7401 S Choctaw Rd, Choctaw
(405) 391-3305

Recent Reviews

Tim Curry

While the food is normal McDonald's fare, the staff is very efficient and friendly. It is kept clean as well.

Michelle Glover

Can't get the order right, had to wait extra long time for food, ordered unsweetened tea, got sweet tea instead

joseph burns

I must say I was impressed with the new quarter pounder

Zoie Norton

It's McDonald's not Chick-fil-A, service was good and I got fresh food so yee yee.


Took a dump here. Was good.

Linda Smith

Drive thru extremely slow and 1st window to pay is often closed so you have to pay and pick up order at the second window. Food is good after you finally get it.

Morgan Paschal

They were slow gave me someone else's food then watched them hand the food I had my hands on to the next person. I'm a clean person however that breaks health codes.

Jennifer Berry

It won't let me give a zero star review. At 11:20 pm I go to drive thru and the menu board is off. So I pull up and the boy says oh it's because we are about to close. So I ask if I can order. He says yea. I ordered and 10 minutes later with no one in front of me or inside I got it. I drive off to the corner and opened it. The fries were soggy not hot. As if it been sitting awile. The sandwich was cold and stale. DON'T GO TO THIS MCDONALD'S.

Gale Boswell

We all love McDonald's clean nice careers love the food

Erik Olsen

Usually good today I guess none showed for work not really 24 hours of you close as I walk in. I cannot even rate no service.

Jay Spiel

Typical McD's. Fast food fast. Clean restroom, drink area, and eating areas.

Jimmy Gober

It was great no problem and in a timely order

Tim Jones

All ways hot and fresh food and great service


Ordered double fish filet. Recieved spicy chicken with tartar sauce... speechless.

James Hampson

Made it better by adding bacon in the fresh beef is good

John Clever

I went inside too eat at the McDonald’s on choctaw and I’ve never been too more inviting kind and caring McDonald’s. All the employees where kind but curtis was very respectful and kind and caring young man and made me feel at home. curtis mom raised that kid right 🙌🙌.

Julie Arnold

Going thru drive-thru usually on way to work or doctor appt. No time to turn around and complain about sandwich being burnt again and again. Sometimes bearable to eat sometimes not. Wild bird food many a time.

Juanita Crawford

Most of the time it's good. The staff there is always frazzled looking. They always seem understaffed.

ella loftis

I only drink coffee or eat fries at McDonalds but that is the best anywhere

Angelica Pinon

I don't eat at McDonalds much I went in wanting a chicken wrap and was told they no longer have them. Aracelie on the other hand she made my experience here better. She didn't mind taking the time with telling me what other new things they had on the menu and was patient. I'm an extremely picky eater. Well after all this; I ended up going with the chicken tender meal. It was delicious girl thanks!! Thanks to your employee for making me want to come back. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

Heath Simmons

Only issue was purchased breakfast sandwiches 2 for $4. Scanned $1 off from app but the McDonald's system then changed to regular price $2.89 each. So basically I paid $.78 cents more. No biggie, now my wife knows I won the argument! Worth the extra $.78 cents to be right!

Rebecca Wagnon

Pulled app. Up to show 2 for $4 on egg mc muffins. Would not change price. Sweet tea?...... more like sweet water!

Kelsey Flynn

Worst service ever! If you have a new item on your menu your manager should know what it is and not argue with me about it. Also if there are two cars in front of me that have already ordered I shouldn't have to wait 10 minutes to order.

Tom P.

This McDonalds should close their drive through after hours immediately. I've come here on two different occasions in the last 2 weeks and it's been the same story. Drive through took nearly 30 minutes to get through. Multiple people ended up getting out of line in front of me or it would have been longer. The woman kept apologizing that it was only her and 1 other person. If they can't find help, shut the drive through down. To top it off my order was wrong the 1st time and way off last night. Unfortunately I hadn't eaten lunch or dinner or I would have left too.

Kelsey Mckay

Worst McDonalds I’ve ever been too, waited about 15 mins for the lady to take our order we told her what we wanted and what we didn’t want added on, as soon as our food came out i checked the bag and everything was wrong so waited about another 20 minutes for them to correct it & THEY STILL MESSED UP. was 2AM and they weren’t all that busy at all. �

Tammy Craft

Typical Fast food. They need more employees.


McDonald's hamburgers are good I would give it a 5 star but like I got my hamburger there was so much ketchup that I could fill a huge ketchup bottle

Wesley Langston

Only McDonald's all go to I always get my food right it's always hot and ready fast managers and all employees are polite

Patricia Lawrence

Best Mcdonalds fries we have had in a long time (considering it was 230a). Our order was fresh and hot! Keep up the excellent work y'all are doing!

Mark Grider

very good service very clean head short little Philippine woman served us she had such a wonderful attitude it was nice to be greeted from her the food was very good biscuits and gravy hash browns and Ice-T

Brittini H.

I live less than a mile from here so we frequent it often. I am so appalled that an establishment could be allowed to get so bad. They hardly ever remember toys in the kids meals, forget to put food bags. Oh, & I was almost served a happy meal that was on the floor. The management is too scared of the little teeny boppers! Over it.

Ryan P.

Slow service, rude manager, and short staffed. The cashier kept messing my order up. She charged me extra and she looked like she did not want anything to do with me. So: bad service and not so intelligent cashier. Go somewhere else :)

Susan S.

I had just been to the McDonalds in Harrah OK and was treated bad so I stopped at this one in Choctaw and they were extremely nice and order was correct

Jeffrey H.

This McDonalds does not participate in the special offers as most McDonalds. You would think they would take advantage of the marketing that McDonalds does to generate more business.

Monica P.

This place was empty when we stopped so we were able to get in and out pretty quickly. The lady at the counter even fixed our orders into meals to save us extra money! That's aces in my book because who doesn't want to save! She was funny and even kicked around with us a bit till our order was ready. Our fries were fresh and crispy the way MickeyDs fries should be! Even tho this place is hooked up next to a Loves and quite small, we had a great meal here and would stop again if we are ever passing through

Annette Nickles King

9 out of 10 times my order is wrong or incomplete. To night I went late and ordered a #10 club house bacon - I received a disgusting chicken sandwich that had to have been setting there all day. The chicken had shrunk up to nothing and there was NO bacon. I really don't understand how they can screw up so much!!! With Taco Bell in town they will I'm sure feel the dissatisfaction!

Paul M.

I don't go to McDonalds often, but the times that I've been to this one they have been very slow in the drive-through. I Hate to give them 1 star but the long waits, "sorry the ice cream machine is down" and cold chicken nugget experiences far exceed the good visits. Tonight I pulled up to the drive though and it took several minutes for someone to acknowledge me. There was 1 car at the window, definitely not busy from what I could tell. Asked for an ice cream cone and the machine was down again. It's August, ice cream weather, why is the machine down?

Laken F.

Slowest mcdonald after 10. I keep coming back in hopes that it gets faster. Nope! 20 minutes or more i have had to sit here waiting for "fast food". No one has taight the girl in the window any safety tips at all. She just leaves it open like its no big deal. No recommended guys