Pub W

3720 W Robinson St, Norman
(405) 701-5844

Recent Reviews

Amanda Testerman

Excellent food, large serving. Great customer service. I definitely cannot wait to go back. I enjoyed the patio as the music inside is a bit too loud.

Roberta Spangler

My husband and I ate at Pub W for lunch today. I love their fried chicken . Its marinated in brine so it's so juicy and needs no addition salt. Homemade mash potatoes and gravy are amazing. Staff was friendly and helpful.Only 1 thing could make things more comfortable for us. With Covid cases climbing I wish they would take some precautions . I saw 0 steps taken. Please consider some distancing of tables

niketh j

One of the best restaurant in Norman!Best food !Best staff !Best ambiance!It’s one of our hangout places in Norman!!Their burgers are amazing and the quinoa bowl is amazing tooo!!Over all my experience was good!

Sandra Ibarra

This is a great restaurant for those who are looking for romantic friendly atmosphere.Children will not have fun. Is more like a casual spot for after-work folks, romantic dinner or happy hour. I wish this delicious dishes could be bigger. A little at least ?I ordered Salmon, also we tried the tacos and salads very good presented and flavorishWe will be back, I don't feel like a good place for families, I sow people alone seating a enjoying themselves at the bar.????

Jay T. Robinson

Excellent service and solid food, after not dining here for a while. Each course I ordered was as good as I remembered and the dessert was even better (bread pudding was outstanding!) A+ experience.

Jane Doe

Firstly I just want to thank the staff here for such amazing service. Upon first arriving here we weren’t being waited on for about 5-10 minutes. A little annoying but once we saw someone that worked there they were completely understanding and got our order immediately!! They also let us know that our whole meal (3 adults) would be compensated. We were shocked!! It wasn’t too long of a wait and with the staff being so understanding we were prepared to tip well!! It was even better once they gave us dessert on the house too. This is the best customer service I have gotten in a VERY long time and I appreciate the urgency and compensation from the staff to fix even a minor issue!!! This whole experience was great and I would highly recommend. Not to mention the food and dessert was AMAZING!!!

Baby Yakuza

Claire and Sophie!Oh my god!We came in and waited a bit and hadn’t been served (which is absolutely no fault to the waiter who was supposed be the one to serve us it was busy! ) when the manager Claire noticed my girl immediately swooped in, took our order, and gave us the kindest most attentive waitress we have ever had! Miss Sophie was a pleasure and helped make this meal truly enjoyable! We were treated amazing. If you’re new in Oklahoma or just visiting, this place will definitely show off the states southern hospitality for SURE! ❤️

Sarah JaQuay

The FOOD WAS EXCELLENT.. Grayson the waiter was EXCELLENT. The service all around was perfect. I would definitely and highly recommend stopping by this PUB W. The food was sooo delicious. Well above what I expected. The food comes out quickly and it's hot and fresh and seasoned to perfection. The green beans alone deserve an award for how tasty they were. The Chipotle meatloaf has a spicy kick to it, but it's delicious. The fried chicken is soooo good, it puts every other chicken place to shame. Very clean.

Alicia Boyd

Fun atmosphere. My fish was a bit overcooked, but my husband's fried chicken was done perfectly! Our drinks were great, too!

Shelby Hill

My first Pub W experience in years was on my birthday last week. We were excited to go after hearing good things. Unfortunately, the service was lacking from the minute we got there. We were sat at the way back of a side room, and for some reason the server helping all the other tables never spoke to us. We waited a long time without even an offer for water while others put in drink and appetizer orders. Finally we did go up and ask her if we could have some water, and she said she'd have to go and find out server. When he finally came, he seemed super unconcerned with how long we had been waiting and didn't offer much of an apology. We were just hot and thirsty and would have been okay with a good wait or with anyone telling us what was going on. Ultimately, we really enjoyed the pretzel and pigs-in-blankets appetizers, but our burgers, other sandwiches, sides, and steak were all meh. I think there are better options in Norman.

Brett Lochridge

Great food and service. Will definitely be back. Brussel sprouts were a delight and the wings were perfect.

Shantelle Sutton

This was my first time to eat at PubW. I ordered through the Postmates app. Process was easy however prices were higher on the app than on the PubW menu. Learned I could have called in order and saved money.Meatloaf was yummy and not too spicy. Mashed potatoes and green beans were delicious and our dinner was still warm when we got home. The bread pudding was fantastic and we will definitely order again!Host was very nice and helpful. Overall a great experience.

Dez A Canite Pada

The food was excellent and our server was awesome. that it really mad our dinning enjoyable.

Lauren E.

I usually love Pub W but this last experience was horrendous. The blonde woman who I guess was the manager was unbelievably rude. Like I was shocked and could not believe how she was speaking to customers


Awesome dining experience with 4. We arrived without reservations and didn’t have to wait for a table. Our service throughout was impeccable! Everyone ordered someth different. Pretzel burger & fries, meatloaf, fisherman’s sampler & spicy shrimp tacos The spicy shrimp tacos with accompanying cilantro rice and black beans were perfectly appointed with flavor, shrimp remained succulent, rice not sticky and black bean rich with evidence of having been stewed for hours. We ordered the bread pudding for dessert. The portion was ample +. Really enjoyed the design finishes of the restaurant, would recommend dining anytime!

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