4517 S Sunnylane Rd, Oklahoma City
(405) 670-1170

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Bridgette K.

What do you do after a long day and you want a light on the tummy good stainable food? You go to B Won Korean Restaurant! That's right. I swung by on a whim to grab food to go after a long Thursday. It was jam packed with customers...which is awesome to see people getting out and supporting local places. The place isn't large but just right for a night out without the huge crowds where the waiters lose track of you. The deco is like many Korean type food joints. Not lavished, just local. I ordered chicken and beef bulgogi and yaki mandu (Korean dumpling). I couldn't wait to get home to eat. Shhh. Don't tell the wife but I didn't wait. Instead I ate 2 yaki mandu before I left the parking lot....she will never know. The food is so flavorful and in nice size proportions. They have not lost their touch at providing top notch grub! Definitely a repeat place as I want to try the other items on their menu.

Karissa Glaive

The food was delicious and the wait staff were pleasant.

Sarah JaQuay

The best Korean food in Oklahoma. I will definitely be back and I would definitely recommend. Our dear friends turned us on to this place and we have no regrets. Friendly staff and fast service.

Tmf Lee

Small spot.. BIG flavor ?

Jeremy W.

Ate here for the first time today and I am sad I only just discovered this place. The Friday special is amazing. Can wait to eat here. This is now my second favorite Korean restaurant


I went on July 3rd at 7.45, and I called ahead to make sure the restaurant closed at 9pm. When we arrived, we were told that some items on the menu were not available, and after we ordered, we were told that we needed to change the item because they wanted to close early. We walked out. Two stars because I felt the waitresses were quite rude.

Kim H.

The dumpling soup was interesting. It needed way more mondoo and less weird dumplings.. not bad tho liked it.. plane chicken egg broth flavor.. jap Chae was ok lacked sweetness and tasted like soy sauce.. did not like.. bulgogi was pretty good it was not spicy more oily.. liked it.. kim chi was great and braised potatoes great.. This place is ok.. I wanted more spice but was satisfied.. If I were to recommend I'd say get kim bap and bulgogi..

Lynn Jones

This was our first time to eat Korean Cuisine. By the looks of the outside, I was not expecting to enter a nice restaurant. On the inside, it didn't look too different. But the food was delicious! The prices were that of a nicer restaurant, something we weren't expecting.

Henry Cline

Wow! So many unique flavors but definitely worth the experience.

scott shelton

Great food. Service was wonderful. I'll definitely be going again.

Micah Swedberg

Very good Korean Hot-Pot. Great lunch specials, very unique cuisine for this area!

Ashlee Osterberg

Fantastic and very authentic, from the food to the service! Makes me miss Korea even more!


Food is great. Service is ALWAYS terrible. The office ordered and they were mad they had to answer the phone more than once and had to do multiple payment transaction. We tried to pay over the phone they said NO. We are about tired of dealing with their staff. I'm sure we can find another place to get $17 per person lunches.

Aden Bruno

The food is always amazing everytime I go. You can tell they use fresh ingredients and stay authentic which I love! You should definitely try it out if you can!!

Tim R.

This restaurant has very good food, however they do not treat their American customers as good as they do their Korean customers and other Asian patrons. Asian patrons get a higher level of vegetable side dishes right across from Americans who have asked for the same thing but have been denied.

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