Yummy Asia

10903 S Memorial Dr, Tulsa
(918) 394-5555

Recent Reviews

Gil D

We ordered a Philadelphia Roll and a Shrimp with garlic sauce dinner which came with an egg roll and fried rice. The food was delicious and served promptly. We ate in but I think they do a huge carryout business. Very clean and I would highly recommend it. They also offer Thai food as well.

Michael Leibfried

If you are looking for a good, quick Asian food place to get takeout, this is a great option. They have many different options and you can either call ahead of time or walking in to order. They have a seating area for eating in the restaurant too. Staff is very kind and helpful. One of my go to restaurants in south Tulsa.

Jeannette Stevenson

Sorry, I wouldn't give it any stars. The shrimp wasn't fresh and smelled "off." The vegetables were overcooked. There was no flavor to the sauce. They mistook "hot spicey" for flavor. They offered to make us another dish and it wasn't much better. Go somewhere else.

Scott K.

Great not so expensive food! I love eating here with my son and niece, it is becoming a thing. We get rice and sushi

jim s.

Nice people but just OK thai dishes. Not very authentic....seemed Chinese preparation not thai...the penang curry didnt seem to have and coconut milk or lemongrass flavors.....but still pretty good....

Julie M.

This is the best Asian restaurant I've ever been to! Great place to go to for any occasion from parties to a night out! Large menu to choose from. There's even a gluten free menu too!

Landrie D.

Best Chinese food ever! Egg drop soup there is the best I've ever tried! We drive all the way from Oklahoma City to eat here! Definitely try it if your in the area!

Bryan O.

Our first visit and we will definitely be back. Very clean, great food and service. Family owned and operated and it shows!

Famous Tankersley

Best food in Tulsa area. Fresh and clean. Highly recommend. Eat some great sushi and then order the hibachi chicken and beef. Cheese wontons are fabulous.

Nancy C.

My husband wanted to eat here last night and honestly, I wasn't fully on board with that decision. It's one of those restaurants that's about halfway fast food, where you order from the counter and then they bring it to you. I got cashew chicken, fried rice and an egg roll. For this type of restaurant, it was very good. Egg roll was actually better than usual. For this type of restaurant is was great. Worth a try, that's for sure.

Sindy Andrew

Small place, fresh and reasonably priced food.

Sierra Isaacson

Don’t let the outer appearance fool you, this is a good, clean, family operated business with ambiance and great food. Love the hot n sour soup

Miranda Wagnon

Affordable, really good sushi, not crowded

Sue Proffer-Barnes

Yummy Asia is our go-to place. Clean, friendly and the food is hot and cooked fresh.

C Clifton

Each time I've eaten here I've been pleasantly surprised by both the portions and the quality of the food. They have great lunch prices and a great variety. You can order ahead and they'll have it ready super quick if you want take out. Will be back.

buts butts

Don’t let the outer appearance fool you, this is a good, clean, family operated business with ambiance and great food. Love the hot n sour soup

Megan Nicole

First time eating here tonight! They had a nice setup of the restaurant. The price was good for the amount of food you receive. everything tasted amazing! They were very nice and gave us what we needed before we even needed to ask for it. Food didn’t take too long to arrive either. I will be going back.

Tyler Roberts

This was our first time here, and boy are we glad we stopped here. Ordered 2 dinners, a roll of sushi and egg drop soup. The soup was brought out right away, with the sushi not far behind. Dinners were not far behind. Everything was fresh with great taste. Only thing is I was they had some kind of bourbon chicken.

Tim Cuave

This place falls under a category of restaurants that I honestly prefer over all others. This is one of those amazing hole in the wall type restaurants.

Nancy Rachel

Tonight my friends Fran and Tim, along with their daughter, our daughter and my husband Frank, enjoyed dinner out at Yummy Asia. I had never been to this tucked away little asian location, but the food was absolutely delicious. And I would definitely return for more!

Mark-Helen C

Every time we move into a new area we search out all the Chinese restaurants. So far this ranks in the top two.You order at the counter and find a booth to sit in - they bring you your food.The price is very reasonable. At the time of this review lunch was only $4.99 and dinner started at $7.25. An incredible value even when you add a small soup for $1.50.The veggies were fresh and the sauces were flavorful without the dreaded MSG. Want more than Chinese? Okay, they also serve sushi, Thai currys, hibachi and Japanese. Something for everyone.The staff is Chinese, and the service was good. Something we rarely find in a Chinese restaurant is actual Chinese music.Something of a quandary to us.It's just a hole-in-the-wall, but if you want authentic Chinese on the cheap, this is the place to be. We highly recommend.

C C.

Dropped in yesterday to get a quick order of shrimp fried rice to go. Once I got home the carrots and onions were still cold and raw. It was very bland. So I took it out and added soy sauce and made sure it was done properly.

Harley Case

Wow I was very pleased with this experience. Such good food and super cheap. I was craving sushi late today and this place was close. I honestly was slightly worried to try the sushi, but wow I am blown so happy. I ordered online and picked it up in 10min. Super easy for fresh seriously awesome food.

Chandler Laymon

Some legit asain food. I am very picky when is comes to this type of cuisine. This place hits the spot perfectly. All food ordered so far is a delight to eat and they know how to make my spice level perfect.

Stephen Barnes

Great fresh food! Relaxing dine in atmosphere.


Went here on a whim because we were looking for Chinese food. The person who recommended said he eats here often. My spouse had the large order of mixed beef, chicken and shrimp with broccoli covered in brown sauce with fried rice and an egg roll on the side. He enjoyed his meal and had plenty left over. I had the beef, chicken and shrimp moo goo gai pan which was very average. A couple of odd things were the noodles being slightly larger than I am used to, the spicy sauce was not spicy but rather tasted like vinegar and the spring roll not entirely cooked. We likely will not return. Ironically after we left, we drove north on Memorial and there was a Panda Express that I would have rather had for dinner.

Elliott W.

Okay.. I know it doesn't look like much from the outside.. in a strip center next to a storage facility, but this family owned and operated quick service Asian restaurant is delightful. Fast friendly service, fresh ingredients and they will make any dish spicy on a scale of 1-5. Which I absolutely love!!.. sometimes the Okie palette can be a little bland for me ;) Not to much seating, so calling it in to-go is a good idea It can get crowded at lunch time, but they turn the tables quickly I recently went on a Sunday and was delighted to listen to the owners son play the piano while we enjoyed our Panang Chicken Curry, Boston Sushi roll and sweet & sour chicken. #eatthelocals


Yummy Asia is pretty good - I think about average for this type of food. Certainly not bad at all. Dine in or take out. The menu is HUGE on the wall and lots of options. You can call ahead for take out. I ordered at the counter and really was difficult to understand the girl who was taking my order. Her English wasn't that good, but we got it done. Food was good but about the same as other places as well as price. Very clean inside.

Thomas B

We had pepper steak with onions, sweet and sour chicken, pork egg roll, fried rice. The food was delicious! Very generous portions. We had it delivered to our hotel room. Delivery was very quick! very courteous and friendly delivery person.

Yameen K.

Clean and good food for a cheap price. Kind of getting what you expect for a good pricr


I always have the beef with broccoli and it is the best 😍 They also serve large portions. I will always recommend this place

Morla Allen

This is a local surprise. Fresh, good, sushi rolls, a varied and wide menu. Love this place

Jodi Shaffer

Food was amazing. Definitely coming back.

Matthew Duchvalt

Nice selection, owners are pleasant. Good variety/quality of food. Also you pick the level of spiciness you desire.

Jace Belknap

Very good and affordable. They're very quick, their fried rice and sushi are both great.

Marcia C

The best food, nice people, always great! Could eat there everyday! Very reasonably priced!

Justin B.

This is an excellent spot for delicious Asian food with some often ignored options available on their menu. With several other spots you could be dining nearby, this is certainly a contender for the best spot to dine on the block... if you're looking for truly yummy Asian cusine. The restaurant itself is somewhat small and there can be a lunch crowd. I would recommend taking out, but dining in is still an excellent idea. I'm often wary of restaurants that offer sushi alongside a full menu, especially when it is as inexpensive as it is here. However, the sushi (and most food I've tried) is still pretty good. This isn't the quality level you'd anticipate from a formal dining experience, but it is well above grocery store sushi. I've had worse at multiple nearby places. They're also speedy and efficient in getting your food out to you. I can appreciate that. This is one of the few places that passes the lunch break test. You will get what you want in a reasonable amount of time. As a side note: amazing fried rice. Try it. Have a yummy yummy time and check out this amazing location for some really great Asian food!

Carolyn-Roe R.

This little restaurant is still my close to home order to go favorite!!! I always order shrimp fried rice with 1 egg. If you haven't tried their fried rice with an egg, then you are missing out. Lol, so remember... order an egg in your fried rice because it makes all the difference. Their habachi entrees are yummy too. The service is always fast and friendly. Prices are very afforable and DELICIOUS.

Vilma Salamanca

Really good food but we never got the tickets! It would be better if you could see what you are paying for!

Timothy D.

My family loves Yummy Asia. We will drive from Broken Arrow just to eat here. The lunch specials are a great price. Not only donee like the food we like the family and staff. There is a nice quiet atmosphere with free wifi too. Always friendly. Cooked fresh. Tastes great.