Summer Snow Entertainment

1325 N Janeway Ave, Oklahoma City
(405) 794-7556

Recent Reviews

Lyn R

We have visited this Snow Cone place, since summer. Their hours have changed a couple times, in the last few weeks. They went from 1-8 pm to 2-6 pm. They will close for Thanksgiving Day and the day after. Their last day is December 19, 2022 and close until sometime in “2023.”

Caitlin Foster

This place has good snow cones on some days. I came to this place a week ago and my snow cone was delicious. However, I came back recently because it was so good and my snow cone wasn't nearly as good as the first time..

Morgan Juhree

The best priced snow cones compared to the other shop on 19th street. But still has all the same products.

Burke Thorpe

Too much syrup the last visit. I'm thinking the employees make them how they enjoy a snow cone.

Mistah Logo

Located directly across the park on Janeway in Moore...A ton of options to choose from... A bit on the pricier side... The pineapple tornado didn't have enough flavor on the ice... So, a little disappointed after spending $8 for it to have barely any flavor... Other than that it was just okay, unfortunately.

Amari Mcbroom

Not as good as some I’ve had. couldn’t really drink out of my straw and they didn’t fill it as much. Wouldn’t go again probably gonna look for a new one.

Alonna Hatfield

Pretty disappointing, waited 24 minutes in line, with me as the 3rd car and although my transaction went fast once I was at the window, the snow-cone was dry and I mean DRY. If I only wanted ice I would have specified that. Probably won’t return or recommend.

Enos Moaning

I go there everyday the best snowcones even though they are a little expensive. But over all I'm addicted

tawni newkirk

I've been twice. The regular ones don't have that upside-down bowl shaped top like some would expect, just a flat top. They do however make up for it with the amount of syrup they use. Not a long wait in the drive through either.

lori Hoffman

Summer Snow has friendly staff, I took children there, now I take my grandchildren, they absolutely love it! Great place!

Bobbie Jo

We usually go in the Summertime, through the Drive thru. Yes, it makes me uncomfortable that they don’t wear masks. Pandemic or otherwise, it’s good to practice healthy duties, for the sake of germs. The thing that I hate most of this place: are the BEES that fly around the Drive-thru window. I hate insects, they scare me! They should spray that outside-window with insecticide, like way before they open, so it dries and has time to air out. On the Pros: Snow Cones are good!

Sara Elizabeth Groover

The BEST snow cones in Moore. Love adding lemon and cream, and the more crunchy ice.

SPY! Media

They are always nice and helpful wish they had Apple Pay tho

Sandy Gant

Love there snowcones...milk shakes are great, pretzels and cheese is really good too

Craig Dodds

It's tasty treats, awesome prices and smiles all around

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