7890 E 106th Pl S Suite V-2, Tulsa
(918) 802-9999

Recent Reviews

Sue P.

It's a small coffeeshop but I like its pretty and cozy ambience. Coffee tastes okay. :)

Joe B.

Great place to go if you're looking for shitty/rude service and espresso shots that are burned.

Mirelle P.

Love it. The best honey coconut latte I've had. Great staff. Great environment. I literally cross from one side of the city to the other just to get my coffee there. Totally worth it.

Noah L.

Fantastic coffee! Workers are good, good service. Also if you don't have much coffee knowledge they will gladly give you advice as well as recommendations. Will be coming back for sure.

Anne F.

this is just rlly disappointing and unsafe to the health of the public. All three of the baristas on staff let some guy without a mask (who was coughing earlier) reach over the counter and steam milk. No mask and no gloves. That makes me so uncomfortable when we're in the middle of a pandemic. Plus they let this 3 or 4 year old who was touching everything run around the store and touch things behind the counter/ bar. The girl working seemed to know the kid. I don't think personal relations warrant disrespect to CDC guidelines. Most people at this coffee shop walk in w/o a mask and the staff says nothing even though it's a city ordinance.

Denise R.

Love this place! It's a beautiful place to enjoy coffee and goodies. The service was amazing and my iced coffee and pumpkin spice whoopie pie were tasty treats! All of their staff wore masks and their customers did too! Highly recommend.

Daleen N.

Smooth espresso blend and care in delivering a quality latte. Attractive environment. Welcome to the neighborhood! We'll be back.

Ginny G.

Great coffee , chai tea . My new stop instead of Starbucks . Local owned & fresh baked morning pastries, cookies, biscotti & breakfast sandwiches . Prices in line w specialty cafe & coffee shops. Should try it will be your new go to. Clean & great customer service

Preston R.

Best coffee in south Tulsa!! Everything I have ordered from this place has been amazing.

Candice Alcott Coldwell Banker

Adorable comfy coffee place with tasty treats to have with your coffee. Accommodating staff. Would like to see outdoor seating if possible in the future. This place was great for a morning date for my husband and I. ❤

Melissa S.

You cannot order from the full menu. I was wanting to order a blender, but just the first two boards can be ordered from. Interior space is small and there isn't much seating. Coffee was good and I will definitely try it again, but because of the first two things it's a 3 star for me.

Tammy Holmes Hoskins

Go by this delicious coffee place today and TASTE the goodness!! So much better in EVERY way than the commercialized coffee chain that does NOT support traditional and Biblical family values. Lagom is a beautiful, relaxing & clean environment you will REALLY enjoy that also offers amazing pastries and heavenly goodies AND the staff is SUPERB!!

Abigail Skye

The staff are very friendly and professional! Clean, cozy atmosphere and the best coffee in Tulsa!

Hannah Wadsworth

Excellent coffee! Their employees are always friendly, too. As a study spot, needs improvement. Biggest complaint is that the music is way too loud, esp at 6:30am. The music choice is also poor, needs to be relaxing something not songs about love and sleeping together.

Isabel Carter

Lagom’s Interior, packaging, service, parking, product and more are All amazing. My FAVORITE drink is the honey coconut oat milk late. I need gallons of it. The only thing I would add is more seating. Understandably a busy setting maybe even outdoor seating for when there’s nicer weather. Best coffee ever. Seriously

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