Taco Casa

731 W Main St, Norman
(405) 801-4104

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This place has other locations as well. The one's I've visited are consistent original tacos full of meat, cheese. Am from FL. Hit as many as possible traveling to Wichita.

Bethany Ruiz

Love the food. Quality and taste is way better then Taco Bell. It reminds me of what Taco Bell used to be like. It's simple but they do it good. I think you get good sizes for the price. Staff is good and on it. Rarely do they mess up an order.

Jennifer Vargin

Taco Casa on Lindsey - awesome service at the window (sorry didn't get the young gentleman's name) super nice. Had soft taco supreme, was very good. Lots of cheese, not greasy. My new fav taco spotGood prices too, drinks not watery.

Jen Kondrick

I freaking love Taco Casa. I wish they still had Super Tuesdays.......I think the moved to Thursdays or it's store based. They load everything up with the best finely grated cheese. And I can eat their Taco Casa sauce out of the package by itself. ?

Darryl Hatcher

The food here is very reasonable in price plus large portions. The food and service are ALWAYS excellent! If you remember Taco Tico, this is the closest you get to their food but much better!

Josh Stogner

If I could give this location more than 5 starts I would. As far as food goes it's taco casa. If you don't know, you need to know. Far superior to most any other chain stores for tacos or similar items. I'm writing this review because I ordered it off door dash and they royally screwed it up, not taco casa to be clear. Door dash. What used to be a great service to use has now turned to complete trash. I ordered at just before 7pm and now here I sit at 8:57 still hungry (hangry at this point) and still no food. I called the location and they confirmed that yes, they received the order. Yes, the prepared my food. However, a driver never came to get my order. Even after tipping $5 and paying delivery fees. The employee who answered the phone worked it out with me and I'm now getting my food. Hands down awesome service. Thank you taco casa for always standing out front and helping your customers.

Dean Phillips

This is my favorite fast food taco place. The crunchy corn tortillas, are so good. They are flavorful, blistered, and crispy. Additionally, the toppings are fresh, and plentiful. The lettuce is crisp, and does not have that "bagged lettuce" flavor that taco bell does, and the cheese is abundant, and tastes like a freshly shredded mild cheddar (not sure if it is).The sauce is pretty good, and I was thrilled to see that they now sell their dishes of guac without needing to buy chips. I like to dip the cruchy tacos in it, and take the rest of it home.

Bekka K

The Norman OK restaurant is in a convenient location. The employees are very friendly and helpful. The store was clean. The condiment bar was very organized and well stocked. Taco Casa doesn’t have a big menu. Their prices are very affordable. Tacos burritos and nachos…what more could you ask for. I enjoyed the super nachos. Only issue was they come in 2 separate containers. One with chips and a bowl of cheese sauce. The other had tomatoes refried beans seasoned hamburger and sour cream. Then you put them together. Which is a little difficult in the cab of a truck. But it turned ok and the nachos were delicious!! They also have very good sweet tea.

Whitney Puiggari

My second time there to eat inside a few min before they close. Everyone in the place was very helpful and nice. They went out of their way to check on us. Of course the food was tasty!

Mert Ajvaz

The General Manager Jams I think was his name took care of me and my buddies. We came before closing and we were so hungry but he made sure we got all the food that we wanted. God bless him!

Vanessa Velunza

Great place to get real tacos! The food has been delicious both times we’ve been there. I highly recommend.

Becky C

We really like going to this Taco Casa! They are friendly, and get the orders right. They have good food & not stingy! Drive thru is somewhat quick & Oh good sweet tea too. Try it!

Scott Garrett

I absolutely love this place. In my opinion, their tacos are second to none. Prices are very reasonable also, I can't go through Norman without stopping here.

Brock Radford

I went through the drive thru last night and my tacos were not up to par so i called and talked yo the manager James and he told me to come in and he will get it straight for me. My order was remade to perfection and the guy even brought it out to me and handed it directly to me. Very good job guys. Its stuff like this why i eat here so often! Good food and good staff!

M Rainey

The best fast crispy tacos with tons of cheese! The last two times I was there Kim behind the register really took her time helping me and making me feel appreciated as a customer. Great little staple spot.

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