3722 NW 39th St, Oklahoma City
(405) 943-0140

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Randall Spriggs

Quick stop for something to drink, busy but drive through was quick.

Sam _

It's uhhh..... It's a McDonalds. Idk what else to tell you.

Me'Aughn Range

Worst experience. I paid for 12 kids food today and was told the kids couldn’t get sweet and sour sauce with their meal I paid for because McDonald’s doesn’t give sweet and sour sauces out with MCchicken sandwiches. You can’t be Serious!!! McChickens are just a king size chicken Nugget on a bun. The Hispanic lady that worked at the front taking orders was the worse and customers were agreeing with me for the treatment I received when I paid money for kids to get what they wanted to eat. I will not go back to this location! Yours truly, a sweet and sour customer!

Vickie Ellis

I wish the tea was better. The unsweetened tastes instant.

Monique Raymond

Friendly service, with a smile ? Specialty coffee drink was yummy ?

Amie Marse

Ugh! I get that the drinks are all the same price but when I buy a small for my toddler it's VERY frustrating to get a large. I don't want to hold up the drive thru so I am pulling over to write this review.

Alice Shelton

Small convenience store was dirty the cashier was very friendly. McDonalds was slow. And as always if youve eaten at one mcdonalds youve basically eaten at them all. Same thing same taste just different day or location

Your mom's pimp

Great morning crew, always friendly.

Madison Neely

Witnessed an employee not was their hands after using the restroom. In the middle of an pandemic. Yuck....

Jose Z.

never again will i go there today was the second time i order a mc chicken and they gove me the spicy one on top of that i waited 20 mims i. drive thru they r super slow

og cuauhtle

I went through the drive thru, the young man who took my order spoke clearly and took his time to listen. The lady who took my payment was all smiles she was very nice and I felt like she ment it when she told me to have a nice day. The lady who gave me my food was into the heat of the rush hour but still pretty nice. The food was hot, especially the fries! They had the right amount of salt. For a McDonalds/Valero they had better service and food than some full Mcdonald's. Great experience


Frienly courtious service affordable prices

colton sandvik.

They're pretty quick here and food is generally quite warm. They haven't messed up my order yet!

Alexa STL

Told the drive thru our order 4x, got to the window to pay & had to correct the order a 5th time. Go to the pickup window, they tried to hand us the wrong items then told us to park. Waited 5 minutes before going in and the employees were just standing around. Finally the girl in the drive thru asked why no one was making our order. Literally only ordered TWO DRINKS!

Kimba Ne'Vile

Worst experience I have had at a McDonalds. Waited 20 mins in parking lot for my order of 2 sausage McMuffins then the order was wrong. Had to go inside at wait again for them to remake. I talked to a manager and all he offered was a free meal next time I come through. I am sure if I go back later today the will have forgotten. Never going to this store again.

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