Chicken Express

12900 NW 10th St, Yukon
(405) 292-4485

Recent Reviews

Casey Was

The service was terrible. The prices on the website and the drive thru board for a meal was 8.99 and we were charged 13 dollars. Also charged for a 6 snack pack that is 3.49. Workers were rude and did not care at all that they messed up our order as well and forget a whole meal. We will travel mustang for our business if need be , always good service and nicer people who know what they are doing:)


We had 8 piece mixed chicken and an order of gizzards. The chicken has flavor, a tad bit on the salty side but was so insanely oily that I could hardly eat. Gizzards was decent tho.

Tricia Brendle

Loved it... we have never been there before... we will all go back... awesome ?

Ramona Fillmore

Best chicken ever!! This is one of the best managed fast food restaurants I have ever been to...?

Von Crahan

Good food at reasonable prices and a staff that knows how to remain professional. Mr gray haired customer could not get exactly what he wanted immediately. Too bad mister, they offered to cook fresh chicken to make your order and 15 minutes was too long to wait? They offered extra pieces to make up for your inconvenience and that wasn't good enough. Mr gray hair was old enough to be the employee's grandfather and letting go of a stream of f___ bombs only made you look worse. Kudos Ashton. You showed the old guy what a grown man looks like. You were calm, cool and professional. This world needs more Ashtons.

Michael Neighbors

We've wanted to try it out for months, and finally gave in. Easily the best chicken tenders I've had in a very long time. The fish was light and perfectly seasoned and cooked. And their fries. HOLY HELL. Their fries are AMAZING.

Emmy Soto

They have good service. The potatoes, the fried chicken, the mashed potato and the bread, it was good. I would go back to eat again.

Roz Mint

My favorite spot to stop at when I leave NMBest chicken and I love the biscuits.

Joan S.

Went on 6/30/21 at 4:57pm. We ordered the fish snack and the livers and gizzards. It was horrible! Dry, so dry could not eat it. The dog wouldn't even eat it. Horrible! If I worked there I would be humiliated serving this food. We will never go back!

John Lepisto

It's fried chicken and delicious. Sometimes they surprise me with an extra chicken tender, not always. I like to dip into gravy better than into some kind of sauce.

Jeannie Cannon

Great Customer Service, Fabulous Food, and CORN NUGGETS!! Does it get any better than this?!?

Scott Davis

Had their chicken twice really enjoyed it first time having their fish it was pretty good as well


Omg! The gizzards are just right! Not chewy from being over cooked, took me back when my mom used to make them I am impressed.

Asa Arkeketa

Fast service and an extremely helpful and courteous staff. They were not only very efficient in the drive thru process, but the several times I've visited this location the food was always prepared within minutes and always fresh. This is my designated Chicken Express location for all our future chicken and corn nugget needs ?

Dakota Doats

Chicken Express is the best chicken in Oklahoma. My wife who I brought here from Colorado has fallen in love with Chicken E she cant get enough. Also I keep a gallon of their sweet tea in the fridge at all times. ???

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