The Baked Bear

731 Asp Ave, Norman
(405) 701-3773

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Liz Davis

I know this is not the most important thing, but I’m just sayin, their bathroom was reeeally clean looking, and that is hard to do with those old terracotta ceramic tile floors! ✨ Anyways, we enjoy stopping by here! The ice cream and cookies are pretty good!

Eric Green

Very good ice cream and cookie treats. The customer service is also good and they are extremely accommodating.

Ismael Gonzalez

I’m not sure what is wrong with the two ladies working tonight, however, I wish we would have received the same treatment as the people that came in after us. With this being my family and I first visit, we stood in the front for a bit trying to figure out how everything worked. We were left to figure out everything on our own while the two associates just stood looking at us and spoke to just each other. They were very rude throughout our experience and they rushed us. They refused to make eye contact and when I left a tip we couldn’t even get a thank you. A different family walked in after we were helped and were greeted right away. After greeting, the ladies that just finished helping us were all of a sudden very happy to help anyone that wasn’t us. They asked the next family if this was their first time then continued to explain literally everything to them - a service that I guess wasn’t available 3 minutes earlier when we walked in. I guess that service isn’t available to minorities that wear masks.

Michael Ihnat

Great place! Build your own ice cream sandwich with great cookie and ice cream flavors! Super yummy stuff!

Judith Byron

I ordered a pint of ice cream and some cookies yesterday. Best ice cream and the best cookies I’ve ever eaten. Absolutely perfect.

Mike Brown

We ordered cookies for our son and they delivered to the wrong apartment. They did not verify the address and simply left the delivery with someone else. When we called, the manager told us that wasn’t his problem because they used Uber Eats for delivery. He refused to offer a solution such as making more and would not refund our money. Our son had just experienced a tragedy with his roommate and we were trying to cheer him up. We will file a chargeback and get our money refunded but this company clearly has no interest in customer service or doing business with integrity or character. BUYER BEWARE.

Bren Brown

This afternoon, I ordered cookies for my son who has just experienced a tragedy at school. My order never arrived. When I called to check, they gave me the Uber drivers number and basically told me it had been picked up hours ago. The Uber driver told me I didn't include the exact apartment address, which I went back and checked and definitely had, so he just knocked on a door and they said they were me and took the cookies. I asked him why he didn't call the bakery and confirm an address to which he was rude and told me I definitely didn't give an address. I called back the bakery, thinking a dozen cookies to replace would be minor to salvage the situation, and they told me it wasn't their problem and I needed to take it up with Uber Eats. I definitely will tell all Sooner parent pages to consider another bakery if they need a treat for a student. Do not patronize this business.

the 3 musketeers

If you have never been you should make time to go it's great service and YUMMY YUMMY dessertcookies, brownies, ice cream, floats, toppings

Gary Phillips

Enjoyed my bear bowl with cookie and ice cream. You can split a single scoop into 2 flavors

Sebastian Sterling

I just had the greatest experience at the Baked Bear! So many flavors of ice cream, cookies, toppings and combinations that it feels like I stepped into Willy Wonka's ice cream store! KEVIN and ZOE both work here and have done a marvelous job helping me decide on my order: Toasted S'Mores Ice Cream (Yes, it is as authentic as the real thing and beats the Pop Tarts by a mile!) and a Snickerdoodle Cookie!These guys are great, incredibly informative, patient and very cool people! If you go anywhere else for ice cream, the service is going to be second-best and you won't feel like a guest.Please check this out, it's awesome!

Paiton Fancher

So good. Build your own ice cream sandwich or other treat. The staff was so nice!! They were all so polite.

Julie Christenson

Love this place. Build your own cookie ice cream.

Eevee & Espeon

Delicious, endless combinations!!!??

Sarah JaQuay

Loved it..! Perfectly sweet..Small ice cream cafe. Located perfectly.

Chris Garretson

Location is iconic on campus corner, but limited parking and hard to get to depending on time and day. Store was clean and updated. Service was excellent. Ice cream and cookies were some of the best I've ever eaten! I had a custom shake with cookies and cream ice cream and a cookies and cream cookie blended in. Best shake I've ever had! The cookies were perfectly baked and they had several different flavors.

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