink.

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