Taqueria Express La Villita #3

357 W State Hwy 152, Mustang
(405) 436-4248

Recent Reviews

Stephanie Price

I have had their tacos 3 days in a row. That good!?

Katrina Hill

Very good. More traditionally Mexican food than most sit downs. Fair price. If you no habla Espanol, be careful when you order or you might get a surprise. ?

mikesha johnson

Always the best great portions and great prices along with great customer service


Got what was supposed to be a “ enchilada“ and come to be a fried taco??? Ask for cheese on top of it and they put sour crème? Beans and rice was awful!

Mike Mathes

Food is aways good. Great interaction with the staff.

Reagan S.

so delicious!! they only take cash but there is an atm down the street at boomer express!! their food is always hot and so tasty


GREAT food, Reasonable prices, HUGE servings!!! go hungry!!! authentic Mexican food. very friendly and attentive servers. dips for the chips waiting for the food are the BOMB!!!!!!


I had the sopes! And lord have mercy on my soul! Top tier! I will definitely be back! The meat i had was carne asada! The meat was tender and not dried out! The meat was fine chopped and done perfectly! This is a cash only truck.

Whitney B.

A friend turned me on to this little secret that is no longer a secret. Never fails and is always a crowd pleaser in our house. Thank you for your great service!

chloe a.

i dont know what to say but there was so kuch chips and barely BARWLY MEAT and the meat is hard and burnt, i always eat here no complains just for 10 dollars? for 60 percent chips and 20 percent meat, and 10 percent beans and blah blah, chips stale as always

Aundrea Saville

We found out about this place on Valentine's Day weekend in 2020. We eat there frequently. Raul is the nicest, most caring, and friendly human. Wonderful food. We always recommend and introduce them to anyone we meet. Filling, flavorful, and always delicious.

Matthew Lanig

Excellent food with excellent service!


I always get street tacos and thse guy are doing it very well. Food was hot, tastes great and the staff was very pleasant. Not sure how you can do it better. Great job guys. I will be back.

Lillian Stone

By far the best taco truck in Mustang! Friendliest staff and delicious food!

Koda Jordan

Lemme just say this. They don't have 5 stars for nothin. Its bussin fr fr

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