Domino's Pizza

1262 N Interstate Dr, Norman
(405) 573-2000

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Jacob Upchurch

I am NEVER ordering from the interstate drive location again. This is the second time I ordered from here since moving to this side of town and I ordered a pizza with NO MEAT just bell peppers and jalapeños, and it came with chicken and pepperoni despite the fact the receipt said the correct order. Same thing happened a few weeks ago. Very disappointed. Tried to give them the benefit of doubt last time.

Me Myself

I have ordered from here several times but this last one just kinda ruined me and I didn't even get a chance to order. Chase (sounds like a teenage kid) picked up the phone and was SO rude and pushy!!! Like order now now now when I was simply trying to explain something BEFORE even making an order. NOT friendly whatsoever!!! I will be ordering from somewhere else tonight.


I order a pizza for my dad who has Alzheimer's. The next day I'm talking to him over the phone and ask him about it and he said they never even brought it to him and he has not eaten in over 36 hours. I called Domino's and they said they don't know what happened. It was the correct address and apartment number, my phone number was also on the order, if there was a problem they should have called me! ZERO STARS!!!

Jennifer Vargin

Pizzas were on time. Was impressed to see an employee toss some dough, but they were both burned and dry. The cheese was burned, very little sauce. I know you can't expect perfection for 6.99, but you can expect edible. And whoever sliced them needs a refresher course in slicing. It's not just Dominos, but I really like the service at Dominos so please, take pride in your work and we'll try again.

Sheila Bickford

They have really good pizza and other food and if they mess up your order they'll make it right with you either by remaking the pizza then or giving you credit for a free pizza

Carmello Crawford

Teagan was a good waiter. He was friendly an helpful I never had to ask for more drinks or anything he was amazing

Deanna Johncox

I can't stand this Domino's especially when ordering over the phone. There's ALWAYS an issue no matter what. They just told me this evening that the discontinued the red pepper flake and parmesan cheese packets over a year ago. That's strange cause I ordered pizza from this Domino's about 3 weeks ago and they had them. They don't put enough anything on the pizzas it's always dried out and their pasta is too. The charge extra for EVERYTHING! I'm not ordering from here ever again.

Susan Felter

Normally very good food and service. Tonight 7/28/22 rude cashier overcharged for large pizza and said there were no specials. There was a posting I later saw that had a large pizza for $16.99. She also made the wrong pizza. Not happy. Shame on you.

Jose Castuera

Good place to get pizza. Very clear and the employees are very friendly. Thanks

Tony Nguyen

Ordered at 5:50pm and stoped by at 6:10pm and waited over 30 minutes on 06/08/2022. I asked why I have to wait too long? Answered, your pizza ordered had been remake, someones ordered after me got it because they are WHITE!!! Good business

Justin Brooks

If I could give this place 0 stars I would and that's from a former general manager of a Domino's Pizza....there food is constantly sub par and that's even after ordering time and time again hoping for better...but after tonight's performance by the crew where they practically held my order hostage and refused to give me what I paid for....will be requesting personally that the corporate office take control from the franchisee immediately

Chase Elliott

Absolutely love this location, 1262 North Interstate Dr., the manager, Jacob, on duty was extremely helpful. I placed my order fairly quickly before arriving and they already had things in the oven and getting ready! The manager was also very helpful with my coupons.I was met with a very welcoming team that were all working together and moving fast to get the orders out. I can tell customer service is extremely valued at this location.

lexi hall

I place an order at least twice a month here. They are always very communicative. The pizza is fantastic and its pretty inexpensive in large quantities Definitely recommend!

Kendra Patterson

Ordered a small pizza and a pasta dish online. The pasta is not even half full. I did get my order is a timely manner but I didn't get a fork/spoon to eat my pasta. I'm in a motel with no way to eat this. I tipped $10/card and $5/cash to have it delivered due to the bad weather but someone dropped the ball making sure my order was complete. Do better next time. It may help the next customer.

Foggo Fed

Never had a wrong order from this place they're kickass

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