Burger King

135 NE 23rd St, Oklahoma City
(405) 521-1667

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It is always packed here. I'm assuming its due to being so close to government buildings. We ended up door dashing food so we didn't have to wait in the long line.Food: 3/5

John Cee

Extremely rude staff. Watched them pick up fries and handle food with no gloves. Nasty, yall forget about covid?

Tim Walpole

Ordered a number 9 chicken sandwichThe grease was not drained off the chicken and curled the mayonnaiseAlso no lettuce or tomato. Always having to wait to orderAnd waiting on order to be finished at least 10 minutes. With nobody in front of me through the drive-thru

Butta Love

The BK in Edmond is so disgusting , I came to this one way on the other side and will always come to this one. For starts their customers service is awesome, the lady was so pleasant, and friendly.I don’t see why this place don’t have better reviews.The breakfast is always better than any fast food. The food was delicious as always . Everyone must try their fluffy delicious french toast, omg the best and to top it off the croissants are always good. They don’t leave a mess like those hard biscuits at McDonald’s . I’ll keep coming back even having to drive across town. Thanks to the people in the back making the food from the lady that took my order. You guys are awesome! Thanks for making the start of my day great.Kid-friendliness: The lady that took my order at the window was so friendly. Please thank her for me!

Brandon Hucks

Took my kids for a quick lunch the food was really fresh super good and you cant beat the price with the way everything is going up now a days... definetly going to this location again... great work..

David Patt

This place is very slow. It is normal for most people to leave before ever getting to order. It is also normal to spend 35 minutes or more in the drive through line.Food: 4/5

JEFF Wilkinson

They only let one person order at a time while going through the drive thru. Almost 25 minutes to place my order. Another 15 to get out of the drive thru with it.

Lenola Houston

My experience here was good I have even paid it forward here someone did it for me good place to eat very professionalFood: 5/5

Michelle Stevens

The BK on NE 23rd, slowest drive though ever. 40 minutes of my hour lunch in line. 30 minutes of which was trying to get my order place. Will never frequent the location again!!!

Denver Thurman

It is a fast food restaurant but the staff here makes it better than just a fast food place. They are friendly, helpful and very professional. They do a fantastic job of getting the food out there and the food seems fresh. I like the Burger King a lot.Food: 5/5

Chris Powell

slow.waited like 15 min. then got my order wrong, fries cold/soggy. the burger meat was cold it couldn't even melt the cheese, bacon was like raw. the chicken fries were fresh though.

Michael Burns

Was the worst experience I've had at burger King. Was told in the drive thru to come inside if we wanted to not have to wait for a long time. Went inside was a big puddle of water by the fountains from something leaking. Then ordered and was told they are out of cheese for my burger. Waited a long time for order. Then got it and food was not hot. Fries cold. And while was waiting customer came in from drive thru because they short changed her. Just a total bad experience

Dewaine Watson

Good place to get a quick snack or lunch. Excellent service everything was nice and I didn't have a long wait at all. Burger King is a nice alternative to burger eaters like myself. Topp marks.

Patty Sanders

Worst EVER! Drive through is block by the guys girlfriend when he be taking a smoke break. Seems to be all the time. The one time I went through drive through and it wasn't blocked, my order was bomb. Tasted so good. It's a business. Treat it like one.

Peechz Moorer

First and more importantly the service was both friendly and horrible at the same time. All involved Tina as a another lady in drive thru watched. I pray she is NOT a manager! I ordered $32 worth of food. I asked for a 6 piece nugget kids meal, I was charged for 8 at $1.99, no toy was in the bag. I asked for 4 whoppers one a special made(perfect) a small Jr which ended up as a regular large. I asked for a small fry ended up with 1 small and 3 large. I ordered jalapeños bites often 8 worst tasting things ever along with the flat no tasting selves. Fries had black spots on them cold. Tina then gave me 5 cups(why 5 when it was only a kids cup I needed) and a chocolate Hershey pie I also did not ask for.I do believe that if "Tina" @ 135 NE 23rd OKC, is going to volunteer to extra feed people at least make sure it's hot! Which I asked for. I would have come back, yet I was on the highway by the time the kids ate. I see why NE side gets bad most things because of people pleasures at a poor rate of quality food. Tina even lied to a lady that wanted to give me a coupon..Tina said to both if us that it would come out of her check and if it was on grey she could. Why would ANY restaurant company make employees pay for a correction to help? Well food was horrible. My family and I will NOT be back even though I live very close. Sad!! Not to mention they open / close the lobby while they smoke outside with the homies as I was told to use drive thru.

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