Burger King

11020 S Memorial Dr, Tulsa
(918) 369-8027

Recent Reviews

A Winner

Take your pick of reasons why I'll NEVER return to this BK. Just come up with one--you're probably right!

Scott Miano

Good food, good prices, very and I mean very slow service, and most of tables were dirty

Ke S

QUESTIONABLE SANITARY PRACTICES!!!I observed an employee open the door, enter the kitchen and start preparing food without changing gloves nor wearing a mask. I did not observe any of the other two employees preparing food wear masks either. Only the female at the counter wore a mask but this was below her chin. After washing my hands in the filthy bathroom before eating I came out thinking my hands were cleaner before washing them! These conditions and practices are unacceptable at ANY TIME and egregious for TODAY!

Alex Bowker

Surprisingly not bad and really really good deals online.

Aurora Sonntag

Very upset with the way the manager handled my call earlier today. Instead of making me feel heard and trying to right the wrong, I ordered a large frozen coke among other things and have had inconsistent sizes, he told me he's been there for two years and this is the large. However I have had larges before that are bigger than this. So I asked him to get with his team and let them know the inconsistency isn't good for customer views. No apology, no nothing. I will not be returning. I suppose there is a reason why I don't see many visitors at this location.

Georges Habib

The worst BK ever, I never go there and they they get my order right!!! They are by my house but that the last time I go to them, I will drive the extra mile and get my order right...

Dan Hatfield

It wasn't what I really wanted

The adventures of Scred

The whopper off the grill. Need I say any more except mmmmmmm.

Tamara Beason

We were running late for dinner this evening due to car broke down. We wanted a hamburger so we thought we would stop at Burger King cause it looked like it would be faster. Not only did they get our order right but instead of giving us what they knew were old onion rings they made us fresh ones. Jacob the guy at the drive through had the best customer service it was a great experience

Robert Knapp

Fantastic crew of people here. Went out of their way time help.

Ron Pope

Worst burger in Tulsa. I specially asked that the burger be cooked fresh on the grill. I’m sure they took pre-cooked patties and warmed it up. The only thing hot was the fries. The bun wasn’t fresh and fell apart while trying to hold it. I don’t recommend this place.

Joseph Dawson

I always enjoy a Whopper

Debra Harrelson

Deep cleaned part of the kitchen at open - wasn't able to order what I wanted.

Beth Swanson

Just went through drive thru twice. First time the order was wrong, so went back to get it fixed. Waited several minutes with no one at the window until I called to make sure they were still there. Cashier apologized because she thought the cook would handle it. Order was STILL wrong so I assume the cook had "clocked out early".

Jennifer Jones

Had hot French Fries but too much mayonnaise on my burger. Otherwise it was great. And I like the way I can get Cherry Coke Zero (black label)

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