Nompton Social

529 Buchanan Ave, Norman
(405) 857-7414

Recent Reviews

Nicole E.

Terrible, waited in line for 2 hours. They only let football in and it was so lame inside. They left all the women outside in cold weather. Never will go again.

Courtney Davis

I love the music variety and the cultured atmosphere Nompton Social gives off. On top of that, they have super friendly staff. Long story short, I had a situation happen and the security guard was there to help in a professional way.Thanks so much,-Court

Raven Sanchez

Suuuuuper packed.Not really worth staying.

joshua alarafi

That post Malone looking guy is so nice!!!

S B.

I have never been treated with such disrespect at a bar! There was a bartender named river that would look at me and laugh as I was trying to get a drink! He never took anyone's order and I saw him just giving free champagne bottles away! I will NEVER return to this establishment!

Amy Crawford

The security guards (especially the one in the front) were all very rude and had terrible power trips. They shined their lights on us 3 times throughout one night. Ruined our entire experience. DO NOT RECOMMEND!

clay crawford

In an attempt to park in a handicap spot to go get some donuts (note I’m actually physically disabled), I was told to move my truck from in front of their bar by the “security guard” with the ponytail with the threat of getting towed. He proceeded to body me up because I was standing too close to someone else’s truck waiting on my friend to pull the truck around

Campus Corner Reviews

This location is in every sense of the meaning Kongs, which means it will mostlikely get shut down just as Kongs did. I recommend you go to other establishments on Campus Corner and enjoy a better atmosphere, staff, and a cleaner environment. The social club also promotes upscale attire when entering. In theory, this rule generates a more exclusive crowd, however, the front door does not uphold the dress code and uses this rule to exclude certain individuals. Owners and Staff are rude, lines are long, and minors are allowed in and not carded at the bar. Do not recommend this Tribe. It sends off the wrong vibe.

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