Asian Cuisine

3451 36th Ave NW, Norman
(405) 364-2742

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Yato やと

Nice dude that goes to college food was good

Erin Newcomer

Ok, this is a no frills place. Not the friendliest employees. But food is consistently good. This has been our go-to place for years. Best egg rolls in my opinion. My daughter loves that you can get “plain lo mein”. Sweet and sour chicken is delish. We always place our order online, it’s very convenient.

Laurie Martin

This restaurant is the WORST about answering the phones for a call in order. I can’t count how many nights we have gotten food from somewhere else because Asian Cuisine doesn’t answer their phone after an hour or more of calling. My husband even drove by one time to place an order in person. The lights were on, people were clearly inside, but the doors were locked. (Yes it was during business hours.) When we ever do get an order placed here, the food is pretty good, hence the 2 stars. Hope you’re not in any hurry to place an order by phone if you want to eat here. Oh, and don’t think you can order online either. Several times I’ve gone through the process of adding everything we want to the cart and go to check out only to get a message saying they’re not accepting orders for delivery/carry out until _______ date. When I tried it this evening, it said not accepting orders until 7-14-21. So I guess if I want to order dinner from here, I have to do it a week or more in advance.

John Kelly

This used to be my favorite place. The food has always been delicious, but lately it's been impossible to actually order anything. I called about 7:30 on Saturday night and was informed that they were no longer taking orders. Again, it was 7:30 on Saturday night and they were effectively closed because they had too many orders.If you are selling so much that you have to close early, you need to fix something. Order more food, hire more cooks, expand... Something. Asian Cuisine has now lost a customer because they can't stay open for their actual hours.

Israel Pinero Rodriguez

This was my first time ordering from here. My order had a long dark hair on it. The chicken was over-sauced and the wasn’t crispy. The rice wasn’t mixed well as it still had chunks of white rice on it. The guy on the front was super nice and welcoming.

Israel P.

This was my first time ordering from here. The guy who took my order was super friendly and welcoming. However, I noticed long dark hair in my food. The rice wasn't mixed well and it still had chunks of white rice on it. The chicken was over sauced and it became a big sticky pile of chicken. Flavor was okay.

chase smith

Should have NO StarsPass on this Experience.Called in my order.Was told 10 minutes.Showed up 15 minutes later.Paid for my food.Food wasn't ready and not even started.Waited 10 more minutes. Had to leave.Late returning to work from lunch.I Have NO FOOD.This place owes me $8.50

Just Susan

Love this place, good food, large portions

Shawna M.

We've been looking for a good Asian restaurant since our favorite one in Moore closed. Asian Cuisine fits the bill! Everything we ordered was delicious, portions were generous, and prices are reasonable. Will definitely eat here again...probably often.

Brandt J.

I got some chicken from there that was not fully cooked and it made me incredibly sick. Food poisoning type symptoms. If you have a sensitive stomach I also would avoid this place.

Carla S.

Easily one of the better places in the area for American-Chinese takeout. Your typical deep fried, sweet sauced chicken dishes aren't the way to go here. It's the other stuff they do best here, like stir fries, noodle entrees and soups.
Moo Goo Gai Pan is lovely here, fresh and lightly sauced, just the way I like it, with very good flavor and lots of tender chicken (ask for extra snow peas). I was raised on the typical, very simple and brothy Won Ton Soup back in Lima. Done simply here just the way I like it, but packed extra full of won tons.
Portion sizes are large. Great value with very fair prices, especially at lunch. Food prep pretty fast. So be there, or be square.

Mike Moses

I have ordered from this restaurant many times in the past and it has usually been good. This ended today, as they quit serving their house hot mustard and duck sauce. I WILL NOT BE ORDERING FROM HERE AGAIN! This simple staple is a necessity for fast Chinese food, and if they refuse to offer it, I will no longer patronize this business.

Arlene Amos

Good food, nice guy took my order. Will be back if I'm in the area.

Michael M.

This fast Chinese restaurant quit offering the staple of fresh hot mustard with their orders. The stuff in the packets is unpalatable. Their cost saving measure just cost them a customer that spends $300 - $400 per month in this place. I WILL NOT BE RETURNING

Marvel Reed

Who ever heard of a Chinese restaurant with no hot tea. Pass on this dump

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