Mom's Kitchen

119 N Robinson Ave, Oklahoma City
(405) 232-7730

Recent Reviews

Joe W.

Really good food for an excellent price. You won't leave hungry. I really appreciated the crew showing up to work during the COVID19 crisis. We can't all quit showing up. Glad to see a jug of hand sanitizer available for guests to use prior to eating as well. I'll return next time I'm in town.

Chris Wadsworth

Catfish special on Fridays with 2 sides is good quality of fish. For $8.50 and the amount of food you get it is a good deal for the downtown area.


The BEST Chicken nuggets in the entire known galaxy! So delectable you crave it the same day you have its that good. Always keeps me coming back...for years now.


Amazing customer service and the best chicken I've ever had

Emmit Linton

Great food!! This is definitely a business lunch spot. Not much ambience but good grub. Has other options of places to eat but moms is definitely where everyone is going! Bigger line than anywhere else. They have quite a few options. Grilled chicken, fried, and special of the day which was lasagna. Several sides to pick from. Rolls are big and delicious. Quick service too.

C Smith

Food was great. Staff is friendly.


Good food. Try the nuggets. And dont forget catfish fridays

Dan Holmes

Better than my mom's cooking. Your mileage may vary. Try the soups, they are the best offering on the menu.

Brian McKibben

Good food. Try the nuggets. And dont forget catfish fridays

Risa Sargent

I love Mom's Kitchen. They have great fried chicken nuggets. Their breads are amazing, and the broccoli salad is always good. The people are great too.

Crystal J.

In town for a visit and found this place on yelp! So glad we stopped in. Food was sooooo good and the staff was amazing and very friendly. Chicken, catfish, and jerk chicken all 5 star.

d'lyn k

The food is fantastic!

Alaric Serjeant

Best chicken downtown

Coach Chaz

Great staff, good chicken, worth a visit

Jill B.

Great food!! This is definitely a business lunch spot. Not much ambience but good grub. Has other options of places to eat but moms is definitely where everyone is going! Bigger line than anywhere else. They have quite a few options. Grilled chicken, fried, and special of the day which was lasagna. Several sides to pick from. Rolls are big and delicious. Quick service too.

Brandy P.

Fun little gem in a food court I didn't realize was there. Fantastic real food and reasonably priced.

G.L. Watson

Excellent food. Nice staff. Very friendly Delicious chicken nuggets. Some of the best in town. Baked good are awesome too. Can't wait to go back to Mom's and see what other goodies they've got.

Rose L.

Located in a food court, but don't let that stop you. Today we chose catfish nuggets, broccoli salad, okra, and cornbread, served w their spicy remoulade or tartar sauce. The nuggets were coated perfectly w cornbread and fried, but not greasy at all. Ditto for the okra. The broccoli salad is cheddar grated, chopped broccoli, bacon pieces and a light mayo/vinegar dressing. The cornbread was warm and light, more like cake bc of it being on the sweet side vs spicy. It's a must visit, if you're downtown and need quick southern style food.

Nathan D

Great chicken fried chicken with choice of 2 sides and a bread. Delicious glad the the bell desk told us about this place. A hidden gem. Better than any restaurant serving the same thing. Kinda hard to find. It's under the ground floor in food court. Delicious. Give it a try u won't be disappointed.

Cheryl Elaine Hughes

Mom’s Kitchen never disappoints! Their food is always yummy, catering is always at the right temperature and on-time!

Sarah Heck

Great food & friendly service. The chicken nuggets are the best!

laura parker

Best chicken nuggets in town! Staff is always very friendly!

Nicholas Hostetter

Great food and daily specials

Paul B.

Would love to give them a good rating, but 30 of us walked over there to grab lunch on Saturday after we saw that they were supposedly open. Wrong. They were closed. As a result, the little burger stand across from them got all the business and cleaned up. Sorry Mom's. Learn to communicate better.

Jennifer C.

Awesome and friendly place to eat! Was here for a convention and they took good care of me. Great selection of food for lunch. Delicious and fresh. Tea is good. Thank you!!!

Grant Traylor

Great food and pretty inexpensive.

Paula S.

It's was decent not amazing. The chicken was good, not fried to death. The okra on the other hand was dead on arrival, fried to death. In some cases I don't mind even burned okra but the breading on this okra made my teeth hurt. The roll was just a roll, rather dry. The Brussels were just that, overall the food was bland, not what comes to mind when I think of my "moms kitchen" maybe that's the problem.... ‍

Debra Fox

Great food,super nice people,and they also do catering. Catfish friday is my favorite I've never had fish this good and the homemade starter sauce is amazing

Allie W.

This place is bad news for me. It is so good! I love some homestyle food, and they definitely know what they are doing. Their specialty is their chicken nuggets, which don't disappoint. And their homemade rolls. Omg. I'd say you're safe getting just about anything, and the price for an entree and 2 sides is reasonable and good portions. Just be prepared to need a nap. And give their special a try.

Chris S.

We enjoyed the chicken nuggets and liked the variety of sides. The mashed potatoes don't need gravy. Very good

Stacy H.

Wow! Way better then expected! I had the chicken nuggets with green bean and mashed potatoes and brown gravy.... I'm stuffed! I also had to chance to sample the broccoli salad and lemon chicken, delicious. Definitely will be back!

Amber C.

Great food. Friendly service. Definitely a hidden gem in downtown. For $20 my husband and I got a great lunch with leftovers. YOU HAVE TO TRY THE CORNBREAD PUDDING SIDE! It is TO DIE FOR! And the yeast rolls are HUGE!

Scott H.

Need to update the review and bump Mom's up a star. I have been back several times since my first review and the consistency of the food is fantastic. The most popular dish appears to be the chicken nuggets. I prefer them without the cajun seasoning I referenced in my initial review. I typically get mashed potatoes and okra, but all the sides are strong. This is not fancy, but it is classic food that is prepared and seasoned very well. Everything is tasty, I've never had an overcooked or dried out piece of chicken, and the portions are very reasonable. I also get the salad fairly often. You can chose either the nuggets or lemon pepper grilled chicken. I am not a big lemon pepper fan, but the seasoning doesn't hit you over the head on this stuff. Like the nuggets, the grilled chicken is juicy and cooked perfectly. The salad is large, it comes with a lot of cheese, bacon, etc. I usually add jalapenos. You get a choice of crackers or garlic bread. Importantly, Mom's makes a few of their own dressings. I have never had a homemade dressing that was worse than a bottled dressing. Mom's ranch is no exception, their homemade dressings are very good. I wish more places would make their own dressing, seems like you are seeing it less. Broccoli salad is another favorite. It's served with cheese, bacon, and a very tasty dressing. It basically has all the stuff you need to make steamed broccoli good. There is usually a line during the lunch rush, but don't let that deter you. They get you through quickly. Very solid meal in the downtown area. I know I'll be back several times, and probably very soon.

Hasnain K.

This quaint American, home cooked style restaurant is vet friendly and easy to get to. Located inside the Lower food court, the owners themselves served us. Great prices, good service, great prices. Don't miss this hidden jewel.

Cherry B.

Mom's Kitchen was pretty darn tasty. I had the chicken nuggets, mashed potatoes and green beans. The nuggets were really good. I like a little more breading on mine, but the flavor was good. The mashed potatoes were just like mom's. Red skins, mashed with butter and a few lumps....just like I like. The green beans were flavorful and the huge roll was legit. I just wished for honey to drizzle over the roll.

Kat B.

For $8.50 I got a FULL meal that satisfied my hunger and will hold me probably past dinner. I got the chicken nuggets, mashed potatoes with brown gravy, fried okra, a yeast roll, and a drink. Seriously enough food to sustain any hungry lunch-goer. The chicken nuggets are fantastically seasoned. I don't know what they use, but whatever it is, it's amazing. The potatoes and gravy are just like mom used to make, lumpy in their perfection. I cannot even begin to describe the deliciousness of the homemade yeast rolls. They are HUGE and delicious and perfect fluffy carbohydrate bombs! (in a good way, of course)

Kay M.

Come here usually more than once a week for lunch. It is just like home cooking, and the service is very fast even if the line is long. The specials are rotated through regularly. Their smoked pork, southern pork chops, and roasted chicken are excellent from their specials menu. My main dish is the nuggets. They are good without fail. The freshly made yeast rolls are one of the biggest selling points for me, but my husband prefers the biscuits. This is always a solid choice for lunch and everyone is usually pretty friendly.

Tim Long

The chicken is great! Portions are generous.

Darin L.

I ordered the chicken nuggets, mashed potatoes, and mac and cheese. Everything was excellent and fairly cheap. The nuggets were hand breaded and had really good seasoning. The sides all taste homemade. Really the place is hard to beat. The only negative is they do not accept amex making it a bit more difficult to expense.

Cecile R.

I had an early morning breakfast here and was not disappointed. I had the shredded pork eggs benedict. It was different, but really good. The portions were pretty big so I didn't quite finish it all.