3722 NW 39th St, Oklahoma City
(405) 943-0140

Recent Reviews

Jose Z.

never again will i go there today was the second time i order a mc chicken and they gove me the spicy one on top of that i waited 20 mims i. drive thru they r super slow

og cuauhtle

I went through the drive thru, the young man who took my order spoke clearly and took his time to listen. The lady who took my payment was all smiles she was very nice and I felt like she ment it when she told me to have a nice day. The lady who gave me my food was into the heat of the rush hour but still pretty nice. The food was hot, especially the fries! They had the right amount of salt. For a McDonalds/Valero they had better service and food than some full Mcdonald's. Great experience


Frienly courtious service affordable prices

colton sandvik.

They're pretty quick here and food is generally quite warm. They haven't messed up my order yet!

Alexa STL

Told the drive thru our order 4x, got to the window to pay & had to correct the order a 5th time. Go to the pickup window, they tried to hand us the wrong items then told us to park. Waited 5 minutes before going in and the employees were just standing around. Finally the girl in the drive thru asked why no one was making our order. Literally only ordered TWO DRINKS!

Kimba Ne'Vile

Worst experience I have had at a McDonalds. Waited 20 mins in parking lot for my order of 2 sausage McMuffins then the order was wrong. Had to go inside at wait again for them to remake. I talked to a manager and all he offered was a free meal next time I come through. I am sure if I go back later today the will have forgotten. Never going to this store again.

George Palmer

Food was hot and the two for $5 fish sandwiches was a good deal.

Kara H.

Staff is awful don't waste your time or money kaofnowksnfowksbdiwkwBd. Kwifhiw. Woeiufhe.

jimmy bostic

Pancake were dry. Excellent service fresh food. Only eat their breakfast

Michele White

It's ok. McDonald's just isn't my 1st choice. It was clean and the servers were polite and competent.

Rudy Neidel

I live right down the street from this location and for about a year I've been giving them shot after shot, but I literally have not had them get my order right 1 time within the time I've lived in the area. If there was more locations or choices before I hit the highway on the go I'd go there. This last order was it for me, I ordered a 6 piece happy meal for my son, 1 apple juice and the extra fries, and 1 spicy mcchicken for myself. My son got 5 nuggets, no order of fries or apple slices or anything to complete the happy meal, and a milk instead of his apple juice. I received a regular mcchicken. I've been giving it shot after shot for a year, if I was you, I'd take your money elsewhere, or at least to a different location.

Denise Kennedy

My grand daughter and I ordered 2 small iced flavored coffees. At the table I noticed hers was a lot smaller than mine. I thought they made a mistake with hers and put it in a child's water cup so took them to the counter to ask. The girl I talked to rolled her eyes and said, "Oh my god! Are you kidding me?" I asked to speak to a manager. A gentleman tried to explain the size discrepancy at first because of ice displacement. When I pointed out they were both iced he said it was because hers had espresso in it. I pointed out that since hers cost more that would explain the higher cost but not the reduced size. Another manager told me, "We don't know. We just work her." Need to say we won't be back to that one. I would like to see if this happens at other locations.

Kristi M.

I stop here at least 3 times a month. I tell myself all the time do not stop. This morning I order a medium mocha mccafe. Pay 2.89 for a cup that is a little of 1/2 cup. No wonder this place sucks. To make matter worse the coffee is flipping cold.

Threina Allen

The food is always good except depends on store if you get good fries. 39th and Portland is soooo slow though. No matter drive thru or inside.

Dillon Perry

Oh haha the McDonalds where everyone does drug deals? ?

Wil S

Does anyone really like McDonald's?

Noel Manes

Fairly fast service and almost all the time they have the ice cream cone I want and your parfaits

Marie Ellis

This place is disgusting

keta fields-jackson

Not even a star the people are rude and act like they dont know how to understand English. Most of the time the food isnt hot.

Russell Sheikh

Worst place for fast food. Most of the employees don't speak English and adult food is pricey

Heather Upton

Fast and kinda cheap. Not like it used to be but not as high as it CLD be

Mitchell Wofford

they forgot my sausage but service was good

Tiffany Harris

My food was luke warm and the sweet tea was not sweet.

Chris Ridner

Good service, my orders are almost always correct. At times the staff is hard to understand

Nawnie Bonner

Just ordered & paid for my food. Then decided to order 2 lg waters. My daughter ordered them as our number was called on our food. The employee handed her the two lg water cups as I walked over & picked up our food. Then a manager started yelling at me saying I need to pay for the cups. (I was not aware until later that the employee had not charged her for them). The manager was completely out of line talking to me the way she did. If your employee hands a customer a cup for water & doesn't charge them, that's not a customer stealing something. Regardless, you don't address paying customers by yelling at them! When I called to get her name, she answered the phone, called me a thief (still yelling at me) & hung up in my face. She had no reserve at all in losing that store 4 regular customers due to her ignorance on how to speak to people.

Leah Shurtleff

I ordered a sausage McGriddle meal, egg McMuffin meal and a three pancake and sausage plate. They DIDN'T give me the McGriddle and charged me for 3 separate 3 pancakes and sausage plate. Oh my god! Now they won’t answer the phone. It’s literally every time I go to this location my food is never right! I will start going to the McDonald’s off 63rd and May, I hardly ever have an issue with my order their. Highly disappointed with my experience.

Robert Khan

I love all McDonal's for there chocolate shakes

charlotte white

This McDonald's location is horrible their customer service is horrible they always mess up ur order then tell u to come in to get it replaced ... Then I go on and they refuse to replace ur order even though they messed it up I hate coming to thos location I take the extra 10 mins to drive to the another location

Marjorie Egert

Fast and accurate service. Pleasant employees. I enjoy the Southwest Salad with grilled chicken.

Troy Bessinger

Forgot my hash browns in the drive thru, but they rectified it inside. After getting cut in line then asked for fiddy cents by the same person who cut. Cool beans.

Kynzie Ryan

i just bought a 20 piece, 3 large fries, 2 mcdoubles &’ 2 mcchickens. the nuggets were definitely stale, the fries were all soggy, not because i left them in the bag too long but because they just weren’t fresh at all. my mcchicken barely had any lettuce on it, but had a ton of mayonnaise. completely gross, and i will not be coming back.

Brian Hall

I took a bite out of my burger and there was paper in it. I took it back and the manager said it was the paper that separates the cheese. They remade the order.

ELi N.

Affordable and convenient. One of my fave places to go when I need a late night snack or a cheap meal. 👍

Mykal Criswell

Sat In drive-thru 45 minutes.

M.S. Lee

Typical McDonald's. Good food.

Andy G.

I cannot say how many times I have come to this McDonald's... And always gotten attitude in drive-through... Like I don't understand how they're still open! They're so rude and they're so slow here it's like I'm being an inconvenience to them... If I could give this McDonald's a -0 I totally would. I could keep going on about this McDonald's but they're not worth my time anymore...

Johnathan Weeks

Its was honorable they couldn't get the oders right and no one spoke English at all 😥

Will Turtle

I wish they used Beef Fat again for the French Fries.. They taste Bland now, the Fries...

Okie Farmer

Wow is an understatement, 4 cars in front of me and 2 behind me. waited 28 minutes from the speaker to the first pay window, it was so slow about 10 more cars joined the line most of those just left. This is the norm for this McDonalds. I commented to the lady at the pickup window that was a record 44 minutes from start to finish (she said) it's pretty bad here they won't get us any help! somehow I believe that. What prompted this review was what I noticed, The cheap assho**s only put 1/2 slice of cheese on each fish sandwich. REALLY!! 5 bucks for a sandwich only and you get a 1/2 slice of cheese/ Cutting corners seems to be the norm too!!

Jamie Copeland

Went through the drive thru and ordered three ice cream cones, paid at the first window, and at the second window I wad told the machine was broken. Why wasn't that information communicated to me prior to paying for thew order. The girl at the second window made it seem like a big deal to give me my money back. After I got the money back we went to another location without any problems.