Sonic Drive-In

21 NE 23rd St, Oklahoma City
(405) 557-0330

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Big mike bell

Ol’school with gold teeth made the freshest burritos ever!!!All other sonics better keep up.that’s my new spot!


Sonic is a terrific choice for soft serve. I had their hot fudge Sunday with whipped cream - they did not have nuts. Luckily I had plenty at home. The ice ream was done quickly and was delicious!Food: 5/5

Hollie James

Ok... so Friday night after attending a concert at the Paycom Arena, we decided to get food at Sonic. It was about 11:30pm... there were only 2 employees on duty, so they asked that we use the drive-thru instead of parking. No problem. Service was courteous & fast, which we were grateful because we needed to get back on the road to Tulsa. Well once we'd driven off and gotten on the highway right up the road, I started to eat and my tater tots were COLD ?? my burger was perfect. My friends order wasn't even correct at all. But he ate it because we were tired, wanted to get home and not turning around to go back. But the food & service minus the tots were great!

Brigitta Anderson-Butler

Is there a reason why you would get cold food and half full shakes? The cheese on our burgers wasn't even melted. Please give your employees classes on how to make shakes. Your food is too good for there to be any bad reviews.Please help, I don't like Macdonalds food.

Victoria Hall-Hooks

The guy was taking orders and delivering food. He was really good snd sweet man. Great attitude!! That black man was awesome! I wish I would had tip him paid for it on my card before he delivered ?. I will next time. Please give him a good raise. Note to owner.Food: 3/5


The service was extremely slow. The cashier explained his situation hut never gave me a chance to complete my order. I was dissatisfied with the partical order I received and the poor service.Food: 1/5

Anthony Lane

Worst sonic EVER! I LIKE SONICE FOOD. I THINK ITS A LITTLE PRICEY but occasionally I indulge. Well the meat tasted like he's been cooked 5 hours prior it was black and burnt the tomato soggy the lettuce was wilted and the fries were cold are the tater tots I mean and it tastes like dead and fried in old grease I called made it very kind and simple complaint and just told her I can come in and get my meal replaced at no cost. The next day I did and the lady working that day acted like I was pulling a scam and reluctantly 20 minutes later said she would go ahead and replace the meal came out another 20 minutes later with just a sandwich. I need to call corporate and let them know. Bad enough serving food like that. Especially when I'm used to having a good nice fresh Sonic burger with crispy fresh tater tots cooked and clean grease when I go to Sonic. I'm 50 years old I've been eating at Sonic since I was a kid I never had such a bad experience there seems such horrible food come out of one of their sonics!! By the way that's both times. Yes the food wasn't much better on the remake !

Maran Melissa Douthit McLamb

Super nice and morning happy hour large no sugar iced coffee $1.80 can't beat that. Just say no to the add ons for your self loathing to stay away and you're winning!Food: 5/5

Truman Lewis

Had the 5 bucks 1/4 pound cheeseburgers, great for grab and go. Fast friendly service, used drive thru very efficient. ThanksFood: 4/5

Larry Deere

I stop at many different Sonics during the week. Can't rate this location because I don't know which one it is. But for the most part, Sonics are usually fast, friendly, clean and understand English.

Brandon Madl

Must have been the C or D team working this morning. Ordered a sausage egg and cheese toaster combo, got to work and opened up my wrapped sandwich and it's a BLT... Not sure how this stuff happens but usually orders are accurate and pretty quickly brought out even when they are busy.

Joshua Coombs

This is the worst sonic. They warned us that they were going to have to cook our food! I'm all "please do!" They are like it'll be 4 minutes. "Sounds great!"Out comes a cold burger with some hot fried foods. Apparently they already had a burger ready. I don't go to other fast food places, because of the horrible product they put out. Sonic has just made the list!! Also they are super rude even though I always tip 20 percent. All of you should be ashamed at this location!

Diana Logan

My food and drink were good, and the service was timely and friendly. It was a good dining experience. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐They weren't even rude when I forgot to order my side of pickles and they had to make another trip to the car.⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Craig Morris

T R A S H4pm Monday September 12thNo employees to work.Drive thu onlyNo ice creamOrdered ahead on the appChecked inNo response for 15minEmployee came out to inform No ice cream at 4pmNow I have to wait for a refundThis was a horrible experienceDear SonicFind Employees who can fill a schedule and the ice cream machineYou are loosing major $$$ and gaining unhappy customers at the same timeDouble negative

Harlie B.

Food was cold and didn't even bother to wipe the cups off and had strawberry all over.

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