Slim Chickens

2627 Classen Blvd, Norman
(405) 310-6287

Recent Reviews

Richard E

Great for and even better service! This place really impressed me. I will be back for sure!

Heath Rupprecht

Chicken wings were nice and crispy. The Korean BBQ sauce on the wings are a tasty treat.

Kimberly Duran

Almost exactly like a Raising Canes, but they have desserts and you get to keep the mason Jar. We had a big order and they filled it successfully. We are getting one in our hometown so I'll be visiting.

Mary Martin

Tables weren't clean. I ordered the Buffalo wrap and it was mainly lettuce and one maybe 2 small chicken strips. Hardly any Buffalo sauce at all. The wait staff was very friendly though.

David Bradshaw

Good food. Same standard menu as many similar Chinese restaurants. Very convenient.

Kevin P.

Being from the Seattle area, and hungry AF, we were looking for some solid local chicken fast food to nosh on in a hurry--something we knew we couldn't get back home. This place really delivered! Chicken was really tasty! Fries and sauces too! Everything we tried was delicious and better than Chick-fil-A. Where they really stood out though, was the exceptional service. They went out of their way to help a member of our party with celiac disease navigate the menu and find gluten free goodness to consume (grilled chicken tenders, bbq sauces, slim sauce, and french fries fried in a non-shared fryer). Then, not one, but two employees--including a manager--came out to make sure everything was banging on all cylinders--which it definitely was. We will surely be back next time we're in town, and will think back fondly on our time devouring copious amounts of slim chicken!

Brad Walters

Friendly people, quick service, pretty good food.

Nic Grounds

Strawberry grilled chicken salad is a new favorite, tenders and fries are a classic, chicken and waffle is also great, really can't go wrong, and the peach tea is delicious

Christina L.

I'm very impressed with their chicken. Moist, hot and fresh and having it shaken in any sauce makes it so much better. The fries have a good seasoning on them and the Mac n cheese is creamy. Raspberry iced tea is one of my favorite drinks here.

Bill East

I used to think Canes was my favorite, but this place has them beat.

Teddy H

Kali had amazing customer service and was attentive even after we were at our table eating asking if there was anything else we needed. It was the end of the night and she didn't rush us. My Wife and I just moved here so it was nice to be treated with such kindness!!!

larry little

Great food. I love using the app to order, it's super friendly to use. If you haven't tried the cayenne ranch or the fresh potato chips, go and get ya some!

Kathy Corbett Langley

Good wings with lots of choices how fixed; dessert in a jar was awesome; and the staff very friendly.

Danielle B.

Worst $17 I've ever spent for 2 meals. It smelled like fish the whole car ride home to eat our meals. Worst part is that it tasted fishy! Boyfriend is fast food manager of 8 years and he said it's because they were using old grease. I felt really bad for the dumpster we threw the food into.

Jon Fisher

Ordered online for curbside pickup. They were right on time. Tasted good.

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