Taco Casa

731 W Main St, Norman
(405) 801-4104

Recent Reviews


Feather and her crew are the best!!! The foot is always fresh, and they are always in a good mood. I love the taco burgers!!

Matthew Langston

It beats them all super good cheap an in the years I've been going there I've never gotten a messed up order

D H.

Everything is delicious. I have never encountered a rude or unpleasant employee. Genuinely enjoy eating here. Thank you for doing a great job.

Ware Stuckey

Amazing place ?I personally enjoy there water.It's very tasty and delicious.Seriously though. It's a great place to go eat. Amazing service and great food. 10/10

Nicholas LaRocque

If you like a whole lot of cheese on your taco you might dig it more than me. But it was pretty decent and clean when I went.

Sam Carroll

Good food I would go there again two thumbs up.

Ann Ferenc

The tea tasted great. The chilada that I got looked just like the photo on the menu. It was a simple and flavorful. Bathrooms were clean also.

Eric Julian

Came in after my sons middle school football game at NHS. Had a great experience as usual. James (I think is his name) does a great job.

Nikki Travis

Cheap, easy, good. Clean restaurant. Nice workers. Fast service.

David Pope

Great food and not greasy like taco bell's food. The prices are very affordable and it has quickly become one of our favorites for a quick bite.

Ryan Riddle

Why have I never tried Taco Casa until yesterday, and then again today?! Phenomenal food! Clean kitchen! You have absolutely earned my business and loyalty for the rest of my life. Keep up the great work!

Cheryl Hardcastle

This place actually puts lots of cheese on everything! Love their tacos and nachos!

Caye Bost Allen

ordered a chilada and super tostado today, 9/17. They were the best I've ever received from this location. great job!

Donna King

I have never had bad food at taco casa. The tea is the best in town. always enjoy!

Louise B.

Excellent food. Friendly staff and the place is spotless. Try it. You will love it. Louise B

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