Tarahumara's Méxican Cafe

702 N Porter Ave, Norman
(405) 360-8070

Recent Reviews

David J

Must go to Mexican restaurant in the whole OKC area! Recommend anything on the menu. I asked for additional guacamole and salsa and it appeared immediately. Service is great, refills on drinks appear magically.


Still the very best Mexican restaurant in the OKC area. Our family has been coming hear for 15 years for lunch and dinner. We love their mole pablano

Bryan B.

Some People say this is a coin toss between here and Ted's.... Respectfully my vote is Ted's. Although the food is good, the atmosphere almost gives me anxiety when dinning here. Greet them, feed them and Street them is the vibe I get when coming here. Very crowded and loud environment and setting on top of each other is a bit much in today's covid frenzy. They do have a very good following, so maybe they will expand and ease up the anxiety.

Kaitlynn G.

BEST MEXICAN FOOD EVER. Been eating at this place since I was born. ALWAYS fantastic. 10/10 RECOMMENDED. Take it from a picky eater! Chicken Fajitas were delicious and were fresh!

Leann N.

Best Mexican food in town. And the service is exceptionally fast they don't mess around. Definitely five stars because I've been there probably 100 times and never had a bad meal. Delicious

Andrew Kosler

Never rushed so much in my life. Trying to eat my food while waiters are picking my plate up is not what I expected. Time is money and some waiters are too greedy. Let people enjoy their meal not force feed them like it's the army.

kelley keefer

My family had a horrible experience tonight. Ordered $70 worth of fajitas and received about 4 pieces of chicken and 8 pieces of steak. And when I say pieces, I mean bite sized. The rest was onions, peppers and potatoes. Told the manager what happened. She told us that the fajitas were sold by weight with onions, peppers, and potatoes. When we told her that we were obviously screwed by the weight being made up for with peppers, onions, and potatoes, she didn't care. She told us if we came back up she would "give us a little meat, but very little." During the entire exchange, she talked down to us and made us feel very small. It was very obvious that we were "bothering" her. To top it off, the quality of the steak was horrible, complete mush. It was grey and looked like stew meat. Ultimately, the worst customer service I have received at any restaurant in a long time. We will never be back. This is sad, because the quality of the food is usually very good.

Carolyn P.

Frozen Margaritas are the best! Just a few sips and you can feel the relaxing! They are smooth! Still thinking about it after I'm home! Wish I would've had two. Then I could've came home and took a nap. We were lucky to get seated immediately at a table in front area. Good for us and Covid distancing. Most booths are close together. We use to come here alot before Covid. Food was Excellent as usual. Lunch selection alittle better priced. Always GREAT service. I did watch girls making silverware PACs rolled in napkins. Unfortunately I saw one girl that had her hair pulled back but bangs hanging down on sides. She would push hair then pick up fork n knife. She opened the plastic napkin package with One of the knives then added to a rolled pack. One rubbed nose then made pack. So for Covid reasons wish I didn't see. Maybe do in a back room not at check-in station. But all food is good. A very large menu. We've had alot of different items. Husband gets the tamales. I get beef tips or enchiladas. love the green salsa and the order of cooked onion and peppers soaked in sauce. Chips are thin and crisp. Sopapillas to complete the good meal. Gets busy so usually be prepared to wait. Looks like they may be doing something with the outside area.

Carter M.

This is a standard for Norman. Good Mexican food. It is so popular that Facebook lit up recently when they closed for repairs, and I am told their phones have been constantly busy with people inquiring if they are open since they opened a week or so ago. It is great for take out and they will accommodate requests like a setup with two queso rather than one queso and a salsa as is standard.


This is my all time favorite Mexican restaurant. The food is so good and the service is seriously the best. I’ve never been seated and served so fast. It was my fist time trying a Strawberry mimosa. Also the green sauce and relish were so fresh and delicious.

Jordan L

Best Mexican restaurant in the area. We've been multiple times and had a great experience every time. The food is really tasty and the service is second to none. They are very polite and quick. The owner stops by to check in and is very friendly. Highly recommend!

Denisse Garcia Ortega

Great service, Great Staff, Great Food that makes me feel like back home!

Roger Asbery

Good Mexican food, priced reasonably.

Christine Johnson

Absolutely amazing food and service. The amount of food we got is crazy!!! I am taking home a full meal! Highly recommended, will be making many more trips!

Jen E.

A wonderful business partner catered lunch from Tarahumaras at our office. It's was delicious, hot and nicely presented! A definite yes!

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