Taco Mayo

331 E Robinson St, Norman
(405) 321-3610

Recent Reviews

Chris Nix

This is the best fast food tex mex there is. Fresh, hot, cheap, and always good.

Georgia Rolene Cox

Love their Queso & Fresh Salsa!

John Stimson

Went in for a late lunch but lobby is only open from 11 to 3 so I ate I'm my car. Other than that it was fine.

Seth-Ray Smith

Usually pretty good but the food upset some stomachs this last time.

Jim B

Fresh Homemade tortillas, salsa, chips, guac etc.... An Oklahoma business I enjoy supporting. Look at your receipt and you will see this is actually the First store! Store #1 (May have retained that title after moving from current star$ucks across from Norman High though.) Portions are normal size which can be dissapointing after getting hooked up at Taco Casa! lol Support MIO products and businesses. This is truly the little guy taking on the heavyweights with unlimited advertising budgets and cut rate prices. Mayo keeps turning a profit and that speaks volumes as to their quality and consistency. They have an amazing deal on fresh Guac.5 Oz for 2.99. Unbeatable and fresh. Dip your crispy taco in it for the ultimate chips and dip. Their bean burritos are actually good and a large size unlike some other fast food tex mex places that serve kid size burritos. Loiking at you bueno....


Similar to taco bell but their steak is a lot better. Their fire hot sauce isn't all that spicy!

Alisha Marcom

I regularly come to this Taco Mayo. I love the Big Dipper. Staff is always friendly and the food is fresh and above average quality for a fast food restaurant. Love the fresh made tortillas, chips, and salsa.

Art Luver

I went for the Taco Tuesday deal yesterday. I remember I saw that on Tuesdays, they serve Indian Tacos. I thought it was pretty good and the topping was loaded with ground beef, some beans, lettuce, cheese and sour cream. For about $5.99, I was content. I will definately go back every Tuesday for as long as they have it!

Mark Maley

Great spot for economic lunch. Glad the dining is re-opened for lunch.

Frank Weidner

Taco mayo is great tex mex food

anisha b

Fast service at lunch time, good food, inexpensive prices and great customer service. Clean parking lot.

Victoria Mando

Guess I'll wait till dinning room reopens. Will not be doing drive thru.Update... wish you could dine in at night it would be better. The ride home it gets cold and taco salad toppings get sloppy.

sheena cody

Food was fresh and tasty with you would bring back the cilantro lime little big bowl but the Mexicali is still my second favorite

Katrina Prince

I go at least twice a week for great Mexican fast food!

Daniel J Stott

Decent service order was bagged incorrectly

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