Freddy's Frozen Custard & Steakburgers

9311 E 71st St, Tulsa
(918) 249-9991

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Wade Eberle

Never have I had such a terrible experience the worst hamber patties so see through and crunchy then I'm told that's the way they are supposed to be. Never again what a waste!

Josh Wetterman

Food is quality they forgot a few things through drive-through but all in all usually pretty quick, quality ingredients and always fresh

Perry Jones

Awesome food & service .I'm just visiting from Virginia & I wish we had a Freddys in my city. Can't hardly believe I've been eating at Sonic while I've been here!! Nice job ppl & the customer service made my Freddies experience most enjoyable! Thanks again??

Janice Elizabeth Avant

the drive through service was excellent! Thanks Ms. Kim u made my day! #1 happy customer!

Caitlyn H.

The best freddy's I've been to! They always go above and beyond for us! And the Hawaiian delight concrete is sooo good. Tip: the drive thru isn't set up for trucks, it requires some reversing and straightening out but it's worth it!

Jenny Anthony

Blown away by excellent customer service - shout out to our drive thru employee Caleb. He was courteous, respectful and knows his stuff! He was super organized and such a pleasure. Experiences like this keep us coming back to Freddy's! Thank you Caleb!!

Mauiboy Sunny

Freddy's has really good burgers and their fries are great for some just medium for me One thing that hurts Freddy's is the price is really high for the size sandwich you get so if you want a big sandwich for the same price I go to Red Robin I was just under $10 for the double

Warren Ingram

Love this restaurant!! Great food and friendly staff! My favorite thing is the crispy shoestring fries ??Plus, the awesome Freddy's Fry Sauce!!

craig hoosier

Food is usually good and all, However, stopped in saturday on my way to work. Walked in at 1:30, had to wait in line cause it was a little busy when I first walked in. Paid for and Placed my order for a malt at 1:40 and then walked out at 2:02 without my order as I would have been late for work had I stood there waiting for even another minute.

Michelle Riggs

Staff was very helpful. Pleasant experience. Restrooms could have been nicer but overall not terrible.

Cindy Thompson

I wasn't impressed by the food at all. The custard on the other hand was delicious. Burgers were average but the fries were horrible. They call shoe string potatoes French fries (?)

De Victor Muse

Wish I could eat here everyday. .. I tried the sundae. .. mmm good

Kathryn Cox

Food was not great. Frys were closed ld and burger was dry. Get a double because the single was all bread and no meat. Shakes looked good, but I didn't try.

Julie Kimmel

This Freddy’s has the friendliest and most helpful staff my husband and I have ever encountered. The manager, Nikki, went out of her way to make sure everything was to our satisfaction. She’s a rare gem. Great hotdogs for an affordable price.

Robin Whitehead

I love this place. I'm not from this area, so I have not eaten at a Freddy's before. I've had Steak N Shake, but I think Freddy's is better. The fry sauce is awesome. The fries are thin and crispy and the onion rings are huge. The custard, of course, is the best part. Yum! Also good service.

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Freddy's Frozen Custard & Steakburgers

9311 E 71st St, Tulsa, OK 74133
(918) 249-9991