Vegetarian Indian Fast Food (Rasoi Chat Corner)

3810 NW 39th Expy, Oklahoma City
(405) 942-7813

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Michelle R.

Very nice people work here. The menu isn't as descriptive as I'd like but I explained to the woman behind that I don't eat meat or dairy and she hooked me up. I B got chickpea curry (love this), potato curry (eh, I'm not a potato fan), rice with carrots and peas which were delicious), chapati (plain-ish flatbread), a potato and pita samosa (I want another), Gulab Jamon (flour dessert with a syrup on it), a cucumber salad, some chip thugs, and it was all good. And only $11.94. The surprise of it all is I'm not a fan of parties but I loved the potato and pea samosa.

Quinn G.

This must be the most slept-on place in the OKC Metro. Rasoi Chaat Cafe reminds me of Vik's Chaat in Berkeley. Everything on the menu is vegetarian and delicious. The prices are so reasonable, it's a great incentive to try something new, which is good, because the menu is extensive. There is a picture menu at the counter, which I appreciate for helping me bolster my chaat vocabulary (my chaat chat?). This allows me to confidently order "Bhel puri," instead of "That one that's kind of like spicy rice crispies." The seating area is very basic. I usually order to go, and they are always really nice. It's fun to browse the supermarket that's attached while waiting for my order. I highly recommend this local chaat spot!

Supreetha Iyengar

I love this place, best vegetarian South Indian food when you're craving some authentic food. I like how it's completely vegetarian as well.

Gopi Yerabati

Disaster food. Onion samosa has no onion at all. Pani puri is so bad. Not even worth a penny.

Sai Rama9

Came this place on 3Jan2019 on the occasion of shopping groceries at “spices of india” in the same Block. We have ordered Samosa chat with Bhel.

Stacy A.

This is the 3rd time I've had lunch at this location. Each time I there was one problem after another. The food was mainly mediocre. Curries did not taste fresh. A lot of what I wanted they didn't cook yet. I was there around 1 and she told me if I could come back at 3 if I wanted the South Indian curries they listed on the menu. The samosa was good. The chai was good. The service was extremely slow and the cashier was over worked and was messing everything up. I waited 30 minutes for a cup of chai and gulab jamun. The price was fantastic and that's why I give them 3 star instead of 2. I love Indian food so much and keep hoping they would do better at this restaurant but it's like they truly don't care. The place isn't clean, looks barren and ... honestly just like a truck stop lunch room in a gas station. If they cared a little bit more they could be doing so much better at this place but it's like a big mess instead that truly shows a huge lack of care.

Ranish Timilsina

Food is fine and price is good, no doubt, but the clerk needs to give correct estimate of waiting time. If it takes almost 45 minutes to make 1 order of paratha and sabji, you shouldn’t say 15 minutes. She was polite, apologized for delay and she is new but no one likes to wait half an hour more than what was estimated. But other than that food is great. Also, when you enter a restaurant and all you can hear is microwave beeps, it kind of makes you think.


Food is good. Had to wait for 1 hr to get your food.

Kevin Kevin

You can’t find any other Indian restaurant better than this in oklahomacity metro for taste and quality of food.

Ashwin Viswanathan

The taste is authentic and good. The service and waiting time is pathetically slow. It took almost 35 mins for 2 microwaved idlys and vada to be brought to the table. On top of that the student girl employee who waits at the cashier's desk does free giveaways of sweets to her friends right under the owners noses in the guise of add-ons. It was rasmalai today and whoever runs the place better check your invoices and tally the accounts well and hire honest employees


Good food and it is cheap, takes forever!

Akash A.

Pau bhaaji and vada were awesome . Poori not as much . Chai was refreshing too. Uttapam was also good but could have been spicier . Overall good food


fantastic food . really authentic taste of India . everyone should try this place. no one can beat this small restaurant .

Matt McNeil - McNeil Liquidations

Delicious vegetarian food at reasonable prices!

David W.

I'm a fan of hole-in-the-wall places with great food. When it comes to ethnic food, I listen to the people of that ethnicity about where to go. That is what Rasoi is, and the three times I've been, I've been the only white American...a good sign! I've been eating "Indian food" at the growing number of Indian restaunts in Oklahoma restaurants for years, and have also been invited to Indian homes for the real deal. I watched "Street Food" on Netflix recently and saw a great episode on really yummy looking Indian street food. That's basically what they serve here, and that's what I was after. The first time I visited was a decade ago when it was just a little counter tucked away in the back of the grocery store. I ordered the samosa choley and loved it, and so cheap. But now they have a little cafe across the hall. As you enter from the hallway, there is a counter with a desk bell, tons of Indian sweets behind the glass below, and a cooler with exotic drinks behind, but no one at the counter. A man behind me nudged me to ring the bell and someone came out of the back quickly to take my order. I ordered the samosa choley, of course. I paid with credit under five dollars (3.99). I expected to have to pay cash. She gave me a ticket and I took a seat. The dining area looked like they had furnished it with a McDonald's liquidation auction, and against the wall was a water cooler and a table with plasticware and sugar and salt, etc. It felt like a long wait, but really it was shorter than most restaurants. In the three times I've been, I've never seen more than two customers. The servers are quiet, and might not speak much English, but very polite. When the food came out fresh on a styrofoam plate, it was filled to the brim. Savory, spicy, tender, crunchy, and sweet just like I had hoped for. The food was at just the right spice level for a typical Okie. I would have preferred it hotter. I suspect I could have asked for more heat. The next week, I tried the bhel chaat. It was very tasty, but not satisfying as a meal. I could see myself taking a small portion of this in the afternoon as a snack which is probably what it is supposed to be. Rasoi is a great option for vegetarians. It's not open on Mondays, as I discovered today. I will personally keep this cafe in business if necessary, but I hope that you will check it out and keep this wonderful little place alive!

Matt M.

The food's still terrific, yes, but . . . One star docked for all the Styrofoam and plastic ware used here. (Why not use compostables if not washable/re-usable dishes?)

Rocco D'Orazio

Food is homemade to order. Top tier food. Order ahead strongly recommended.

salima widwani

Dosa and thali are bomb... awesome food. Will definitely come again.

rocio perez

Indian food is delicious and thus place is superb

Aashish Rathi


Zach G.

If you're wanting fairly authentic Indian, vegetarian food, this is a good spot to check out. If you put aside what you may expect from most restaurants nowadays, I think you'll have a good experience. The interior could use a major face-lift. It is extremely outdated with cafeteria style tables, weird and random spacing, etc. Luckily, I don't care too much if the food is good, but a little bit of renovation wouldn't hurt. Service is not the best. I've noticed this at many Indian or Asian restaurants where all the staff don't speak the best English. Some of them may come off as rude, but normally it's not the case. Be patient with the language barrier, and you'll be fine. If anything, take it as a good sign that you'll be receiving authentic food. They have a bell that you ring at the front desk when you're ready to order. I normally hate this system as I just feel rude, but it's definitely needed here. While I may timidly tap the bell at other places, I find myself giving a firm ring here so one of them will hear and come out of the kitchen to help. All that being said, one guy came in and rang the bell like 10 times. I hope he reads this review so he can realize how much of a jerk he is. That is all. Everything I've had so far has been great. The Samosa chaat is awesome and that's coming from someone who has been tired of samosas for quite some time. The chickpea sauce and other sauces they put on top are amazing. I highly recommend it. I also got an order of spinach paneer which was pretty good as well. Little bit of spice to it too. Pricing is what blows my mind. Almost everything on the menu is $5-6 or less. And they aren't baby portions either. This is definitely one of those places in which I'll come back to try more options. If you're wanting to try something new, come and check this place out. With such affordable prices, it makes it very easy to experiment on multiple food items.

Maria Miller

I had a tire blow out on the freeway and had no spare. After calling a few tow companies I knew I needed to make a choice quickly so I chose Save Money Towing for no other reason then they happen to answer the call and had a pleasant attitude. I am glad I did! Richard answered the phone and was extremely helpful in every way possible. He was also the one that showed up to tow my car

Ashok Bhusal

They have really delicious samosas. Pani puri don’t taste good here. I only go for samosas there.

Sumeer K.

Best appetizer/food place in OKC. Variety of Gujarati and South Indian options. Always fresh

Najma Dewan

bad food l nver go there again.

Tania T

Their samosa is a must have. Love their mix pakora. Food is always fresh.

Brandon Boyd

I thought the food was great. It was very affordable as well. As for all the people complaining that the service is slow, they probably don't realize that there is only one person who cooks every order. So if there were 5 orders ahead of yours, those 5 orders are going to get served first. Yes, you might have to wait a little bit but I think the food and pricing are well worth the wait. I will most definitely be back again. I implore any one to check this place out and go in knowing you may wait a bit.

Joshua B.

Not fancy at all inside, but that's part of the experience. Kind of like a restaurant in India, it was just old tables in chairs, but the food... oh it's good! Mainly chaats (Indian snacks and street foods), they have a lot of variety you don't see in other Indian restaurants in the area. Seems to serve more southern Indian food than northern. Had Chana Chaat, masala dosa with coconut chutney, pav bhaji, wada pav, and pani puri. All were super falavorful, full of spices, and delicious! Service was a little slow, but they are kind. Must come back for more.

Brandon OReilly

I thought the food was great. It was very affordable as well. As for all the people complaining that the service is slow, they probably don't realize that there is only one person who cooks every order. So if there were 5 orders ahead of yours, those 5 orders are going to get served first. Yes, you might have to wait a little bit but I think the food and pricing are well worth the wait. I will most definitely be back again. I implore any one to check this place out and go in knowing you may wait a bit.

Alan G.

This restaurant is right next door to Spices of India which is an Indian Grocery store. They serve Chaat, which is Indian fast food essentially. The food is not too bad but the environment is horrible. I wish they would put a little bit of effort into making this place somewhat inviting. Cause their food is not too bad. I think the restaurant has some potential if they could improve the space. We usually grab a couple of samosas and maybe a masala dosa. I always get a sugarcane juice and they add ginger to it as well. If you haven't been, I would check it out but ignore the environment and get the food to go.

Shiv Kumar Ganesh

Good place for North and South Indian Cuisines. The Tea is pretty good specially the masala one. The service is not too great and they take a lot of time to prepare any item you order. Overall I will visit again if I am on the way towards this place but as such I am not very inclined towards it. You can for sure stop by for a snack.

Rhea W.

This is a nice place for a tasty vegetarian meal or snack. The employees are helpful and kind, which makes communication across a language barrier much more comfortable. I ordered the Masala Dosa- spicy. It was fresh and tasty. It was a ton of well seasoned potatoes, and spices rolled up with sauces and soup in the side. I will go back, definitely. I look fo trying to entire southern Indian section of the menu! For those concerned about aesthetics: The look here is called "we focus our energy on the food". Come with a good attitude and you will find it simple and efficient. Come looking for negativity and you'll find the seating area to be "boring". I choose to see it as efficient. Either way, it's clean, smells like homemade food, and is fairly priced. Please give them a shot!

Jennie Pletsch

North and South Indian food. Spicy and Awesome!

Anil Raghavan

Food is tasty but service is horribly slow. Took one hour of waiting to finally get to-go food.

Matt M.

The service is fast and friendly, but the ambience downright non-existent. (Remember, this is in an old bowling alley. folks.) We LOVE the chana chat here, and the samosa chat's also VERY tasty. The spinach and paneer samosas are also extremely good. I can't wait to try the falooda! The two of us eat like kings here for about eleven bucks. (You can't beat that with a stick!)

Sri Harsha K.

I wanna give this place -1 rating. I ordered a thali worth 10.99$, It came with a small cup of rice, 3 Chapati and 2 curries(Dall Fry and Paneer Tikka Masala). The gravy in paneer smelled raw ginger garlic, It was not even cooked properly. Paneer was not even fresh. The rice with thali was awful, it was full of cinnamon and it tasted like stale food. I feel a complete rip off for paying 10.99$ for that food. Puri with Chole was tasting Ok. We also ordered so called "Fresh Sugar Cane Juice", which was 25% Sugar Cane juice and 75% Water, It was so diluted. I spoke to lady at the counter about the quality, she was so rude and spoke something back in Urdu. She din even consider my request. Please try to avoid this place.

Saikrishna Alapati

Vegetarian restaurant where ample of breakfast menu is available which was not common at other places try sugarcane juice with some lemon and ginger in it.

April C.

If you are craving authentic Indian snacks like samosas and pani puri, this is your place. When I say snacks, I mean super filling snacks. It's MEGA cheap yet fresh and delicious. This place is on the left side of the Indian supermarket, Spices of India (in the same building but there is a hall separating them) so I usually will stop and eat here when I pick up groceries. I highly recommend the samosa chaat. It's 2 samosas covered in chole (chickpea curry) with loads of toppings like tamarind and mint chutney, onions, cilantro and a cream type sauce. AMAZING. This has a bit of a kick to it so if you can't handle spicy well I would recommend ordering samosas separately and staying with just the tamarind chutney. My other favs are the eggplant curry and pau bhaji (veggie currie with bread). They also have good paneer curries (spinach and tikka are great)! The daal here is outstanding!! They have quite a bit to choose on the menu and all of it is great. Overall this place is cheap and delicious!!!

Swetha M.

Ok first off, if you're not indian, don't bother writing a shitty review because this is AUTHENTIC indian chaat. The kind that you find in the bazaar in India. If you want the fake Americanized version of Indian food, there are plenty of restaurants that cater to your palate. This is not one of them. The prices are super cheap comparatively to the amount of food you receive. The only downside is that it takes forever to get your food, but it's all freshly made so that's to be expected. The samosas are to die for and always a great choice if you're unsure of what to get. The place isn't as aesthetically pleasing as most restaurants but keep in mind: this is more of a casual bistro than anything. Huge emphasis on casual. If you need real plates and silverware instead of the paper substitutes they provide you with, this is definitely not the place for you. But there is something to be said for the simple presentation. The unassuming paper plate is filled with the perfect amount of food and spices and spiced just right to melt into your mouth and keep you coming back for more.

Jamie H.

As other reviewers have mentioned, the service and especially the atmosphere are lacking. When i needed help though, the ladies at the counter were kind and patient with my questions. They knew i probably had little idea of what i was ordering so they did their best to explain everything i was ordering. That being said, the food is amazing! When you eat out you must look at it as an adventure. I did not know what anything on the menu was so i looked it all up. But being surprised by what i ordered was fun, and now i know more than i did when i went in! I will definitely go here again when im tired of tasteless american food. I am rating this place solely on its food. It is also very cheap!

Vegetarian Indian Fast Food (Rasoi Chat Corner)

3810 NW 39th Expy, Oklahoma City, OK 73112
(405) 942-7813