Mr Hui

1522 W Lindsey St, Norman
(405) 310-6659

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ashley hyde

Omg sooooo gooood. My family always wants to eat Chinese takeout and I’m like ehhhh let’s not. Last time I got sick so I’ve been even more against it lately. I saw Mr. Hui was higher rated than both our regular places and still on the eat, so I parked and ordered. I thought it would take a long time bc I ordered from the parking lot (and our regular places take 1 hour+) but it was ready super quick. My stepdaughter and I ordered drinks for the drive home also, she got strawberry smoothie and I got tapioca milk Thai tea and that was my first clue this was gonna be a better experience. Our regular places don’t have milk tea or boba. We got home and started eating and I am in heaven. I used to go eat Chinese with my grandma when I was little and it just doesn’t taste the same anywhere anymore so I thought it was just me assigning happy memories to Chinese food, but Mr. Hui tastes just like I remember it used to

Joshua Plummer

Best Chinese food we've found in the area! We had lo mein, general tso's chicken, egg rolls, spring rolls, hot and sour soup, and egg drop soup. The soups were AMAZING. Everyone enjoyed their dinner!

chance wooldridge

The food was not bad nothing special but $11 for a puny order of fried rice never again

Christie B.

First and foremost I have no idea why this is an a full five-star restaurant it is bar none the best Chinese food I have had in Oklahoma since I left San Francisco 28 years ago. An extensive menu properly seasoned and prepared Chinese food. From steamed buns to Peking style dishes and hot pots you simply can't go wrong. What a gem.

Annie Roberts

Mr Hui’s is the GOAT. This place is my go-to for Chinese take out. If your craving good ole fashioned Chinese food, choose Mr Huis! I get the sweet & sour chicken every time! So! Good!

Michelle A.

This place was fantastic! Very easy to order and wonderful food. We took take out! We had moo shu pork, which is my favorite, and it was perfect! Also the won ton soup was nice and hot!

Sue Hinkle

Only carryout. Very good quality, tasty food. Had a tailgate meal with grandson under tree in back parking lot.

Jay T. Robinson

The takeout process is very streamlined, and the restaurant communicated well and clarified some special requests I'd made on the online order. Kid's meals are a great value, and the fried chicken (sweet and sour chicken, really, with the dipping sauce on the side) was crispy and the kids loved it. Rest of the order was good, not over-the-top awesome, but solid takeout. Overall a good first experience at Mr. Hui

Christie Pipkins

I go to college at OU and Mr. Hui’s is by FAR my fave Chinese takeout! I get serious CRAVINGS for it!! It’s so good, the food is great quality and great portion size for the money & they’re always so quick with preparing it but it’s still always fresh. I can afford it on a college budget and usually get two meals out of it because of the generous portion sizes! Would recommend over and over and over!!! Keep it up guys!

Little Red Writing Head

Restaurant is now take-out only, but there is no signage to let customers know that. We found out after entering and being met with a strange blockade. After a few minutes, we finally figured out that we needed to ring a bell for service. A simple sign in a window would be more considerate.

Charles I.

Mushu was superb! Egg Drop soup was great. Spring Rolls great. Service great. Charles Irwin and Harriett Thomas

Elise R.

This restaurant has very authentic, delicious Chinese food. The staff are friendly and quick in their service. The great selection of food never disappoints. I love the King Pao chicken, the Mu Shu pork, and the Pan fried dumplings.

Shalina G.

Authentic Chinese restaurant in Oklahoma??? Why yes of course! They need to build another restaurant.... or two :)


My names Caleb, I’ve been a customer for a while now.I have nothing bad to say when it comes to this restaurant. When it comes to their service, it’s friendly and quick, if there are ever any issues with an order, they are not only generous and professional about the situation; they make you feel like your apart of the family wanting to make sure your happy with the perfect order before you leave.11/10 when it comes to Mr. Hui’s restaurant!

Farm4 Clash

Sweet and sour sauce has an awful after taste. Meat quality is very poor. Portion size was ok. Spring Rolls were very smooshy inside and had some type of gravy/sauce inside?? Not sure? Sweet and sour spare ribs - aren't they usually boneless? I recall always getting them in small strips with NO bones, covered in Sweet and sour sauce. What I received was small squares with no meat and bone in.. Is this what Chinese food in Oklahoma is? Or are things just changing due to budget cut backs? I am totally bummed. Can we get back to quality fresh ingredients? Taking pride in dishes that are served?

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