Sake 2 Me Sushi

9205 E 71st St, Tulsa
(918) 249-8080

Recent Reviews

Jessica M.

Small store front restaurant, a little hard to find but definitely worth the visit. Great selection of sushi and sashimi. Wait staff is fast and friendly and the interior is well done. My daughter is allergic to shellfish and they had enough variation in the menu for her to try different rolls. They do not have a veggie roll option which would have been nice, but the sushi is fresh and yummy and very affordable.

Miki S.

First time in 5/30/20. All you can eat sushi buffet for $28.99 per person. We decided to try this so we could sample the different types of sushi. The service was really great. Hospital. Kind. Helpful. Prompt. Some of the fish wasn't as fresh as other places I've been but it was not bad fish. Overall it was a good experience.

Ky W.

Amazing quality sushi! Fresh and delicious service was also great. When you enter and exit the chef yells something in Japanese!! You can tell it's a genuine greeting. They are practicing social distancing also which is good Given the current situation in our world.

Scott S.

Have been here several times now when visiting tulsa. Has become one of our favorite sushi spots. Everything we've tried is delicious and they even pass out extra appetizers on occasion. Clean, fairly quick, and all around recommended.

Rene A.

Very good service I came in at about close time and they let me stay as long as I need to finish my meal plus all you can eat is at a very reasonable price and they have a wide selection of sushi!

Oanh D.

We have been a fan. But in the recent events left a bad taste and we'll probably won't be returning again. We're actually one of their regular, we go at least twice a month and always tip above 20%. My husband and I are both first responders and just worked at a hospital for 12+ hours when we decided to chose this place as our first outing. They do have a couple of tables blocked off for social distancing but otherwise they were pretty packed. We saw one available table that seated 6 but they didn't let us sit there because we were just two people. The waitress/host then told us we had to wait at least 10 minutes, from across the restaurant. Guys, we are major foodies, we have waited hours for food before but I was honestly pretty upset. I was tired and hungry and just was not in the mood for the greed and petty. Also there was no waiting area so we were standing around watching people eat. So we left. Maybe this restaurant don't care and it's ok, but they have lost our business for good. I hope those few extra people to fill your table of six were worth it.

Best Choice C.

Food was ok.. service was great . Pretty cold in there. And had to wait a while. Bathroom was dirty

K. Moua

One of my favorite places for sushi. The staff is always nice and services is always fast. I love how they always give something free to snack on. They have a good selection of sushi and I'm never disappointed with the food. The only reason I'm giving 4 stars is because they do have all you can get sushi and charges about $28 per adult and kids over the age of 12 as well. That for me doesnt make sense because I know kids do not eat $28 worth of sushi. Even myself, I cannot eat $28 worth of sushi but I eat enough to be comfortable with that price. That's just my two cents on that.

Lisa W.

This is now my favorite restaurant in Tulsa. They have amazing Asian cuisine and sushi. The all- you-can-eat is the way to go. It is very reasonably priced. My favorite is the chicken katsu. The restaurant is very clean, and the service is impeccable. I just can't say enough great things about Sake2Me!

Sonthala S.

This is one of the best Sushi! We love traveling to Tulsa and stopped at Sake 2 Me Sushi every time. Price is fair and customer service are outstanding. I highly recommended to all!

Jon T.

You walk in to some of the most friendly staff you'll find anywhere. The atmosphere is very pleasant, with nice clean lines, very clean kitchen and overall great ambiance. We no sooner sat down than Chef has sent over an appetizer (on the house). An extremely tasty crab, on a homemade cracker. We took our time, asking questions of our server (Li) who was extremely knowledgable about the menu, very helpful in answering our questions and extremely attentive to what we were ordering. We initially ordered soft-drinks, but realized they had Plum wine. It was some of the most delicious I've ever had. Li then in turn recommended another time of plum wine that could be found in the local liquor stores for some $8 a bottle with an actual plum in the bottom of the bottle. We placed our order and within only a very short time they brought out our edamame, and the nigiri that I had ordered. When ordering, I had asked about the possibility of having some "super-white Tuna" but initially were told there were out. About 10 minutes after our food had been ordered we received another dish complimentary of the chef consisting of the last of the white tuna that he had in the house. He prepared it for us. It was delicious!!! There was not a single thing that we would have changed during our visit today which the exception of perhaps one - and that was they brought all of the food out at once vs. pacing it a little for us. In the future, I'll make certain to specify that when placing our order. Thank. you Li, Chef and staff for an amazing meal!!!

Steve W.

Stopped in at this great little spot again. They never fail to satisfy! Rolls are well made, large and filled with fresh and tasty ingredients. Highly recommend. Have loved every variety we tried. Pricing is great for what you get. They also have all you can eat if you have a big appetite.

Ryan Doyeto

We love this place! They not only give you tons of samples and items “on the house” they treat you like a person instead of a number. My wife and I have not been in a couple of months from our previous experience and the waitress remembered our daughter and asked about her. Made all the difference. And the food is amazing!

Emilee S.

My husband, teen son, and myself came for lunch. My first time trying the all you can eat sushi. To be honest not a fan. It's about $30 per adult to do the all you can eat. I felt too much pressure to eat everything we ordered so didn't enjoy it as much. Also, the rolls are bigger and made with more rice. They're definitely trying to get you full and they get their money's worth. Staff was friendly but not fully observant of when someone needs something. My son doesn't eat sushi. He got some fried chicken but there's not much to choose from aside from the sushi. And the music was bad because they just kept playing the same 3 Justin Bieber songs over and over. I suppose once it replays to "yummy" it's time to go.

Crafting Artist

All the sushi was delicious and very high quality! The price for all you can eat is fair especially if you have a healthy appetite, you end up getting a fair discount. You get to eat the sushi in rounds but if you don’t want to get charged extra you have to eat everything you order so I highly recommend ordering small portions a little at a time

Jennifer Moseley

My family and I stopped in for late lunch. At first it didn't look like it was open but I guess we hit it at the right time. We were greeted by a waiter with a quirky mustache and beard. I am not a big fan of facial hair in food service but he was very nice and courteous. The menu at first was a little confusing. We decided to not to get the all you can eat experience. It was a mistake. We ended up getting a combination platter with spicy tuna and crab rolls and assorted sushi. While we were there we were treated to a few of the options they offer on the house. When our plates were placed in front of us I was in awe at the assortment arranged for us some of which i hadn't tried before. It was delicious and very fresh. We had so much food they nearly had to roll us out of the restaurant. I was very impressed. I work as a manager in food service so I tend to be over critical when it comes to eating out. This place didn't disappoint and was very clean as well. We will be back.

Lauren Lowry

It was our first time eating here and we did the unlimited sushi. We way over ordered on the 1st round of 3 rounds. Couldn't finish everything in the first round and the menu said they charge you per roll for any rice that is not eaten. Long story short, they should've charged us a fee on like 5 different rolls because we ordered 12 rolls and only ate 7 of them. Because it was our first time, and we didn't realize each roll was so big, they did not charge us. The sushi was excellent and the service is outstanding. We will definitely become loyal customers here and we will never order that much at one time again! I highly recommend this place.


My husband was in the mood for sushi for dinner, so we hit up google to find the best in the area since we just moved here. There are more options then we actually thought we would have. We ended up picking this place to try. We ordered 3 different types of rolls and all were great. Fresh and delicious! Service was excellent! They were checking on us at least once every 5 minutes. We also tried an app and dessert, which both were great as well. We will most definitely be back. I was also surprised at the prices. Great sushi for a great price.

Laura G.

This sushi place is amazing! Quality service, quality food, they surprise you with extra snacks, and they have the most wonderful pricing. The atmosphere is beautiful as well! I love this restaurant! You can tell top effort is made for each customer!!

Jeff P.

Good sushi. All you can eat is an option, but less expensive to just order rolls. I liked it, and we will be back.

Faviola Andrus

Service if great and food is amazing. I believe this is one of the few establishments that offer all you can eat sushi. My family and I love being able to come here and eat all the delicious rolls. would highly recommend.

Leon Graham

I just started eating sushi about 2 years ago. I’ve been trying all kinds of different sushi restaurants from here to Florida and nothing compares to sake 2 me. The people are so nice to everyone and they have great service I love this place.

Victor Melendez

Great service, great selection of sushi for my friends, I don't care for sushi but I was impressed with their spicy chicken and rice dish. Delicious! We are definitely going back.

Leslie M

Came here randomly last night! SO good. They have an all you can eat sushi option for only $28.99! The chef gave us a free mini appetizer and a 4 pc. roll called golden California roll, I think!? Anyway, the service was very friendly, great atmosphere, the sushi is super fresh and delicious! Will def be back!!

Jocelyne Delatorre

The owner and the rest of the employees are really friendly and professional. I love going to this place. They are clean and fast! Been going here for about 2 years now. Really recommend it!

Meg R.

The All You Can Eat option on the menu was all the enticement I needed to give this place a try. I love sampling foods and it is the perfect opportunity to get a group together and try a bit of everything. I would have given five stars, except there was a small misunderstanding between the servers and four dishes never arrived at our table- I can only assume each staff member thought another had brought our plates already as it was incredibly busy that night. However, I will gladly try them again.

Jennifer McMaster

I am so sad it took us a year of living in Tulsa to try this place. I have probably been to more than 60 sushi restaurants and this is the best I have ever had. I didn't expect that for how casual and inexpensive it is. Loved the atmosphere and the service was great. We will probably... definitely be here weekly.

Sierra Yang

This restaurant is incredible. The food is delicious and the free appetizers they hand out are really good as well. The staff were extremely kind. Food portions were really good and the wait wasn't too long either. Great place!

Tiffany Jones

Honestly this is by far the best sushi place I've EVER been to. The wait staff cares about customer service. The kitchen staff are wonderful artists with the food. It's so delicious! The portions are perfect. Seriously though. I am NEVER going to another sushi place ever again!

Kaamil Veerjee

Went here last week with my girlfriend and we really enjoy ourselves. Decor is nice and clean, staff is friendly and attentive. They have a small bar inside and are a full service restaurant. Rolls were pretty good!

Cory C.

Stopped in during lunch hour on a weekday after seeing the good reviews on yelp The service was friendly and fast. And the fish used on the sushi rolls was not fresh, a little stiff. Not bad however for a quick sushi lunch.

Bree B.

This place is amazing. Some of the best sushi and service I've ever received. My boyfriend and I went in late one night craving sushi. We saw that they had an all you can eat option, and we were really wanting to do that, but they informed us they stopped doing it at 9:30(which is when we got there). My boyfriend asked if we could just order everything at once,and they were more than willing to accommodate us. The sushi was so fresh and beautifully presented. I was overly impressed by it honestly. For the price, I couldn't believe how amazing it was. We went in again lastnight a bit earlier, I had my toddler who refused to sit down. The wait staff both came by several times to try and help entertain her. They were so kind and helpful. I would rate this place 10 stars if I could. Will make this a regular date spot for sure.

Jennifer P.

So, I just moved to Oklahoma from California. Being that California is literally the food dreamland... I was a bit concerned that I wouldn't find good places to eat once I left Sushi is one of my favorite. And so, I went on a hunt to find a good sushi place. I'm literally in the restaurant right now. Sitting in from of the sushi chefs. I found this place on Yelp with a good rating, so I said... why not. My experience: I walked in, I was acknowledged right away. As soon as I walked in, I was asked how many in my party. I said, only myself for takeout. So, the proceeded to take me to the bar area. Asked me if I'd like to take a seat and look at the menu. While browsing the menu... I kinda already knew what I wanted... But all of a sudden... I hear the chefs that are right in front of me say: hello. And when I look up, he was holding a plate with a fresh crab appetizer on top of a salty crunchy cracker (which I think they make themselves) That was very unexpected and definitely what made me want to not wait to write a review. (By the way... that bite was amaaaaazing and so fresh) this is what separates an ordinary sushi restaurant from a extraordinary one that offer not just good food, but excellent service. I didn't even wait more than 10 minutes for my order. As I got up to leave, the chefs and the waiter said bye. They were so nice and attentive. They greet you with a smile and I mean... most of the time. I'm getting married next Saturday and lots of people are coming from California for the weekend. I cannot wait to bring them here

James Pool

We had a large group and got several different dishes. Very good quality. Huge portions even with the individual orders. They still had a few nice options for the few in our group that were not sushi eaters. Clean, welcoming, and all in our group were impressed.

Cassidy P.

This place was amazing! We went in with a party of about 10 people. The portion sizes were great for the price! Everyone had leftovers. Many of the plates are sizable enough to share with another person. My husband got the all you can eat sushi and it was so worth the $30! Great deals, amazing food, friendly staff!

Fawn Squirrel-Davis

We met up to celebrate my birthday, with a group of 7. The staff was friendly and greeted us, as we walked in the door. It was my first time here, and only the 2nd time to have sushi. Everything was so wonderfully tasty, we'll definitely be back. They brought us free dishes, while we waited on part of our party, and during our meal. The waitress was sweet enough to snap a pic for us.

Carolyn Hines

Very nice the atmosphere was great. They're hospitable, the food is great. Make sure you're hungry, if you do all you can eat me and my son haven't made it past the second round... lol we always have a wonderful time.

Don Freer

Fantastic! Must visit. I have always disliked sushi but have always wanted to be a fan for numerous dietary reasons. I decided to give this place a try in hopes to make the leap and was absolutely impressed. The warm environment is enjoyable even when it's busy, the staff and service were excellent, and I was blow away by how quickly food arrived. As far as the food quality.. wow. Not only did I fine myself enjoying sushi for the first time but I was eager to come back for more before I'd even finished! Shout out to these guys for throwing in some "on the house" delights too!!

Devin Howard

Very clean and modern atmosphere. Friendly staff and a wide variety on the menu. They even have an all you can eat option. The staff gave us lots of free samples of items from the menu. Overall a good experience but kind of pricey.

Alexandra Jones

I really enjoyed my time at this restaurant. The sushi and sake were great! The servers were friendly and quick. 10/10 would recommend.