Teriyaki Bites

3203 W Robinson St, Norman
(405) 217-2223

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Excellent food excellent service.The vegetable egg rolls are amazing they are a true value for the money.The cream wonton is beyond amazing.Sesame chicken is amongst the best we've ever had.This restaurant offers excellent affordability while also providing top tier food that Rivals even the best restaurants in Norman.

Hannah Graniello

The egg rolls were terrible! Clearly frozen and not cooked all the way through. Spent $45 on 3 items. When I picked up my food and brought it home I was sooo shocked at how little amount of meat was in there at all! The steamed rice was in the large part of the styrofoam and the meat was in the tiny part. The stir fry veggie meal had minimal veggies and the teriyaki didn’t even have teriyaki seasoning. Such a disappointment. Will never eat here again

Huiwen Lin

As an Asian, I am picky on Asian food. I am new to the area. So I gave this place a try. Their teriyaki beef is amazing. Will order again for sure.


Great food! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ No gluten in the sesame chicken sauce or breading which is really amazing. The sweet and sour sauce is also gf :DDietary restrictions: Have gf options, not a gf kitchen but that works for me! You have to decide if that works for your sensitivity or allergies.

Jinny Sharpe

New business name Teriyaki Bites. Still carries popular Chinese dishes like sesame chichen, orange chicken and sweet and sour chicken.

Devin Dewby

Easily the best teriyaki chicken and beef in Oklahoma I've had, and the staff was really nice! Def will go agin.

Alejandro F. Vaca

Is a new place, it used to be a Chinnese restaurant well they still offer couple dishes, but fried chiken is the main thing now. Customer service was great, and the food pretty good as well, I wish they offer some fried rice instead of mashed potatoes and bean with their chiken.


This place is still the same people who owned golden chef and they still do make Chinese food. Awesome place been in Norman 10 years and this is my Chinese place, they make fried chicken too.

Anthony Corwin

Loved this place so much. Unfortunately it appears to have closed within the past two weeks.Bummed am I

Jeannette Brantley

Decided to order takeout this evening through google and what a great idea! We had plenty of delicious food and everything arrived hot! Dinner was awesome and the fried biscuits where amazing! Also best hot and sour soup I’ve had in years! Will be ordering from again!

Reuben Reyes

From the outside and inside it does not look very good, but the food is super delicious! For price and convenience this a the place to go. This place only takes orders for take out. You can order over the phone, web, or at the counter but don’t plan on eating in because they only have one table and one chair for waiting on orders.


Food is delicious. Little kid that works the front needs a major attitude adjustment. Super rude!! Would rate the food a 5 star and the customer service a 1 star!

David Campos

Wonton soup is the best thing in this place, every cashier has an angry attitude and the food is sub par. They must have more money invested in the photos of the food in their online menu than the actual foods itself

Ivan Guajardo

Food is great and made fresh. This is our favorite place to order from.

Paul Owens

It was pretty good the Hawaiian chicken was a little over cooked and dry but tasted good

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