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John Lohmann

I went to pick up a doordash at 5 AM. They had 0 customers and no cars in the lot. I stood in the lobby for 5 minutes while I heard the waitresses talking and cussing in the background, the manager was in the kitchen playing grab a** with another waitress and as I stood there I watched him finally walk over to the food printer and pull the ticket, the single only ticket the restaurant had, and he put it on the line and started cooking it. 5 minutes after I arrived. It took me 12 minutes to get to ihop which means that's a 17 minute wait and he hasn't even started the food yet. Very poor performance. You should get some advice from Denny's!

Bob B

Turning out some good breakfast food. Fast friendly service. Colorado omelet was very meaty and tasty. Only downside was coffee was weak.

Jenny “Yamijenny87”

I am being generous with 2 stars. We waited far too long for our food. A good hour just for our food. The food we did get was mostly cold or barely warm. My sister in law didn't even get all of her food, only the french toast extra she ordered. My mom had to have her food re made as it was wrong the first time, and the second as well but at that point she was too angry and hungry to try again. My brother did not get the extra side he ordered.

Terry McCay

First I want to say we had some of the best service. Young man that I don't remember his name. Food was good and fresh. Fast service, we left completely satisfied!Food: 5/5

Randi Mortensen

The absolute worst assistant manger, order was wrong, gave me talapia instead of what I ordered which was salmon, had the audacity to tell me…all animals are created equal…what in gods name just came out of this young man bun wearing dude….??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️

Tom H.

Hands down the best IHOP we've been to!!! We've been coming here since our daughters started OU. Every single time we come here the people are wonderful and the servers are fantastic. The one's giving bad reviews don't know their a** from third base. I've been to many IHOPs in the US and this is #1 A+++ Fughettaboutit!!!


I LOVE this place, eating here on a consistent basis, let's you know a successful restaurant can be ran even if you have changes in staff, and management. Both have changed more than once in the past 7 years, but surprisingly their staff all remain awesome.. that's a chain that's ran right. I could go on and on about this place, I would give it 10 stars if I could. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE .....AC '22

David W.

All I gotta say is that Bryce is a darn fine team member over here.... Works hard... great attitude... and it was midnight on Saturday night after an OU game. Lots of people waiting after the game, but Bryce and all the staff never missed a beat. Our server, Amber, took great care of us. Food took a little while to come but I was with my family and we just enjoyed each other's company.

Lauren M.

The worst service I have ever had. The waiters were very rude and seemed angry that we were there. If you cannot handle a 10 top then you should not work in a restaurant. The waitresses kept leaving and would not come back. My friend asked one of the waitresses if she could have a to go box and the waitress grabbed her full plate and made rude comments then disappeared and never came back with the food or a box. Plus so many other things that went wrong. None of us will ever come back to this ihop. I am a server and would never do this if I thought any of them were just having a bad day. It was NOT busy there.

Berx Jam

Nice Clean place with Friendly wait staff, best option for late night.

Anissa Vaughan

The waitress was absolutely amazing she made us feel at home and good service never an empty cup !! Loved it

Austin Brown

awesome place to grab a quick bite great food and great service.

Charles West

The food was good. The waitress was friendly and helpful. Prices are going up, like everywhere. Still not bad, Sr discounts availble. Staff was friendly. My only complaint was a little slow on seating us. No one was at counter. Other than that, I probably would have given them 5 star.

Amanda C

Ordered the chicken fried steak breakfast, the meat was good, the scrambled eggs with cheese, onion and bell peppers were on point and I got potatoes instead of hash browns. If I could've ordered this off the app I would, but you can't make that many changes and add and subtract on your own in the app, so I had to call. ? Nice and polite only they told me that their computers were down... I was sad, but then he tells me he can take my order and have it made for when I get there.... INSTANTLY happy again! So I order get my food and added 2 drinks. Now, with my meal I get 2 pancakes, and I asked if I could substitute them for the new lemon ricotta pancakes, and he says yes. When I sign for my check it's $40 with tip. He had added a full stack of special edition pancakes and still the 2 with my meal. Had to throw the full stack away. I hate throwing money away. But my fault for not verifying my order. The gravy wasn't the best either. But I I still loved it. Thanks IHOP!

Jeanette Price

Our server was Ace. He was very friendly, fast and efficient. Our food was so delicious. It was all freshly cooked and was cooked exactly as we asked. Our coffee was fresh, hot and delicious. Thanks for a great visit, Ace.

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