Carl's Jr.

1101 24th Ave NW, Norman
(405) 364-9745

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Prompt friendly service, dinning area clean.


Food is good. Price is a little much.

James Reinish

Best breakfast in town bar none nobody makes biscuits like Carl's for sure

Felina Padilla Cox

Came in to eat the worker name Theresa seen me and my husband and just turned around.Another worker name Haley N ended up taking our order.Haley N was very friendly and helpful.Theresa brought out our food we said thank you and she had the worst attitude I have ever seen.Her name tag says shift lead how she holds that position is beyond me.I work in the food industry and I would be fired on the spot if I ever treated a guest like she did.I will never come back to this location again.Someone needs to train Theresa on how to treat guests and maybe a reminder that with out guests she wouldn't have a job.At least the food was good.Maybe management needs to rethink who they chose as shift leads.

Noriko felipa

Love the smoky taste in the burgers ?And their chicken fingers are awesome. Better than chick fil a.

Joseph L.

Never ordering here again. The food was stale, asked for a double and all I got was a flat terd with a pad on the side. Fries are cold. Drink was the only good thing and it figures it was the only thing they didn't make in store. Don't eat here.

Lonzo Davis

Fries were great. I hope the beyond meat is being preped properly though.

Brandon Love

Food was hot and ready as usual. Fast service. Will definitely go here again.

Elizabeth Madrigal

Last time I was at this particular Carl's Jr. I ordered breakfast. Bacon, Egg, Cheese Biscuit combo. Well done bacon. Very good. No complaints...

Starla Outland

Fast service... the food was hot & tasty. My granddaughter loves the star chicken kids meal with chocolate milk!

Tammy Acosta

They have a great plant based burger. The employees are great. My only complaint is the dining area is always dirty. Not really filthy usually just sticky and not clean.

David N Tamsen Norman

Always good service here. We had a slight problem but it was immediately taken care of. We will definitely be back!!

Doctor Disco

Cheap fast food quality but I don’t care that’s a given, why I gave a 2 star review is every time without fail they completely mess up our orders. Every time. I’m not kidding. If you are picky or don’t like your food getting messed up or whatever I don’t recommend this location. Not gonna blame the workers on this one, need better managers to train them but I assume the turnover rate is so high no one actually knows what’s going on inside. Only reason this isn’t 1 star is because Carl’s Jr. will probably always have good breakfast

Leonard Benjamin

The staff is very helpful and always in a great mood. Love the cheddar peppers

Karen Rodgers

21 minutes in drive thru and still NO FOOD

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