3722 NW 39th St, Oklahoma City
(405) 943-0140

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Mykal Criswell

Sat In drive-thru 45 minutes.

M.S. Lee

Typical McDonald's. Good food.

Andy G.

I cannot say how many times I have come to this McDonald's... And always gotten attitude in drive-through... Like I don't understand how they're still open! They're so rude and they're so slow here it's like I'm being an inconvenience to them... If I could give this McDonald's a -0 I totally would. I could keep going on about this McDonald's but they're not worth my time anymore...

Johnathan Weeks

Its was honorable they couldn't get the oders right and no one spoke English at all šŸ˜„

Will Turtle

I wish they used Beef Fat again for the French Fries.. They taste Bland now, the Fries...

Jamie Copeland

Went through the drive thru and ordered three ice cream cones, paid at the first window, and at the second window I wad told the machine was broken. Why wasn't that information communicated to me prior to paying for thew order. The girl at the second window made it seem like a big deal to give me my money back. After I got the money back we went to another location without any problems.

Michael Bishop

Nice location. Strangely comfortable w 2 adults and 4 kids. Modern feeling in decor. Unfortunately, the TV by our table was playing Fox News. I don't wanna have to explain politics and sex scandals to the littles. Oh. They ran out of ranch. Nice bathroom.

Elissa Nobles

Affordable and convenient. One of my fave places to go when I need a late night snack or a cheap meal. šŸ‘

Jackie Cooper

McDonald's restaurant has a funky set up it's attached to a gas station Plus it's in kind of a rough area there are a lot of people just kind of hanging out in front at the restaurant in the parking lot if I have to eat at McDonald's I would probably not return to this location also they did mess up slightly on the order however it was one of the kids meals therefore it was a catastrophic mess up if you know what I mean they simply forgot to add the cheese when we ordered two plain cheeseburgers they came with just the meat and bun

James Cobb

International dishes were fun and yummy. Kudos to Mc Donalds.

Arnae Reece

This place gave me my food on time and it was fresh but they were out ofsweet tea and out or leamonade....the offered me powerade...otherwise was friendly.

Katelynn M.

Staff is rude and inconsiderate. They got my order wrong and wouldn't come back to the window. I didn't get what I paid for. I tried to call them, they wouldn't answer. Couldn't go inside because the building was closed. Get your act together at this McDonald's and quit waisting my time/money!!!

Sherry Litson

Haven't been to this one in awhile cause I didnt like their food, it just wasn't that great.

John Swallow

There was food that was handed to the wrong customer, it was given back and the manager refunded monies. The manager then started using the food from that bag to fulfill other orders. She tried to give me some of that food, when I told her no she argued with me.

Jennifer Boren

Very fresh but cash only and no coupons early in the am.

Dawn Wire

I am currently sitting here again. Still calling the phone for 15 minutes. Nobody is answering. My food is wrong. We have tomato allergies. Guess whats on my food. And after waiting 15 minutes for my food its still COLD!!! Nobody is handing food out the window. People are driving off and the guy sitting at window 2 has already honked 4 times(they already have his money.) This is horrible.

Rholdin Arias

Excellent place to eat... there is a playground for kids! Every meal is fresh.

John Sumner

I used to do this drive thru a lot on my commute to work, but I had to stop. At first it was a minor annoyance, but it became more & more abundant that I just gave up. This McDonalds employs people that are absolute masters of messing up your order. Everything is always right on the receipt, but 3 out of 5 times, your order will be incorrect. Good news, there's a Carl's Jr just across the street that is much more order accurate.

Theresa Farrell

Food was fresh and hot. Store is clean as well as the restrooms.

Laura Mockelmann

Worst McDonald's I have ever been to. Took 20 mins to get acknowledged inside and the drive thru guy has a smart mouth.



3722 NW 39th St, Oklahoma City, OK 73112