7401 S Choctaw Rd, Oklahoma City
(405) 391-3305

Recent Reviews


Seriously the best experience I've ever had at a McDonald's! My guy loves the chicken wraps. Unfortunately they're discontinued. That didn't stop him from asking if they could somehow make one for him. They did!!!! The gentleman Bob made a special chicken wrap just for my guy! It seriously made our day! Such warm and friendly crew and so accommodating! Unforgettable experience thank you team!!!! ❤❤❤❤

David David

I went for a friend lol it was great staff helps a lot thank you

Dave Weinberg

Quick, inexpensive, tasty. Not a high quality food experience but value is good, and it's good, as long as you are looking for fast food. No trouble at all with service.


Worst chicken nuggets I have gotten from any McDonalds. Fries were not fresh. I was the only car waiting in the drive thru and was asked 3 times, at the window, what I was waiting on. Waited 15 minutes for my order. The last 3 times going over at around 9 pm and bad food and service.

ffej Yrreb

Not bad but not good at the same time? Really need to work on customer service and drive thru speed. Big Mac your always there but this time no lettuce. No lettuce on a big mac, come on guys get it together

Hanna Vannoy

this location is absolutely ridiculous. worst service. i understand it’s fast food but the employees are rude, i waited 30 minutes for 1 meal and the manage was no where to be found. i shared my frustration and the employees just laughed like i was joking. all around disappointing.

Leslie Delehoy

About what you would expect at a McDonald's. Food is good for what it is. We ordered a couple sandwiches and a drink. Sometimes it's better than a Love's hotdog.

Pauline Baker

McDonald's is always good. Fast service, good food, nice employees. Clean.

Debra Alexander

The food was good the girl in widow was v#tery rude. Told her thank she snoped us & I no she heard us we was loud.

robert mcgee

Any and all McDonald's deserve 0 stars but 1 us the lowest ya can give.

Benjamin Dunlap

I did not eat nor give mgt money to McDonlads I utilized the whistle stop next foder to it

Matthew Pyle

Took 10 minutes to take our order. It was a coffee. Paid. Took 10 minutes to come to the window and told us they were making fresh coffee and it would be another 10 minutes and for us to pull up and wait. Sorry, a cup of coffee isn't worth a half hour and I'm aggravated at myself for waiting as long as I did.

cindy miller

I come to this one most days for a drink and sometimes few other things on the menu. Today my hubby stopped in and ordered us afew things and came home to surprise me. It was a sweet thing and I thanked him. So here is the problem that came after, I always check meat before I eat it because I don't want to get sick. So I checked the meat and it wasn't cooked all the way still pink not my thing . Just check and make sure that your food is done properly before leaving. I'll still go there , but my husband won't be ordering for some time.....

Jason Allen

Poor poor management. There has been numerous nights I’ve come here and there has been literally one person running the whole place. Would definitely not recommend coming here is you want food. Needs all new employees. So sick of this


Stopped in here several times. Have eaten burgers that clearly were left out then microwaved....nasty and chewy. Also have had food left out from my order more than once. Convenient location and acceptable food quality on occasion.


Young man at the counter was very kind, very fast, he was extremely busy but kind and efficient,

Matthew Collins

Hate eating fast food. Its garbage. Service and drive through is terrible

Robert McEarley

McDonald's right where there needs to be one. Its the only one for a long distance in either direction. Quick service

Cindy Pearson

There were 3 employees during the time we went through the drive thru. We waited for at least 10 mins at the order board and when we received our food the chicken nuggets were old and we got unsweetened tea instead of the sweet tea we ordered. We did not go back because we felt bad for the short staff situation. The owner should not leave his employees in such a bad situation.

Milburn Brewer

Had a bacon, egg and cheese biscuit with hash brown abd a sausage, egg and cheese biscuit with hash brown, with two milks to wash it down. As always, very good to the last bite and last drink. McDonald's is always good no matter where you go. Recommend to everyone.

Angel B

Went through the drive thru my daughter's chicken nuggets tasted old and burnt they didn't give me my honey mustard so we had to drive BACK through waiting in line for my sauce and then got down the road and took a drink of disgusting rotten spoiled tea that nearly took my breath and almost made me throw up fries were hot amd fresh but I wont be stopping here again

Bobby W.

Go here if you wish to not have your order gave to you correct or if you wish not to receive a hamburger you order 4 out of 5 times our order here is incorrect

Shannon Vreeland

This must be a training hub. Or lots of turnover with employees...and Sunday is the day the service is even slower. But if you have patience the items are usually pretty good.

Micki Pritchard

The lady that helped us was super nice! We left her a tip! And I really don't like McDonald's but there food was actually good!

Katherine Brock

McDonalds is just that... McD. I will say that have improved their game a bit and the cold coffee menu is great. I get their breakfast biscuits (no egg) and an iced vanilla latte frequently on the way to work in the morning and it is almost always fresh. I have gotten the wrong bag a few times now though, so check before you leave the parking lot.

Ellen King

McDonald's thrives on consistency and it certainly doesn't let you down here either!

mel cain

The mcchicken was so hard it cut my mouth also the fries were so over cooked they were dry and crunchy. Plus side the prepackaged yogurt in the kids meal was good.

Marissa Snow

This mcdonalds makes the best frappe's...i ger that its all the same however something about this one is just so good!!

Derick Bales

Don’t waste your time it’s horrible an slow and good luck getting a shake

Tim Curry

While the food is normal McDonald's fare, the staff is very efficient and friendly. It is kept clean as well.

Michelle Glover

Can't get the order right, had to wait extra long time for food, ordered unsweetened tea, got sweet tea instead

joseph burns

I must say I was impressed with the new quarter pounder

Zoie Norton

It's McDonald's not Chick-fil-A, service was good and I got fresh food so yee yee.


Took a dump here. Was good.

Linda Smith

Drive thru extremely slow and 1st window to pay is often closed so you have to pay and pick up order at the second window. Food is good after you finally get it.

Morgan Paschal

They were slow gave me someone else's food then watched them hand the food I had my hands on to the next person. I'm a clean person however that breaks health codes.

Jennifer Berry

It won't let me give a zero star review. At 11:20 pm I go to drive thru and the menu board is off. So I pull up and the boy says oh it's because we are about to close. So I ask if I can order. He says yea. I ordered and 10 minutes later with no one in front of me or inside I got it. I drive off to the corner and opened it. The fries were soggy not hot. As if it been sitting awile. The sandwich was cold and stale. DON'T GO TO THIS MCDONALD'S.

Gale Boswell

We all love McDonald's clean nice careers love the food

Erik Olsen

Usually good today I guess none showed for work not really 24 hours of you close as I walk in. I cannot even rate no service.

Jay Spiel

Typical McD's. Fast food fast. Clean restroom, drink area, and eating areas.