Sam’s Southern Eatery

408 W Main St, Norman
(405) 561-7400

Recent Reviews

Alex L

I love this place! You get a pretty big, tasty portion for the price. This location never seems too busy either.

Jackie Mckinney

The food was great as usual. Our waitress was very good and the girl she is training will be good as well. Will definitely go back.

Will Orr

Our waitress outstanding! I didn't get her name, but she gave us service like she owned the reastarant. Her service and the food will make me return.

Middle Cross Ranch

The atmosphere is good. The service was amazing, our server was very attentive and accommodating. I love gumbo so that's what I ordered. It was just OK, but not close to great. I've definitely have had much, much better in the OKC metro. The hush puppies weren't done on the inside. I won't try the gumbo again but I'll definitely be back to try some of their other dishes.

Katherine Cintron

Absolutely love Sam's! We go there often. Only problem this time was the oysters weren't cooked all the way. I love oysters, just not raw oysters. These weren't raw, but not too far from it.

Brown Beauty

Fried green tomatoes were yummy but I feel like I want a sauce to go with them. The salad was good but I wish they would use a different kind of lettuce. They give you plenty of chicken which I love and I also love that they put pickles and cucumbers on the salad?

Jodie Brister

We've been looking for good seafood in Norman and this place is it! The grilled shrimp was amazing. Catfish was great, kid got chicken temders and loved the flavor. Portions were larger than expected. Food was hot to the table and the seasoning was perfect. The staff was friendly and courteous and very responsive.

Sarah R.

I've been coming to eat here for the past few years and always loved the food. The staff is always friendly too. The fried catfish filets are great. The hushpuppies are so good, I only eat hushpuppies from here no where else. The drinks are huge, I always take mine to go. The french fries are crispy and well cooked as well. I highly recommend the cocktail sauce and the Sam's sauce. The booths are huge and spacious. I'm always super comfortable when I eat here.

Ash James

Amazing food! Enjoyed the size for the price and the service was very friendly. They definitely earned their tip. Great job!!

Bren S

It was OK. Staff was very attentive. We had fish and shrimp. Batter was good but catfish was thin sliced. Shrimp was great, fried or grilled.

Dan Wells

The fried pickles and mushrooms were less then desirable. The batter was to hard and overdone. The mushrooms were the size of marbles. The po-boy fish sandwich was ok.

Sharon Blethen

Everything was good. I had fish and shrimp, fried okra, fried green tomatoes. Ice tea. Awesome!!

Stacy B

Amazing!!! Service was outstanding. Food was Great.. The cleanest restaurant I've been in.

Ke'Auna W.

Really great food! I've lived in Norman for about a year and a half and always wanted to try it. We finally decided to eat there and I'm mad at myself for waiting this long! It's hot and fresh and really good flavor! Will definitely be eating here again!

Kay M.

Ordered the grilled fish with mashed potatoes and green beans. Fish was seasoned, a little on the salty side. I got it without the onions and peppers because they overtake the fish. The green beans were out of a can, but were seasoned with garlic and lots of salt. The mashed potatoes are clearly from a box or can and not fresh, very watery and absolutely no seasoning. I have tried this place at least five times in Norman, trying various meals in hopes it would meet my seafood fix. It does not. It's too expensive to receive mediocre food. You know they say crazy is to keep doing the same thing and expect different results. I'm done.

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