Oklahoma Department of Transportation

Departments of Motor Vehicles

200 NE 21st St #2, Oklahoma City
(405) 522-8000


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A big thank you to Randy Dallas and Todd Burns for helping us with a flat tire on our sheep tailer. Without your help, we would not have made it to my sheep show on time! You guys are awesome!

Stop shutting highways to 1 lane on the weekends…240 to 44 shut to 1 lane no warning UNREAL…At least close on ramps so people quit jumping off and getting back on while highway is a stand still letting them on….

The over sensitive Karen's working the sign in desk are scaring away the visitors. Along with the egocentric security guard suffering from the inferiority complex, (y'all know, the handsy wanna be mall cop who couldn't make it as a real cop, so now he just physically assaults ppl who insult his "lack of" intelligence.) This establishment could do much better when selecting employees to represent their services. They are the stereotypical, nasty, offensive, lazy, embodiment of...read full review

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