ButterSweet Cupcakes

817 S Mustang Rd #6768, Yukon
(405) 265-4994

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Meg F.

Good quality cupcakes (cookie dough icing was on point!), amazing M&M cookie… I just wish there were more options (or savory foods)

Katie T.

Stopped in after school to a sweet treat. I have passed this many times and thought Friday was a good day to try it! It is a large place with lots of sweet options. They had a small cookie case with different options including iced sugar, snickerdoodle among others. The iced sugar was ok...wouldn't get it again. The snickerdoodle was wonderful! It had just the right amount of sugar and cinnamon coating it on the outside, the middle was so soft and fresh! I almost didn't order one, it looked overdone, but glad we did! I would stop in for these again. The ice cream case had many options, and also had dipped cones for the ice cream. They said they were a low on cupcakes. Must have had a lot of people wanting a Friday treat! They individually packaged cinnamon rolls and brookies looked good...something to try on another visit. They had a small whole cake available for purchase. There were also pieces of cake available. I bought the white and strawberry cake...tasked just like a wedding cake...yum! Very pretty icing on each of the cakes! There are multiple tables to sit and enjoy your treats or take them to go. I would recommend stopping in to give this place a try!

Ellie Tyler

This place is so cute!! It's the perfect local coffee shop with a little something extra. They have desserts for any occasion. I especially love the frosting shot after a long day.

Megan Hursh

I was super impressed with this place! My boyfriend and I each got a coffee (I got an iced mocha latte and he got a mocha frappe) and I have to say, I enjoyed my coffee more than if I had been to Starbucks or a lot of other coffee shops. We got the mini cupcakes as well, and they are the perfect size in my opinion! The cupcakes tasted delicious, we got a variety of flavors and I liked all of them! I loved the customer service that I received! I spoke with a genuinely nice young woman who interacted with me on a human level instead of acting like a robot. I have nothing negative to report about my experience here! Don’t sleep on this shop, OKC metro folks!!! They have a Northside location too!

Jaimie Just

I love the cupcakes here, especially the Creme Brûlée. Always have really nice people working the counter, as well. They’re so patient while we decide what to get, which can admittedly take a while. Ha!

Cori W.

Beware!! This place is not what it used to be. Flies are all over the cupcakes!! Worst experience ever when pulled a plastic glove out of mouth while eating!! Actually pulled out of mouth!!! Vomit!!!

Terry D Shorter

I only tried the coffee. It was pretty good but the staff had very limited knowledge of coffee products and when I was ready to order a second cup I couldn't find an employee so I left.

Sydney Hog

I think this is my new favorite place! The girl that helped me this evening was super nice and polite. The coffee and the cupcakes I got were 10/10 and I'll definitely be back for more!

Bonnie Lovett

I went to the store on Saturday and the employee did not wear gloves wile she was getting the cupcakes I wanted out of the case. And when I asked her about gloves, I was ignored and then I saw they did have gloves, I asked her to stop and put on a glove to get my cupcakes. When I went to pay she had an attitude. If you are going to serve and packages food where gloves... I don't have any idea if you were washing dishes or just left the bathroom. I won't be back.

Joseph D.

I bought something at ButterSweet Cupcakes in Yukon, and when I came out, their delivery truck was parked behind my car, blocking me in. I told the driver he had blocked me in. He responded by mocking me and replied "I don't give a s**t." I told him what a poor attitude that was and he became hostile, hurling profane insults at me including the "F" word multiple times. I am a disabled senior, and this frightened me terribly as he tossed around heavy tools and boxes with ease. I felt as if I was in danger of being attacked violently without being able to defend myself. The event had me upset for over a week. I would never bring my grandchildren near that place nor go near there myself again. Never knowing when that man will return, or if there are other employees with a similar temperament, I don't feel it is worth the risk.

Doyle Doyle

Went there today for the first time. I spent $26 for 6 cookies and two brownies. The cashier copped an attitude with me because I hadn't brought my own bag. I had no idea you had to bring your own bag as it was my first time there. She snarkily informed me next time there would be a 25 cents charge for the bag. Really? I just spent $26 for 8 items and you can't spare a paper bag to put my stuff in?So far the I only thing I've tried is the brownies. They are extremely dry and not that good. I hope the rest is better. Definitely won't go back to this over priced place.

Janice C.

Ordered some specialty cupcakes for a going away party and they turned out great! Lots of flavors to choose from and I requested a special theme that was accommodated without issue. They turned out perfect! I really enjoy stopping in for a coffee and a cupcake often! They also offer specialty ice cream, cakes and cookies. Check them out!

Ashley Sheely

Ordered two frappes, tastes more like the heavy whipping cream than actually coffee.. the store was very clean and the baked good looked great but we didn't get any.

michael bobbitt

So I went in here spent $50 on random goodies. I would just like to say how sweet the girls are behind the counter, how amazing the cupcakes and cookies are. Also thank you for causing me to gain weight lol- kiddingAwesome little hometown bakery. Will keep coming back

Vicki Rainwater

Buttersweet cupcakes was excellent. I would recomend them to every one.

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