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Hoshont'omba Bridgette

The clerk that was talking about Cuban cigars and the CBD wraps — you rock. We’ll come back & smoke with you for sure

Hoshont'omba Bridgette

The clerk that was talking about Cuban cigars and the CBD wraps — you rock. We’ll come back & smoke with you for sure

Katherine B.

First, every single table is dirty and there's three groups of people here. Second, maybe inform me BEFORE I order that you're out of most of the ingredients of the item I ordered. This place is chaotic and the workers act like zombies. They were getting orders wrong left and right and there's flies everywhere!!!! What is going on?? The manager seems to have it together.

Kam J.

I don't understand the low reviews. Coolgreens consistently has fresh ingredients, a good variety of flavor profiles, the option of a handheld (wrap) or bowl (salad), the best couscous side ever, and I typically get two meals out if the eight dollars it costs. Exact same price as Chipotle. Which hubs ordered the day we were here last. I had the Harvest Wrap with dressing on the side (figs and balsamic were made for each other) and it was delicious. It might have even been better the next day. Delish!

Veronica Salcido Ingram

Love this area of Norman! Great little shops, food/beverage options and amazing custom desserts at The Baked Bear!!

Ross C.

Unbelievable. Looked online, said they were open, went to their website, said they were open. Placed an order online, they charged my card, and then I get there to pick up the food. And they have a sign saying that they are closed for spring break. So I paid $41 for food I cannot even get. Absolutely horrible.

Johnsmith12489 ..

Steakhouse super good !!! People super good !! Food super good!! Dessert super good!!! That really means I love STEAKHOUSE!!

Bryce J.

A bit pricy for those trying to eat healthy on a budget, but the food is delicious. Excellent service and a mellow atmosphere make for a nice escape from the university when you really need one. Will be returning.

Evie S.

I really LOVE this place. I usually get the same thing but whenever I've varied it up I always enjoy it. The staff is really nice and tries to make your experience amazing. One time I had to wait for 10 minutes for them to chop some romaine up and they gave me a complementary cookie. I enjoy this place to chill by myself, with friends, or work on projects/homework. If you're a student they'll give you a complementary drink.

Charlie S.

Go to sprouts and get a salad. Coolgreen's portion sizes for little kids and a salad cost 15 bucks if u want any meat in it.

Travis McGeehan

Was refused service by a man illegally smoking outside the door when I arrived 2 minutes before closing. You can't smoke within 15 feet of a restaurant's doors in OK, an employee shouldn't even be smoking on the job anyway.

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