Blu's BBQ and Burgers

612 N Robinson Ave, Oklahoma City
(405) 602-2587

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Katelyn R.

We walked into their place around 1:40pm. Me and my father held good expectations while we waiting in line. Except for when we saw the "owner" a fragile older lady with blonde hair, no gloves, touching butter with her bare hands and then proceeding to LICK her fingers after touching the butter. She THEN proceeded to touch a cooked burger/ brisket with her hands, then proceeded to grab bread from a heater. After we witnessed this we left. We were only there for not even 10 minutes, we didn't even order yet. Not only were we there for only a short period of time, but this lady I bet has caused cross contamination. Which can KILL somebody. After we left and walked to our car, on the side of the building there's a window which she opened and said that the door was locked, we proceeded to say that that's not why we left and it's because of what she did. She denied her actions which was witnessed by 2 possibly even 4 people in line with us. While we turned to walk away from the window she gave us the bird and even denied that too when we called after leaving to speak to the owner. June 30th, 2022 We will not EVER be going there again, nor suggesting this place to anybody. PLEASE stay away from this place.. it could cause you food poisoning, sickness, or even fatality.

Tyler Bourque

Was awesome, we went with 54 people and the service and food was quick and great!

Brook Swientisky

So hospitable! They even fixed a place of “scraps” for my dog. He ate better then I did!Buffalo Chicken Sandwich is outstanding. If you like spice have the cowboy beans. Fantastic!Thank you Ladies!

Kelly S.

This place is a must try. The ladies that run it are very nice. The food was great. Try the Fried cheese balls and Fire wraps.

Phyllis Crow Heinze

Horrible service and took 30 minutes to get our order. My order was wrong. Meat was fat and tough. Very disappointed!!

Ashley Woodworth

This place is amazing. We got to meet Kathy the owner and she made it extra special for my son's bday. Even though its not on the menu she made fried pickels for our appetizer and then my son and boyfriend had burgers and I had the sliced brisket sandwhich. The meat was so tender. And there wasn't hardly and fat on it (which I prefer). The fried okra was crispy and not hard or mushy. It was almost as good as my momma's. The fried pickles were perfect. Most places looses the pickle tange and these still had it. They were seasoned just right and not falling apart. The ranch was really good as well. The bbq sauce had just the right amount of seasonings as well. Not too thick, not too thin. It wasn't wateryNot too sweet or too spicy. This momma bear was very pleased. It reminded me of some go ol southern bbq. Almost made me forget I was in the city.

Meagan F.

Blu's has the most amazing bar be que. We got pulled pork which was flavorful and plentiful. The BBQ sauce was delicious as well. The staff was so friendly. The restaurant was clean and well maintained.

Raymond K.

Happened onto this great restaurant by accident while attending a meeting in the area. The service was great and the owner, didn't catch her name, was amazing and accommodating. I had one of the daily specials witch was an amazing mixed meat bbq sandwich at a very reasonable price. This was by far one of the best bbq sandwiches I have aver had. The flavor was smoky with the perfect amount of heat. If you are looking for an amazing place to grab some bbq, gives Blu's a try... you won't be disappointed. I will be back to sample more from the menu for sure.

Berto Bennett

Blu’s is always a treat. Great bbq and kind staff. They make a special sandwich called the Trav. It is most of the meats they offer chopped up and mixed in one sandwich. Super delicious and the okra has a tasty breading. You always get cookies too! If you don’t work downtown then you probably don’t know about this hidden gem. Go have lunch and spend time at the Memorial! Makes for a lovely day!

Just J.

I live less than a block from here and eat here frequently. The food always tastes great and I don't think you could go wrong with anything they have. If hot and spicy is your thing though, they have THE BEST jalapeños poppers I've ever eaten.

robert valderaz

Damn good food, excellent burgers and Barbecue. Clean and plenty of seating. Great for the buisness crowd or sight seers. I HIGHLY recommend and great for families. Say hi to Kaylee

Jake Sandlin

Ate their for lunch today. Chopped brisket was equal parts fat and meat and small portion. Caesar salad tasted like vinegar. Fried okra was good and big portion. Not worth the $15

Georgette Penick

Great ribs and brisket! Service was wonderful plus you get free cookies!! I will gladly be back!

Shannon B.

I happened upon Blu's while visiting OKC and it was great! Friendly, quick service, and literally fall off the bone tender ribs. Yum! I wish they had Mac and cheese as a side, but the fries are tasty and I enjoyed the baked beans.


I been missing out on Blu’s. This is one of the BEST places for BBQ in OKC! Definitely worth trying. Awesome service as well.

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