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Mia Ball

We stopped here 9 months ago and it was quite good. We stopped today and it was like 2 different restaurants. We ordered the same thing, the chicken. The first time it was tender, melt in your mouth. Today it could have been used as a weapon it was so hard. The onion rings were so greasy, you could have done an oil change with asuch oil was in them. The server never bothered to see if we needed anything or even if we enjoyed our food. The prices are outrageous. We were charged an entertainment fee just for turning in my t he e kiosk. We will never be back.

Mia Ball

we stopped in there 9 months ago and ordered the chicken and it was quite good, the service was good, so we said we would be back. So today we returned. It was like 2 different restaurants. We ordered the chicken again and it was so dry and hard it could have been used as a weapon. the fries were cold and tasted of old oil. the onion rings were so greasy you could have changed the oil in your car with it, not to mention they were no where near worth $10. The prices are ridiculous. We were charged an entertainment fee of $2.49 for turning on the kiosk to pay our bill. The prices are too high for what little we got. Our server never came by to see if the food was to our liking it if we needed any drink refills. I can guarantee you, we will NEVER be back.

Alan Scott

Always Great. I love the southern charm, my wife loves the banzai. The burger size has shrunk and thinned from years past, but nothing new there. They started getting a little too pink so we stared ordering well done. This is hit and miss as sometimes they are too done. But still always a treat to go. Steak fries are always good, garlic fries are not worth the extra.

Branana D

Waitress was friendly, fries were bottomless, service was great. The only bad thing was our mozzarella sticks were cold in the middle and not cooked through. Instead of golden brown they were white. Other than that everything was fine.

Dj Shipman

Bartender was great we talked had some wing’s that were fire and a bacon cheeseburger

Mike Cofer

I had the mushroom burger which quite frankly was a little dry. There was only mushrooms and a patty no sauce. It tasted good but I won't order it again. Our server was great. She was courteous and very friendly. I did notice a very unpleasant smell around the bar area as we were leaving that I hope wasn't there all the time. I may give the restaurant another try later.

Bob Dugas

I got my favorite, the whiskey river burger and steak fries. It was great! Also got the campfire mayo, which is their best dipping sauce by far! My wife used her birthday reward for a free burger. This is one of the best birthday deals out there. Our waitress was friendly and attentive.

Anny Cabrera

Really Good experience, unlimited side!!! Will definitely go again... I had the madlove and I add an egg and crispy chicken....

Boho Bonnie

My daughter and I went inside to order food to go. Someone who I assume was the manager on duty came over after we had ordered and asked if we were signed up for the loyalty program. We were, so she checked if we had any available rewards and bam! We were able to get a free appetizer! Love that she went above and beyond - now that's customer service! ?

Dustin T.

Greasy floor, greasy menu, greasy tabletop, and my beer glass had a fishy, sour dishrag smell to it. There was also no hostess when we arrived and had to wait several minutes before someone finally came up to the hostess stand where several groups of people had been waiting. As far as the food goes, it was ok, nothing special but not terrible. If I were to go back I'd wear latex gloves and take them off while eating. But I doubt if I go back.

Mike Hobson

Food was great ! Service was outstanding!

Iv M

Covid I'm sad to say has really ruined the service Industry. Maybe from the public miss treating service employees. I think some of the better servers have found different jobs. I worked in service through covid. Saw with my own eyes the nastiness of the public. We have to do better. On both sides of the table. We finally had a good experience since covid started at Red Robin. Which use to be 1 of our top 10 picks.Highlight our server Shelby! What can I say? Quick, accurate service, delivered our food hot. All the thing you should expect but, rarely get at Red Robin anymore. We at times want to give up on this location. From now on we will wait for a table in her section. Thank her for us!Royalty program! The fries are amazing. I really enjoy the hunk of burning love. If you prefer to spend less than $10 get the tavern burger. One of our favorite burger places in Norman.Update! Tried the burning love burger (grilled chicken) wrapped in lettuce instead of bun. It is awesome. Broccoli is awesome side to go along with the lettuce wrapped sandwich.

Julie Stevens

We did have to wait a bit to be seated, but it was Saturday night and I think they were down a server, so no complaint on that. Food was phenomenal, and the service was spectacular. Thank you so much for restoring our faith in Red Robin. We will make the drive again from N OKC to come back (my husband loves the fries that much ?)

Elizabeth Flores

Food was great. But the lady that served us messed up on our order several times and then proceeded to tell us to GO when we refused to pay the extra ticket from nowhere, after she told us we had a cleared payment. I only give it two stars because she was good with my sister's small child. Maybe if she was better at the tickets and made sure that all the items were on the only ticket we needed then there wouldn't be a problem not told us to go because she messed up. I will not be back.

Adriana Fernandez

Great service and not over crowded.

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Red Robin Gourmet Burgers and Brews

1050 Ed Noble Pkwy, Norman, OK 73072
(405) 321-0440