623 NW 7th St, Moore
(405) 799-1626

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Cole Duffy

Asked for sandwich toasted. It’s barely warm. They’re talking about how they got an employee fired. Poor customer service. On top of that out of a lot of stuff. The girls need retrained

Alanah Campbell

Completely awful, asked for double toasted and my meat was cold, wouldn’t let us add vegetables to the outlaw sandwich.

Susanne Fisher

Food was very good. Line formed due to only having one worker in the store. I felt sorry for him he was trying and people in line were making snide comments. As I left I told them to be kind.

Lacey Ott

Please go eat there again . New manager and mostly new employees. Things have changed alot in 3 weeks. And still improving every day

Joshua DeVard

We stopped at Subway on our road trip and were warmly welcomed by the staff. While both were nice, the employee named Lacy went above and beyond to serve our family of 7. It was the best customer service I've ever had at a Subway.

Janel Gebhards

This subway keeps getting worse & worse. I stopped going because the kept messing up my orders. After months of not having it I’d thought I try again but they messed up my sandwich from an online order. I wanted wheat foot long NOT toasted, turkey, shredded cheese, extra pickles, extra mayo,lettuce. It ended up being toasted, only like 6 pickles, hardly any mayo & no lettuce. I was looking forward to it after not having it for so long but I’m so disappointed!!

Micah holder

Great sandwich ready for some new faces the staff is lightning fast and in need of help not lacking any way by no means just ready for coworkers

russell gaspard

First visit there. We will never be back there. We were told the toaster was not working. Got our order. The food was cold. Looked like they just took the meatball out of the ice box. Then we notice that they were using the toaster for other orders. I took my meatballs to the counter and asked if they could warm them in the microwave girl look at me if I was crazy. The other one said they really can't do that. I asked again so the first one did it for me. If the toaster was broken for us and a few other people why it worked for others. This is a very bad influence. We eat at subway like 2 times a week and this is the worst one we have went to. I spent 19.00 dollars that was really wasted on food.

Lizet Navarrete

Only reason I'm giving it a 3 is because Salome (I hope I spelled it correctly) was courteous. They didn't have some ingredients i wanted. But the other girl with black hair was kinda rude and dismissive. I even asked for a cup of water so I can get ice water and she said they couldn't do that. I gave her an expired coupon, I totally understand it was expired but I didn't know it had already expired. But most other subways and this location have honored them before because they always have that special going on for the BOGO on the ft longs. Salome is the only one that made me give it a 3 stars. Smh..

Sharon Hall

We like their tuna sandwiches. They are very nice also. You get out quickly too.

Latrisha Jones

Slow service, employee seemed new. Food was poorly put together but they tried

Robin Kitchens

You still can't beat having someone design a sandwich for you exactly how you want it for a fair price! This place is a classic that is my go to when I want to feel good about my quick choice for lunch!

Gabby Caldwell

We came at a difficult time for the employee. DespiteThis fact Taylor helped us beautifully especially considering she was completely alone the entire time .. lovely experience will go back again

William Shepard

If you get lucky and get a serton lady. It's a nice experience!

Shane Jones

Laziest store I’ve ever been to the ti people working at lunch on sep 16 clearly had no interest in working or greating customers there was myself and one other after standing for 5 minutes waiting on 2 people to make 1 sandwich I left and will not be back not sure what happened to customer service since COVID but the people now don’t want to work and are lazy it’s crazy safe to say I’ll drive across town to the other store from now on

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