Tatsumaki Ramen & Lounge

1300 12th Ave SE STE 230, Norman
(405) 928-5007

Recent Reviews

Anh L.

Tatsumaki is an all-around solid ramen restaurant that I'm thankful to have in Norman. Gone are the days of driving up to the city to fill that ramen craving! One of the things I like about Tatsumaki is their very extensive menu. From unique app's to ramen to poke to more specialty ramen to sushi - Tatsumaki is sure to have something for everyone. We've tried the takoyaki and spicy edamame, and they were both delicious. For ramen, we've gotten the Tatsumaki, miso gyoza, spicy tantan, chilled ramen, and shoyu seafood. Everything we've had here has been good! We've ordered the chili bomb for ramen as well and enjoyed that - just make sure you add the chili bomb in small amounts before dumping it all in! You may regret that.. I know we have! Service is generally pretty attentive, too. This isn't my favorite ramen restaurant, but we like it alright, and we'll keep coming back! We still gotta try the sushi and poke!

Michael C. C.

Good food, good service. Spicy Miso was fantastic. Just the right amount of heat for me. We'll be back.

Milton B.

I came to Norman to visit my grandchildren and had an hour before , so I came to tatsumaki. It was a good choice. Good food and good service.

Melody Wilkins III

My husband loves this place but I can't no matter how often we have tried. The quality is a hit or miss as are the flavors.

Regan Steen

Love this place! I’m into spicy and their spicy tan tan with a chili bomb is my go to. 10/10

Heidi Mallow

They told us that it was a 20 to 25 minute wait and we were seated in less than 10 minutes. We had food within 10 minutes of ordering it. The service was amazing and the food was even more so. If I could give it 10 stars I would give it 10 stars. I'm so full and happy. I will be back.


I’ll have to go back and order something else to see why the other reviews are so high. I thought the Tonkotsu ramen was mediocre. The sushi was terrific though.

Tony Chago

Really good food here! Everything on the menu was great and the service was awesome. I got the veggie ramen and it was very satisfying and filling. I shall warn that the spicy bomb is really hot so use caution with that. Nice to cool off with an ice cream at the end.

Giselle Gonzalez

This is the chicken teriyaki bento box this chicken was clearly boiled and lacks sauce. I used to recommend this place to people the food is just not very good anymore. I would now recommend everyone to save their money and go else where.

Jeff Desrosier

Steak Ramen is absolutely delicious. Service is good and the atmosphere is inviting. Nice experience

Kaili N.

Tatsumaki is probably my favorite ramen spot in Oklahoma. After I came back home from living in LA for a year, I was pretty disappointed in Oklahoma ramen, but Tatsumaki is such a gem! I got the classic Tatsumaki ramen. I love the bounciness of the thinner noodles. My boyfriend and I also got a sushi roll, don't remember which but it was just as good as the ramen. Very fresh, very flavorful. We tried the poké, also. It was good for Oklahoma poke but obviously the ramen was the show stopper. There was a lot of rice in the poke, so we definitely added some soy sauce to give it a little more flavor. Very fresh though! Not disappointed. The fries were really good too. They had a sweet house sauce drizzle, similar to an eel sauce, and a creamy jalapeño ranch-like sauce. So tasty! The only drawback was the environment. The mural was a little strange and off putting. It doesn't really feel like a trendy, tasty ramen restaurant, but that's hardly a reason to miss this gem. Staff was super nice and attentive!

Mimi E.

This place is amazing. Our waiter, Tom was super friendly & attentive. We ordered the Rib Eye Ramen, Teriyaki Bento Box, GyundonRice Bowl each one was tasty & flavorful. It's a great place.

Matt D.

Amazing. Just let the photo of the takeout containers speak for how much we love Tatsumaki's ramen. And that's not even including our dining in experiences. I suggest the spicy miso but everything I've had there is great.

Alisha S.

Delicious food, great atmosphere, affordable. I enjoy eating at the restaurant or picking up take out.


It was amazing. The food was good, the service was good, the waiter was cute, and the place looks really cool. I got the spicy miso ramen and it was spicy, but it was a good spicy, like it was only there for a couple of seconds, it was creamy and delicious, I definitely recommend. 10/10

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