11073 S Memorial Dr, Tulsa
(918) 369-3740

Recent Reviews

Sheila Gaddis

Service- outstanding!

Landon Wiland

This is by far the slowest Starbucks in the Tulsa area. I would definitely pass this location if you want to get in and out in a timely manner. I have currently been waiting at the window for over 15 minutes for my two drinks. Apparently our “cups were lost.”

K. Kara

Kind staff, organized and clean place. Indoor area is only for ordering and pickup due to Covid.

Eric Prickett

Good, reliable drinks. Ordering drinks on the app makes it so easy too; you can just run in and pick it up instead of waiting in a long line outside.

David K

Ordered on the app like usual. Get here. Store is closed. Nobody will come to the door or answer the phone. That was a fun $5 loss.

Heather Rudd

These employees are literally the nicest! I’ve always had good experiences with Starbucks And their employees but this one in particular is on point! They are always complimenting me and and always happy and friendly! It’s honestly an amazing start to my day! The coffee helps too ?? I really appreciate the positive vibes!

chris thompson

Waited in drive thru for about an hour only to be told they were out of what I wanted when I got to the speaker..

Selah R.

I love Starbucks coffee but I have never been at a Starbucks drive thru that is over 45 minute wait time on multiple occasions. They need to hire more people or train them to be faster. I mean an hour wait for coffee how ridiculous. The coffee recipes at this particular spot seem to always be changing. Not consistent.

Pamela Cooper

Great Coffee, High price but worth it. I recommend the Strawberry Acai.

Aurora Sonntag

I hope I have the right store,Lola is a great asset to this store. She has been nothing but sweet and is always more than willing to take care of me when I come through. She even remembers my name! Please give her kudos from me for doing such a great job everyday.

Karen Laub

Went there this morning and went through drive thru ordered a venti iced coffee with vanilla classic and vanilla sweet cream and coffee was very bitter it didn’t taste sweet i was very disappointed

Sadie Stewart

We ordered over the app, I got 2 Frappuccinos, an iced coffee and a strawberry lemonade. They had our iced drink ready n out before everything else, but when they brought the frappuccinos out, mine was completely melted. It was basically an iced drink. For a $10 drink I expected it to be Frozen. We were down the road before I picked it up n realized, and there was too much traffic to turn around. Tasted good, just sad that it was melted. Everybody else’s drinks were good tho.

Melissa Geis

The baristas are so friendly and caring, especially during this crazy time. Thank you to all ya'll do.

Lindsey Lashley

I know times these days are different.. and I usually frequent this Starbucks Bc it’s on my way to work.... but I won’t be going back to this one ever again even after lives go back to somewhat normal. It’s been over a month now to adjust to what the new normal is and this Starbucks is just the worst! I understand being out of things Bc it’s hard right now to order proper inventory but holy crap! And the line...... let’s talk about getting thru the line.. every Starbucks in town has a line but to get thru this line you better have the patience of a saint and no where to go! And half the time you’ve waited so long and your coffee is wrong you just suck it up and take it! 61st and yale store is rockstars and will drive out of my way to go there!!

Mary Angel Stoller

I am very proud of the management and staff at this Starbucks! Everyone was wearing face masks practicing safe food handling during this pandemic. They even had the front door locked to keep the zombies out.

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