Penny Hill Bar and Char

1150 W Lindsey St, Norman
(405) 366-8767

Recent Reviews

Andrea Madden

Great atmosphere but the menu is disgusting. Food tastes odd.

Nathan Gallineau

Wings tasted smoked & fried? Either way really good food. And I liked that o could play my own music.

John Hooper

First visit. Great wait staff. Had the Reuben. Best ever. Music was loud making conversation difficult. Reasonable prices. Would go back.

Crystal Marshall

This is our favorite place to go! The food is really good, customer service is great, and the prices are very reasonable.

Kristi Burns-Autrey

Great food and service! Will definitely be back!

Ginger Franklin

Great food, great staff. We love going here!

Jessica Ranae

Food was fantastic!!! Server was great, the bathrooms were clean and it was exceptionally priced.

Lauren E.

DO NOT EAT HERE. I saw the most disgusting things when I tried this place out. My salad had moldy cucumbers in it and two black curly hairs and then the owner refused to let the waitress take it off of our bill. The waitress literally had to go back to argue with the owner to take it off of our bill because she said I "had eaten some of it" Yes, I took 4 bites of the salad before I find the first hair. Then I looked around and found another one after I already removed the moldy cucumbers. We also ordered the pretzels and beer cheese and they served it to us in a dish that had old brown dishwater in it with random pieces of food floating in it. Also the person I was with ordered no onions on their sandwich because they are allergic and the sandwich still had them on it. Honestly I feel bad because our waitress was trying her best but they seemed to be understaffed and the owner needs to be helping instead of drinking with the guy who is running bingo.

Chauncey Love

This was my first time visiting Penny Hill. Very enjoyable experience. The food was outstanding and reasonably priced even! The bathrooms were clean and actually smelled nice. The bathrooms were fully stalked with soap, paper towels, toilet paper. The waitstaff was amazing! I would definitely recommend and will be going back soon.

Chris Nix

took some friend for an early lunch today, and had Destiny as our server. She was awesome. Our appetizer, alcoholic beverages, and food were all good. Service was great, food came out quickly and was fresh. I would recommend.

Sue Dellasandro

This is still the best little sandwich shop in town!

Crystal Jones

Can’t wait to go back. Best wings I have ever had and my vodka margarita spot on.

Phyllis Gray

So I usually don't eat from places on Lindsey. There are just so many good places north of Lindsey. But we tried this place yesterday, and now I am sooooo mad at Penny Hill, because it was so good. I don't know how I am supposed to ever eat anywhere else again in life! Yesterday, it was salmon dinner & nachos for me and my husband. Today, it was chicken fried steak and Ahi tuna sammich. Neither I nor my husband could eat it all, because the portions were so generous, and the taste! Oh my! My husband and son rarely eat salmon outside of our home, because my salmon is so yummy and all others have paled in comparison. Yesterday, I had to face the fact that someone else could make a salmon dinner as good as mine. Again, ticking me off, lol. Please, stay away from this place, because it is all mine mine mine!!! :)

Michelle Waters

Penny Hill serves excellent food with fast and friendly service. Highly recommended!

Fred Pope

Great appetizers. I so needed a burger after being locked in for many months by our local Communist mayor and Politburo.Treat yourself to a Capitalist Burger. Makes the Marxists scream in jealousy.

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