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Noah Pierson

Came here Sunday after church. Ordered my food via the Whataburger app. A double meat Whataburger, no lettuce or tomato, add ketchup, pickles and diced onions, with large fries, large Coke and 3 ketchup containers. LITERALLY the ONLY things they got right were the large Coke and 3 ketchups. AND it took 30+mins for them to get my WRONG order out to my curbside spot to begin with. Even checked my receipt on the bag, and it was exactly how I ordered it, but they couldn't be bothered to do it right, and put together what I asked for! Definitely won't be coming back here anytime soon!!! Freddy's it is!

Bailey Palmer

I absolutely love the new management that is in here.For the first time in what seems like forever I was greeted with a hi welcome to Whataburger the cashier was very friendly suggested items on the menu.The general manager Nicole brought out my food not even 10 minutes later another manager came to asked me if I needed anything else and if my food was Okay. It was very clean definitely will be returning to Whataburger the food was amazing hot and fresh keep up the good work.

Beth Williams

Sat I line for 45 minutes and was still 2 cars down in the line. It was 100 outside it was totally unacceptable, I ordered a burger not steak & potato. I finally drove off and went to sonic which was very quick. Had to give 1 star so I could post this.

sas dogg

Took them 30 minutes to get me my order and people who ordered after me got their food before me. My friend finished his meal so i went to the register to get a refund and leave when they finally had my order. Quality of the food is bad. Nothing tastes good and bacon sucks. Wendy's is far better.

Richard Thomas

Feels nice having to waiting 1hr+ for fast food. Can't wait to do it again.Ordered 2 burgers at 6pm waiting until 715pm gave up. They don't answer phones. Did a charge back through my credit card conpany

Victoria Mando

Food was hot and fresh. Usually do drive thru. Ate in lobby needs a good cleaning. Especially with managers sitting at the front table chatting.

chris bowen

So I frequwnt this location often. It's usually very good and fresh . They always get my specific order right. But today was so bad experience I'll probably never return. Tried to call but got no answer. The issue today is me and my wife bot ordered the number 2 combo with mayo no mustard.. My order had mayo no mustard but my wife's didn't. Of course it was in drive thru so we just got home to realize this. But my biggest complaint and really wanted to give no star . I found a pretty long black hair in my burger.

Christina Hoffman

We didn't order anything because the lunch in drive-thur was more important than the customers on the inside. No one at cash register. In fact a lady & her friend had been waiting for over 30 min. She was trying to get the manager about her order, she was ignored by her. There was 6 or more people waiting on their food, so we left & the people ask about the line we told them the truth, so they left also, I was upset. Someone needs to retrain their lunch Manager

Fifs Decastro

Burgers is so good and very friendly workers. I tried in Texas and Oklahoma.

Faith Foote

The food is good. The people are friendly. The service is incredibly slow and your order will likely be inaccurate. Plan on spending 20+ minutes in the drive thru.

Laurie “Envdiva” Cooper

I'm visiting from an area with no stores and was excited to make a stop at the Norman, OK, store. Quick service but imagine my surprise when my drive through order Jr cheeseburger was cold - no hint of warmth. Rest of order was fine. Disappointing at best.

Dougs Drywall Repair

Although I don't remember any time the drive thru wasn't packed I didn't mind waiting for my mushroom Swiss burger and ice cold coke always exactly the way I like it keep up the good work whataburger says it all.!

Marilyn Korhonen

As a Texan living in Oklahoma, I love and crave Whataburger. Recently this location has been SO slow. 10-15 minute waits in drive thru have become the norm. I won't even consider going if there is a line because inside service is equally slow. My waistline is happy but my taste buds are sad.

John D Purnell

Really good chain burger joint. Had it for the first time during my first trip to Oklahoma. Son loved his shake as well.

Annie R.

Do you like the taste of fast food with the wait time of a jam-packed steakhouse? Whataburger is for you! Order online? Good news is they start making it as soon as you order! It's waiting for you at their drive-thru window, you just have to mention your name at the speaker. And wait behind everyone else that ordered in the drive-thru. 37 short minutes later, you're at the window and they hand you a meal that probably tasted wonderful when they made it an hour ago. Do you like terrible service by people who couldn't care less if you are even breathing? The Norman location Whataburger is all you could ask for!

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