Panda Garden

1000 Alameda St #118, Norman
(405) 321-8188

Recent Reviews

Chae Howard-Resendiz

Excellent place to eat good food for a good price, great staff, and there place was clean , my mom and I love eating here.

EJ Johnson

Normally it's a 5 ? but tonight the food was old... however, my son tried the sushi and ate ? ? so that was fun!

Dianna Boykin

This time going was a bit off. Itwas crowded, butnot tocrowded. The business setioned parts of the seating area off, and they only had sweet tea, unsweet tea and water to drink. I'm not sure it was really worth the price, however the food was good.the corn nuggets were delicious.


Mongolian bbq is the best man sized bowls buffet was great fresh and hotPlenty of choices

Lisa J.

The food was pretty much completely terrible. We ordered sesame chicken, sweet and sour pork and orange chicken all of which were completely indiscernible from one another - they all resembled little fried balls of dough with different sauces on the side. Additionally the fried dough balls appeared to have been fried days ago and were quite chewy and stale tasting. We ordered chicken chow mein and a mixed vegetable dish - both dishes were swimming in an unappetizing, slimy, grayish sauce - again indistinguishable from each other other than the presence of chicken and soggy 1/2 noodles in the chicken chow mein- And they completely forgot our order of egg rolls The delivery person was quick and efficient and respected our request for a no contact delivery- this was the only positive thing I can say about our Grubhub order

c J

Try the green beans they're great!

Ashton Garcia

Excellent Chinese place. They have a guy dedicated to making FRESH SUSHI & the mongolian grill is excellent. There is a good selection of food to choose from. Even the pickiest eater will find something to eat at this buffet

Kimberly Monse

We love eating here. Its amazing no matter whats on your plate its delicious. The coconut shrimp is my favorite but i love everything here.

river walker

Sunday after church. Cold and leftover tasting/ looking. Like the steam tables went dead. Bumped into it kinda by accident. Kinda Sorry I did. Gets good reviews and house rolled sushi looked edible so maybe its a timing thing? Might try again in a pinch. Maybe on a Sat nite

Jeffrey Harwell

I love this place. Food is delicious and the staff are great. I met friends, here, regularly for lunch, and we may stay for two hours, just talking. Really appreciate the hospitality!

Ray S.

This place is terrible! The bathrooms are horrible smell of urine so bad it made me sick!! Food was under-cooked, Was so excited for the buffet only to be disappointed! Families save you money and go some where else !!!!!

Sara Holmes

We’ve been here a few times and enjoyed it each time! My favs are the bacon rice noodles, pepper chicken, and coconut shrimp! I’m rating 4 out of 5 stars because the tables are always sticky when we’re there. Other than that the staff food and environment are great

tristan voa

Great service kept my cup filled and the food was good good price too 11.75 a person

Jeff P.

Ate here for the first time a few nights ago. There was a smell of maybe turpentine. I guess from maybe some remodel. It will hopefully go away. Buffet had a nice large selection. Everything was good but nothing spectacular. However, it is a buffet. I will definitely go again.

Hugo Hackenbush

Many people just grab a styrofoam to-go container and choose what they want from the buffet as take-out for $4.99 / pound. Dinner buffet (defined as 2PM and later) $11.75 plus tax= $12.78 + tip. Plenty of selections, many entrees I've never seen at a Chinese buffet (Chicken curry, beef chang, garlic frittered chicken, honey sweet potatoe). 8 types of sushi. Ice cream PLUS sundae toppings in addition to customary desserts.They DO NOT have gloves or sanitizer, and I'm pretty sure two people who were endlessly coughing - and covering their cough with their HANDS - had the bubonic plague. I can't express how incredibly overjoyed I was to grab the utensils after them... (and surely a dozen similar Neanderthals previously).

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