Braum's Ice Cream & Dairy Store

1235 N Interstate Dr, Norman
(405) 364-7806

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Joyce Demet

Good food. Great salads and cottage cheese!

Chris Burns

There no sugar options maybe limited in the case but the flavors they have available are pretty darn good! Always a good burger and the fries when they are fresh are amazing!

Aleatha Mohler

Kept seeing these signs throughout Texas and Oklahoma, figured we'd stop. Delicious meal and ice cream at a decent price. Has a little supermarket inside as well.

MaDonna Wesberry

When my sister asked if we could get a fresher banna for our banana split the nice young man that was helping us asked Alex Lain if we could get a different banana. Alex stated what is there is what we use he needed to tell us that.. The kid then turned around and said I'm sorry we have to use those.. My sister than said wait i just seen you get one from the shelf for the person in the drive through, he got an attitude and said we can only do that this one time. My sister said what makes me different than the person at the drive through. He didn't have an answer for us.. he was really rude and unprofessional the whole time. I honestly feel sorry for the young men that work there you can tell they're afraid to do anything wrong. That is no way to run a business .The Manager is Joseph Park that we spoke to about how Alex Lain treated his customer.. Joseph stated he always backs his employees regardless if they're wrong.. Then while we was calling him out on how he is making excuses for his employee. He stated he was going to call the cops if we didn't leave.. never once did we raise our voice or used any kind of language.. I will be calling corporate on this braums..

Ratchet the last Lombax

Often go there because it's right next to my workOne time I ordered sausage egg biscuit and only got egg biscuit huh odd?But not big deal 5 stars

Katie Garrett

More variety of ice cream and the do have ice cream bars for us diabetics ?

Juan Gomez

I was impressed with the options this place offers from fast food, to ice cream and a mini grocery store with mainly their brand of goods.We only had the ice cream Sunday’s and they were fairly priced for what we selected. Defiantly a return customer if in the area or if there is a Braum’s near me.Will have to try some burgers on a next visit.

Daniel Steed

Facility clean and well maintained. The staff was friendly and welcoming. Food fantastic! Highly recommended!


I am always in a hurry when I stop. It's usually the last on the list before heading home for the evening. So when I'm there, I'm usually so tired and so ready to be home that I'm s crazy person. Forgetting what I was needing to get and zipping around the store like a maniac. The employees in the grocery section are always, without a doubt, my saving grace. They are so patient and polite and they never have been rude even when I'm a total nut checking out but having to run and grab just "one more thing". They smile and tell me to take my time and that they understand just how I feel. Some days are really challenging so just slow down, no hurry. So because of their kindness, it doesn't matter what kind of mind frame I went into the store with, I always go out with a smile on my face (usually laughing at myself for being so strung out)...and feeling a sense of peace that I was able to get all I needed, and appreciation for the great people in Braums, and that i didn't have to go to Walmart! ? Iv gone to every braums in the local vicinity and the experience is always the same. Just really good , genuine people.

Vickie Ellis

It's worth stopping for fresh fruit and vegetables. A quick in and out.

John McPherson

The burgers are only O.K. and aren't great, and the fries are nothing special. However the ice cream is very good. I think they know that because this is the only fast food place I've ever been to with their own tiny grocery section, and the grocery is filled mostly by tubs of their ice cream. I suggest making a meal of a salad to save the calorie load for a wonderful Sunday. The ice cream really is tasty.

Seth-Ray Smith

Never had a bad experience with them and their shakes are always great!


Great value for good food and ice cream. The staff is incredibly friendly and accomodating.


I like this particular location.Clean, friendly and well stocked.I love that they offer, groceries and food to go .

Sarah Speratos

I like this particular location.Clean, friendly and well stocked.I love that they offer, groceries and food to go .

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Braum's Ice Cream & Dairy Store

1235 N Interstate Dr, Norman, OK 73072
(405) 364-7806